Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again

Former Quixtar Diamond Bo Short and well known MLM blogger and former Amway/Quixtar IBO Ty Tribble have apparently changed MLM companies again. In a posting on his website, Ty has published a letter sent to his “team”. Some quotes –

We have received numerous inquiries asking us for feedback about our status at Max. As some of you know we have resigned our positions on the Advisory Council and decided to go in a different direction. The decision to do so was not entered into lightly but was ours alone and followed a great deal of discussion with all levels of Max corporate leadership and ownership addressing various issues.

During this process we were approached and asked if we were open to discussing an opportunity to serve as Founding Partners for a new company and build the team of field Associates.

After leaving Quixtar in 2001, Bo Short, Ty Tribble and others started a new MLM company, Passport. That company apparently didn’t do so well and the Passport folk merged into Oasis LifeSciences, which then became Univera LifeSciences. Earlier this year, Bo and Ty started promoting what they said would be “the fastest growing company in network marketing”Max International.

Now they’ve jumped again, to what is not yet clear, but frankly I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if it was MonaVie, who rumour has it has “bought” quite a few “leaders” into their fold – a much easier way to get great growth than actually build a network from scratch! Still, they claim that they’re “founding partners” in something new – again.

In my opinion this kind of company-hopping is damaging for the reputation of the network marketing industry. While these guys may have the best of intentions, and are moving for what are honourable or even sensible reasons, it’s something that may be beneficial for leaders but detrimental for the most important folk – the new people entering a network.

What does it do for your belief and your credibility if your promoting a different product and different business opportunity if every few months or years?

This is one reason why I’m glad to be with Amway. While we all have our gripes with the way they do things sometimes, and we’d all like them to respond faster to changes in the marketplace – they’re still going strong after 50 years!

UPDATE: Tribble and Short have joined a new startup – EIRO

UPDATE 2011-01-19: EIRO Research has ceased operations

UPDATE 2012: They’ve now joined Shaklee

UPDATE 2013: They’ve now joined Mannatech

96 thoughts on “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again”

  1. Ty, where are you now in business world and see where the leaders you have been criticized ?
    I hope you do not ignore your failure.

  2. People fail at academics so lets go ahead and start a demolitation to all academic institutions. Dumb people. You fail because of your inconsistent habits and mediocre efforts.

  3. is this what you guys do at Amway? Waste your time and energy complaining and trying to poison others on people who have LEFT?

    I’ve met Bo Short and I hate to break it to you but he is an extremely gifted and talented man. There is no crime signing up with mlm companies and then leaving. It happens all the time!

    Let’s face it… you will know nothing about the company until you have “tried it” and if their business strategy, ethics, or products prove not to fit into your long term goals then c’est la vie, you move on.

    I seriously doubt that Amway, or anyone posting here, will be worse off for wear. You don’t have to care about Bo and Ty’s reasons for leaving Amway. Their lives and decisions do not concern you and your lives and decisions do not concern them either.

    Trying to poison their reputations, however, will negatively influence people’s opinions of you. Its childish and unprofessional. Is that the best any of you can do? I doubt it.

    1. JVB,

      Is this what *you* do? Go and criticise people and companies without thought? As it happens the vast majority of comments on this post are from people who are NOT with Amway but had dealings with Ty/Bo long after they left Amway. Indeed few of them seem to mention Bo either.

      As for the original post, I stand by what I say, this kind of company hopping (even if done for honourable reasons, as I noted) is bad for the industry.

  4. Ty, if you mind your biz, you will never get attacked. I want to say it politely,it seems you bashing good people either to make yourself feel good or to steal people from other businesses. you will never prosper that way. I know who you are and I can say, I lost respect for you when I started to study your blogs. I pray to find the greatness in people so they can do the same to you.

  5. You use to be in amway business what happened Ty seems like your just another one of those gossiping quitters. you have no fruit in your life grow up and get your facts about amways success straight.

  6. I have been an Amway business owner for many, many years. I have been through good times and bad with it. But, when I make a commitment to something, I do not break it. I am totally committed to my business, to my IBOs, and my customers. Because of that commitment I made when I registered, I don’t even think about quitting.

    I have had some jobs where I got royally, umm, how can I say it?…took to the cleaners. I have never had that with Amway. In all the years I have been in, my bonus check has never, ever been late, and it has been correct, right to the penny. Customer Service has bent over backwards to help whenever I call. When I was writing my Presentation Manual, the Rules Administration department went way above the call of duty to help me. I could go on and on but it would be redundant.

    I speak from experience: When it is built right, this is the best business opportunity on the planet. And when they are used correctly, we have the best products on the market, bar none.

  7. The reason why all sudden interest of TY TRIBBLE,is because I trusted him and and got in his business,he jumps to annnnother mlm for easy money (he thought), did not care about other people and how he feels. if this TY TRIBBLE, describes himself the king of bloggers,and the master of MLM, then why he jumped five or six MLM businesses??? it makes you wonder. It is true of all he does put aothers down for his own gain and that is why he is been around MLM for 19yrs and accoplished nothing.

  8. I see TY TRIBBLE critical of great leaders who accoplished greatness in other people’s life and he jumps from mlm to mlm to find easy buck using his losers like himself (you got to br a fool to follow a loser). He critisized others from selling tools for $2.5 a CD to help their people in honest way and if you look at his sites, he ripping losers off by offering non-sense for $99. How can you learn from a loser who jumps to more than 4 businesses in less than 4 yrs?

  9. There are some people you are proud to meet and some others you start to wonder…. I have been in business with TY TRIBBLE and I wish I have never met him. In fact,all he does in manibulate losers in other great businesses using his blogs to show them how to make $$$ by doing nothing but bloging and for him to do so ,he has to talk negative and put other people down and you see it all in the internet. I do not like to associate with these kind of people. I like to see him finding the goodness in others but he can NOT make $$ that way and that id very sad.

  10. Funny that I came across this link. I have not yet met a person who is thinking good about TY TRIBBLE. Unfortunatly I was in his business and I wittness his lack of charactor and lack of integrity . What concerns me the most is the negative way he talks about people and put others down for his own gain. go look at his web sites. He is in whatever for quick money. That is why he jumps from biz to biz and every one he was in, files bankrupcy and he trying to convence people he is going to make millions.
    i like the term eas used on him( MR FORMER EVERYTHING)

  11. They kinda remind me of Buck Reed and Sheri Sharman, some of the biggest crooks in MLM industry. Buck’ got fake teeth. Sheri.. well everything is fake about her. its hopeless.. this industry got some greedy folks. Their judgement day will come.

  12. bo and ty are full of shit….they are more damaging to the mlm industry then ever before….they practice front loading and when they get caught they get kicked out….they completely destroyed EIRO…for the fact that Modefour, Brandon and Scott had signed up fake distrubtors and they would gather all the people together to place orders…I saw these guys first on the front loading scam they do..(large orders—promising new cars, fame and fortune)…then brandon and scott drive around in there cars everyday and resell there 10,000 inventory back to there distributors in there organization—no wonder people where not ordering anymore from the company…becuase brandon, scott had a warehouse of inventory…HAAHAAHA..and it caught up to them…Eiro closed and they are stuck with TONS of inventory(EIRO refused to buy it back) and why would anybody follow these SCAM artist anyway…..completely FAKE….wanna bee’s…this is the same a fraud and they need to go to jail

  13. Ty,I heard about your name several times not even one time was it positive so I went to your website and it really assured me why. you got into passport shit and you quit, you got into monavie and you jumped into the third, and you went under with them. You got into Eiro, another shit, and went under would you say after all this you are full of shit!!!. I wonder why they called you (former everything), and you are trying to convince good people to join your sinking ships. You truly should be ashamed of yourself. You can NOT succeed when you put other people down.

  14. JJ, you are correct. Who is going to listen to the advice of a fool but another one like TY TRIBBLE. He stated in his site that mentorship is a big part of his life and He went from $200 a month to over six digits and sponsored over 100 people in only 9 months. TY WHAT HAPPENED????? Your business doesn’t even exist.It weeeeennnt under . Where is your $$ ? you need someone to apart your mostash and put a bottle of milk in your mouth? Please, leave people alone. All those people you lied to and all your negative input about other wonderful people !!!. You should be assamed of yourself.I feel sorry for your family.

  15. Ty Tribble admitted he was in Amway for years and only achieved 6000 pv. At this level why did he quit? this pin makes minimum $2000 every month. His negative distribution about the best biz in the world only shows his true failure.If the Amway is bad then why it took him 6 yrs to figure it out? huh and he smear every leader in the biz to make himself looks good.Ty show me the money when you said you brobe 9 diamond in one year in his EIRO junk.Where is the $$$ you are making? if so what the hill you doing un Fedral way,Wa.Eiro does NOT exist any longer. Every time I read your negatives it assure that you are a fool.Who is going to take advice of a fool.

    1. I dont know who these guys are- but as far as your claim that a 6000PV pin makes $2000 minimum…thats not true…it depends on your structure- 6000PV PIN with only 1 leg makes like a $50 bonus check- after all- the more people in the leg, the less payout the upline gets. In order to have the $2000 income at 6000PV you must follow the EXACT 6-4-2 plan that amway uses…sponsor 6, who each sponsor 4, who each sponsor two…thats 6 legs with about 13 ibos @ 100 PV each…the problem is, people fail to study the marketing plan, assume one thing and when that doesnt happen, they say scam…i love amway…i listen to my upline but if something doesnt make sense, i’ll ask his upline…if it still doesnt make sense, i go on…after that, i’ll call amway herself…we must be proactive.

      1. you do not get in the biz to have only one leg. you do not go to work for one day. productive people do productive things and most people I know at 6000pv they have at least 12-15 legs and they make at least $3500. Productive people have at least 400pv in personal use and retail.Ahmad if you want to do broke talk keep it to yourself or enter TY TRIBBLE trip to NO-WHWERE.

        1. samanth,
          I think Ahmad is agreeing with you, by saying that the Amway IBO Compensation Plan is a profitable plan IF it’s built the way Amway originally taught it (with proper width). Ahmad is saying that building long legs, without much width, is not profitable for a much longer time-(anything below the Emerald level). And this leads to people quitting, (because they aren’t making any money), hence a very high turnover, and ultimate collapse in the structure–which is what we’ve seen time and time again with the way some people have chosen to build the Amway business, and other MLMs as well.

  16. You guys have to realize that whatever you do in takes commitment. Some of you said, “My buddy didn’t make anything from Amway…” Well, guess what, My buddy didn’t get rich off of JOB, too. Go with the figures from Type in EIRO Research. See what comes up! Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zero! Type in Amway. Enough said. Whatever you do in life..there’s a chance of 100% success rate and 100% failure rate. Thus, it’s up to the person, how they want to make of it. Duh!

  17. My buddy who didnt make a dime with amway. Never made anything with other programs. Yes some of these other mlm opportunity like monavie have a better payout but their people are selling some juice product or some other worthless product.

  18. Had a college buddy who reminded me of Ty Tribble. Him and his leaders would jump programs every 90 days. These mlm junkies where doing worst than the loyal amway distributor. My buddy jumped from creation-watkins-lifeplus-jewelway-gold unlimited and so on. Everytime sales started to slip the leader would find a new program to join. Saying the marketing plan,marketing tools,products where so much better.

  19. Haha. Seems that Ty guy Does have something better to do when bashing the best op in america ~ promoting his own competing agenda. Seems he is due 4 a libel lawsuit from amway. AS ALWAYS the NEGATIVE websites about amway are from UNSCRUPULOUS COMPETITORS looking to knock down the #1 online worldwide nutrition retailer. Gotta wonder why after 50 plus years theyre still number one…

  20. It’s funny to see how some of the non-Amway MLM company leaders fight like stubborn children to prove their “point”… it’s also funny to note that I have hardly heard about some of the other companies mentioned by the poster above.. maybe that would explain it. If you are not popular enough, noone is going to throw negative at you or your company.

    I think one of the questions asked above should be rephrased as :

    Name any company more well known and heard of than Amway.

    In general,this blog makes enjoying reading.

    please fight on. I love it 🙂

  21. Ty,

    The press release is over two years old.

    And your other sources are EIGHT and NINE years old.

    Averages over ten years? Don’t you think that what’s happening right NOW matters?

    Amway continues to add more and more money to their Comp Plan. They’ve always ADDED.

    I know for a fact that the numbers you quote for Amway for 2001, even 2007 are not accurate for TODAY.

    I can’t speak for the other companies, but if old stats is all you can come up with…come on.

    Please. Really.

    Again, I have no issue with people who choose not to partake in the Amway business. It is not for everyone. Never was, never will be.

    But continuing to malign the Amway Corp and IBOs associated with it…why?

    Is this like a “poaching” strategy? You are on a pro-Amway website, in case you hadn’t noticed. 🙂

  22. Network Marketing Payouts:

    Amway: 25.7%
    Source: Amway Asia Pacific , U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Form SC 13E3. March 30,2000

    Herbalife: 34.99%
    Source: U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, Form 10Q. May 14, 2001

    Usana: 38.2%
    Source: Grant Thorton LLP, Certified Public Accountants, February 2, 2001

    NuSkin: 39.2%
    Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Certified Public Accounts, February 12, 2001

    Advantage Marketing Systems: 41.1%
    Source: Deloitte & Touch LLP, Certified Public Accountants, April 12, 2001

    Mannatech: 41.3%
    Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Certified Public Accountants, February 27, 2001

    Nature’s Sunshine: 44.3%
    Source: Arthur Anderson LLP, Certified Public Accounts, February 6, 2001

    The actual average payout for the top 30 MLM companies in the world is 37.8%

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