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eSpring wins “Product of the Year” award in Poland

Amway Poland received eSpring Product of the Year awardAmway Poland receives “Product of the Year” for eSpring

In February 26, Amway Poland received Product of the Year Award for the eSpring Water Purification System from the World Foundation of Health, Heart and Mind.

The awards ceremony in the prestigious Royal Castle in Warsaw was sponsored by the Ministers of Health, Education Culture and featured the baroque music of Professor Elzbieta Stefanska. Continue reading eSpring wins “Product of the Year” award in Poland

Nutrilite (Nutriway) tops Consumer Survey again.


Consumer Labs has reported that Nutrilite supplments (marketed as Nutriway in some countries) have again topped their survey of consumer satisfaction. While the actual 2007 survey results for individual companies was not revealed, Consumer Labs states –

“Nutrilite … received the highest overall satisfaction rating both as a brand and merchant.”

In 2006 Nutrilite topped the survey with an amazing 96% consumer satisfaction rating. Nutrilite and Nutriway products are exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.


FACT: SA8 with BioQuest tops Consumer Reports comparison

SA8 with BioQuestSA8 with Bioquest , available exclusively from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners, topped the ratings of the soon to be published January 2007 “Laundry detergents” comparison from Consumer Reports . SA8 scored a possible 99 out of 100 points, putting it 15% better than the next best rated detergent, Tide with Bleach, with 87 points. SA8 with Bioquest was the only detergent to rate “excellent” in all three categories – Cleaning, Keeps Dirt Off, Keeps Dye Off.

The Consumer Reports study did have some flaws however. First of all, it reports SA8 with BioQuest is only available for purchase online via This is incorrect – SA8 is available from any of the hundreds of thousands of registered Quixtar Independent Business Owners throughout North America, or any of the millions of Amway Independent Business throughout the world.

Consumer Reports also claims the “price per wash” of SA8 at full retail price was 61 cents. I am unable to see how they made that calculation. In the United States, SA8 with Bioquest is available in a variety of forms, with pricing as follows –

Product Size Uses RRP RRP cost
per use
cost per use
1.6lb/750gr 25 $8.50 0 .34 $7.30 .29
6.6lb/3kg 100 $22.75 0.23 $18.85 .19
9.9lb/4.5kg 150 $34.10 0.23 $28.10 .19
50lb/22.7kg 766 $152.95 0.20 $122.36 .16

It’s also interesting to note that Consumer Reports picks as one of their “best buys”, Kirkland Signature Ultra from CostCo. CostCo is a members only shopping club, and the yearly membership fee is higher than for Quixtar. Thus, when comparing CostCo to Quixtar pricing, it should be done at members only price.

The full comparison chart is below. (apologies for the formatting)

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