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Eric Scheibeler: A Merchant of Deception

For some time now a former Amway/Quixtar Emerald, Eric Scheibeler, has been waging a war against the Amway/Quixtar business. Eric Scheibeler wrote and self-published a book called Merchants of Deception. Scheibeler also hired a web professional, who launched numerous websites, such as and and edited Wikipedia entries on Eric Scheibeler, Quixtar, and Amway.

Mr. Scheibeler’s book is allegedly the story of his experience building an Amway business to the Emerald level. While I have little doubt some of what he reports and his experiences are true, it’s quite obvious the book is written as a “hit piece”. For example, he claims an extremely small income as an Emerald, however he only ever reports his Net Income, ie after expenses. As a former Federal Auditor, I’m certain Mr Scheibeler is an expert at squeezing every last possible deductable expense possible. In another instance, he mentions his wife and he were “shocked” when they received their first depth bonus, as they’d been led to believe this can be one of the largest bonuses. It is inconceivable to me that someone who builds to the Emerald level is so ignorant of how the Amway bonus system works that they could be shocked by this – a depth bonus is quite evidently based on depth and by definition small the first time you qualify for it. It’s only as your business grows that it can become significant. I’m certain Mr. Scheibeler knew this, but being shocked and implying he was deceived makes for a better story, doesn’t it?

Today comes news that Eric Scheibeler has admitted in federal court that he lied when he said he’d uncovered billions of dollars in consumer fraud with the company and that he falsely said he and his family were threatened, that he had been offered money in exchange for his silence and that Quixtar did something to his Web site.Scheibeler has been involved in testifying against Amway in the UK, India, and the United States and was cited in newspapers in Sweden as being threatened by Amway. He has caused untold damage to millions of Independent Business Owners. He should be enormously thankful that Quixtar has elected to drop it’s defamation charges against him now that he has admitted his deceptions.


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