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Amway launches official Media Blog

Alticor has today launched an official Amway Media Blog . The first post, not surprisingly, is titled Ok, let's talk UK,  and addresses the recent email by Amway UK and Ireland about the BSM "hold" in that marketplace. I'll be adding the blog to our automatic updates of corporate blogs (down the left side of this site) so you can stay easily up to date.

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Amway UK and Ireland changes

On numerous places on the internet, including the forums on this website, the following letter from Amway UK and Ireland to Amway IBOs has been published –

Letter: from Ben Woodward Branch Manager Amway UK UK/ROI IBO Communication

May 4, 2007

To: UK/ROI IBO Leader
From: Ben Woodward, Branch Manager, Amway UK

RE: Significant change to Amway’s mode of operations in UK/Republic of Ireland.

This letter is to inform you of significant changes to the way Amway will conduct its business in the UK and Republic of Ireland. These changes are effective immediately. While these changes may cause short-term challenges for some of our IBOs, we strongly believe the changes will make our long-term business in the UK/RoI stronger.

Effective Immediately: 4 May 2007.

Amway will prohibit the production, sale or promotion of BSM that are not authorized and distributed by Amway; this includes websites. This includes any BSM (books, tapes, meetings, CD’s, websites) that have been already been approved by Amway UK/RoI. They are now considered unauthorized for use.

All meetings for which an entry fee is charged are suspended until Amway has approved, in writing, the meeting and its content; Amway has imposed a moratorium on sponsoring new IBOs for at least 60 days and until current IBOs are re-trained and re-qualified; We are evaluating all costs associated with joining Amway;

We are also sanctioning a number of IBOs based on contract violations that have come to our attention.

Failure to comply with the above mentioned points 1 to 3 will lead to a suspension and/or termination of the respective IBO contract. Please also note that Amway is in no way limited to these sanctions, but can impose further corrective or punitive measures.

In addition, the company is announcing a thorough review of its business practices globally with the goal of ensuring a consistent, rigorously enforced set of rules and regulations governs its relationships with IBOs and consumers.

That global audit has begun, and we expect it to be completed in June, and will share the results with you later this summer.

These are important steps, but in some ways, they are not surprising ones. Many of you know that for the past 1 years, Amway has been moving to exert more control over the way we do business globally.

In newer markets that has meant, for example, outright bans or tight restrictions on the sale of non-company BSMs and the requirement of a more consistent, approved messaging and branding by IBOs about the Amway business opportunity.

While most changes in other markets have been carried out gradually around the world according to our timetable, we need to move more quickly here. This is in response to serious concerns raised about Amway by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) following the receipt of complaints about BSMs and misrepresentation of the business to prospective IBOs.

At this time, we can not specify when sponsoring will be allowed to resume. We will continue to communicate with key international and local IBO leadership to update them on developments of a new operational mode in UK and Republic of Ireland.

For example, if any IBO has a planned meeting for which tickets have been sold (that is required to be cancelled and ticket purchases refunded), or they have unsold inventory of BSM, or have unsold Starter kits, or have completed applications not yet submitted to Amway, they may contact the dedicated enquiry telephone number – 198-62940 (press option 4).

In the following weeks, we will seek to meet with you personally to discuss the implications of this policy change and respond to any questions you may have. Meanwhile, please feel free to call me at 198-62944.

Amway has been in the UK/RoI for more than 30 years, and today is a strong, growing £13 million business with more than 100 staff and 30,000 IBOs. We are entering into a challenging period of time.

But we believe in this business, we believe in our values and we believe in our IBOs. We are committed to making the changes we need to make in order to ensure the continued growth and success of Amway in the UK/RoI.

I have refrained from commenting on the email until I had confirmation it was authentic, I now have that confirmation and a little more information. The situation with the Department of Trade and Industry is a real issue, and leaders have been aware of it for some months. As has been the case in other markets, some IBOs, and indeed some “systems” have not operated in what I would consider a professional manner. I’ve had reports in the past, for example, of Amway UK and Ireland IBOs being taught by their group to invite friends around for dinner, then at the end of the dinner, bring out the whiteboard! Such deceptive techniques are explicitly against Amway rules and highly unprofessional.

Additionally, Amway Europe has had in place for some time rules limiting the amount of BSM IBOs may purchase in the first 3 months in the business. It’s my understanding these rules have been ignored by some groups.

An IBO with business in the UK I have been in contact with has clarified the following  –

  • Sponsoring is postponed
  • BSM sale is stopped until it is (re)-approved.
  • Meetings with an entry-fee need written approval.
  • The business has not stopped, the sale of products have not been banned!
  • The income opportunity is not closed
  • Meetings are not banned

He goes on to point out –

This is not unique to the UK. It works fine in many countries (including China and Russia) where similar regulations have been in place from the opening of the business due to local government regulations. Those markets are not sleeping… 🙂 The IBO organisations I know of are not planning to sue Amway, they are cooperating with Amway to get the DTI issues cleared properly.

I’ll have more information as it comes to hand, but as it is a public holiday in the UK today, this may take a little while. It appears that what has happened is that the Quixtar Accreditation approach has been made compulsory and implemented immediately by Amway UK and Ireland in response to concerns expressed by the UK Deparment of Trade and Industry. Such “shock therapy” is what many critics have been calling for, whereas Amway and Quixtar has tended to take a more “softly, softly” approach to implementing change. The UK market is a potential sleeping giant for Amway, with very little market penetration, which hasn’t been helped by the deceptive practices and over-selling of some IBOs. It will be interesting to see the effect of these changes.

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Quixtar 2006 Sales Data is out!

Quixtar sales data has been released!  Calendar year sales increased 2.2% over 25.  This report shows calendar year reporting and suggests Quixtar has also transitioned from a FY ending in 31 August to calendar year reporting, following parent company Alticor's lead.

Some great numbers from the report include:

–  IBOs earned $37.1 million in bonuses and other incentives in 26, up from $35.4 million in calendar 25

–  IBOs generated $84.6 million in revenues for Quixtar’s online Partner Stores, an increase of 9.1 percent from $75.5 million in calendar 25. 

–  Quixtar’s online sales in 26 were $88 million, up 1% from calendar 25 online sales of $8 million.

Read the press release for other good statistics and information.

In addition, the Quixtar Opportunity Zone has been officially launched.  You will find blogs, commentary and perhaps videos of Quixtar employees and executives.  In addition to the previous three blogs tagged to the Opportunity Zone project, and new blog, Adatudes, has been added with Jim Payne leading off in a video introduction and initial blog post.  Keep your eye on this site for great insider information from those at Quixtar!

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Amway Thailand beats expectations, with 9.1% growth in 2006

26 sales for Amway (Thailand) Co , the country's largest direct-sales business, reached 9.71 billion baht in 26 (US$271.6million), slightly higher than the expected 9.3 billion projected earlier in 26 and an increase of 9.1% over 25 revenues of 8.9 billion baht.

Looking ahead, Amway Thailand is  looking to enhance its image and expand its customer base through its brand ambassadors who will appear in its ads. They are celebrity Grace Mahadumrongkul, star couple Kamolchanok "Kwang" and Nuti "Not" Khemayodhin, actors Pattarapol "Paul" Silapajan and Thanakorn "Au" Poshyananda.

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16.6% growth for Amway India

Despite the distractions of being temporarily shutdown in the state of Andhra Pradesh because of a marital dispute, Amway India has reported spectactular sales growth for 2006. Amway India sales for 2006 are reported at Rs 738 crore (US$168 million) compared to revenues of Rs 633 crore in 2005 – growth of 16.6%. This is a spectacular turnaround on the relatively flat growth of the previous few years.

Double digit growth is expected to continue for the forseeable future, with The Economic Times quoting Amway India Corporate Communications Manager Rajat Banerjee as stating –

“We will open 3-4 more distribution centres in Tier-II and Tier-III cities this year, including Faizabad, Panipat, Kota, Bikaner, Dharamsala, Srinagar, Mysore and Vellore”

Overall Alticor and Quixtar sales data for 2006 has not yet been released after Alticor made a change in their financial reporting methods.

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NewsFlash: Gatlin admits doping – Asafa Powell now sole world record holder

1m sprinter Justin Gatlin, who was the joint World Record Holder in the 1m sprint, alongside Nutrilite global spokesperson Asafa Powell, has admitted guilty to illegal doping. He receives an 8-year ban and is stripped off the world record, leaving Asafa Powell, who has run 9.77 three times, the sole world record holder.

Maybe he should have tried Double X instead?



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