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Nutrilite/Nutriway – used and endorsed by 2004 Olympic champion, Liu Xiang

Athens’ 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and former world record holder in the 110m hurdles, Liu Xiang, has joined multiple world record holder in the 100m, Asafa Powell, as a global spokesperson for Nutrilite and Nutriway products.

Nutrilite (sold as Nutriway in some countries), a leader in research and development on health and nutrition, is working closely with the China Track and Field Association to provide nutritional support and consulting services tailored to fit Xiang’s specific athletic needs.

Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he unfortunately withdraw from due to injury, Liu Xiang revealed in interviews that he had been using Nutrilite products since he was a child.

Along with the endorsements of top athletes such as Liu Xiang and Asafa Powell, Nutrilite , the world’s best selling brand of nutritional supplement , continues to top independent surveys for Consumer Satisfaction.

Nutrilite and Nutriway products are available exclusively from Quixtar and Amway Independent Business Owners


Nutrilite (Nutriway) tops Consumer Survey again.


Consumer Labs has reported that Nutrilite supplments (marketed as Nutriway in some countries) have again topped their survey of consumer satisfaction. While the actual 2007 survey results for individual companies was not revealed, Consumer Labs states –

“Nutrilite … received the highest overall satisfaction rating both as a brand and merchant.”

In 2006 Nutrilite topped the survey with an amazing 96% consumer satisfaction rating. Nutrilite and Nutriway products are exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.


SA8 – it doesn’t only clean the best, it’s better for you!

SA8 recently topped Consumer Reports analysis of washing detergents but received some criticism for it’s pricing. I think the CR comparison was a little unfair, as they chose the smallest package of SA8 (and thus most expensive) and took the instructions for more heavily soiled loads, whereas some of the competitors simply say “use more” and thus were apparently tested with less detergent.

Even accounting for this, SA8 will tend to be a little more expensive than most competitors. I work it out at 19 cents per wash for the standard SA8 package , with normal use at members pricing. Now, it quite obviously is the best cleaner, but there’s more to SA8 than just it’s cleaning power! It’s up to Amway and Quixtar IBOs to educate their customers about why it’s better, and below is one suggested demonstration

As you can see from the demonstration, SA8 rinses out better than the competitors, leaving less residual in your clothes. Why is this important? Well, one of the main jobs of detergents is to break down fats. Every cell in your body has fat in the cell wall. Your nerves are coated in fat, which protect and insulate the nerve cells. Your brain is more than 60% fat. Fat is an essential part of your body. While we don’t want too much of “bad fats” such as saturated fats and trans-fatty acids, we do need “good fats”. Detergent can’t tell the difference. Think about what happens when you put some dish washing liquid in a pan where you’ve been cooking with fats or oils. Now imagine that happening to the cells in your body! While not quite so dramatic, research has linked detergent residuals in clothing to a range of health issues, in particular allergies. Similarly, one can look at water softeners, often added to detergents to help cleansing. Water softeners are usually salts like Sodium or Pottasium. Both are corrosive to your clothes and your skin. SA8 might cost a few cents extra, but it cleans the best, it’s better for you, better for your clothes, and better for your families health. I know what’s most important to me, so my choice is clear.

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FACT: SA8 with BioQuest tops Consumer Reports comparison

SA8 with BioQuestSA8 with Bioquest , available exclusively from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners, topped the ratings of the soon to be published January 2007 “Laundry detergents” comparison from Consumer Reports . SA8 scored a possible 99 out of 100 points, putting it 15% better than the next best rated detergent, Tide with Bleach, with 87 points. SA8 with Bioquest was the only detergent to rate “excellent” in all three categories – Cleaning, Keeps Dirt Off, Keeps Dye Off.

The Consumer Reports study did have some flaws however. First of all, it reports SA8 with BioQuest is only available for purchase online via This is incorrect – SA8 is available from any of the hundreds of thousands of registered Quixtar Independent Business Owners throughout North America, or any of the millions of Amway Independent Business throughout the world.

Consumer Reports also claims the “price per wash” of SA8 at full retail price was 61 cents. I am unable to see how they made that calculation. In the United States, SA8 with Bioquest is available in a variety of forms, with pricing as follows –

Product Size Uses RRP RRP cost
per use
cost per use
1.6lb/750gr 25 $8.50 0 .34 $7.30 .29
6.6lb/3kg 100 $22.75 0.23 $18.85 .19
9.9lb/4.5kg 150 $34.10 0.23 $28.10 .19
50lb/22.7kg 766 $152.95 0.20 $122.36 .16

It’s also interesting to note that Consumer Reports picks as one of their “best buys”, Kirkland Signature Ultra from CostCo. CostCo is a members only shopping club, and the yearly membership fee is higher than for Quixtar. Thus, when comparing CostCo to Quixtar pricing, it should be done at members only price.

The full comparison chart is below. (apologies for the formatting)

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Nutrilite/Nutriway – used and endorsed by three time 100m world record holder, Asafa Powell

In 2005, champion sprinter Asafa Powell reported feeling tired and unable to complete his training. His brother Donovan recommended he try Nutrilite Double X . 3 months later he broke the world record, a time he has equaled 3 times since. In April 2006 Asafa was announced as the global spokesperson for Nutrilite and Nutriway products – available exclusively from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

The Nutrilite Difference

One issue that often arises regarding Amway and Quixtar products is pricing. Critics will occasionally publicize price comparisons that ostensibly show that Amway and Quixtar products are over-priced. The problem with these comparisons is that they rarely incorporate any judgment on value or quality. For example, Artistry was ranked a top 5 “prestige brand” by Euromonitor International. What does “prestige brand” mean? Well, by virtue of it’s quality and packaging, Artistry was deemed to be in the same category as brands such as Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique and Chanel. This means that if you are going to do price comparisons, it should be done with those brands – not with the cheapest cosmetics you can find at the local supermarket.

Artistry is Amway and Quixtar’s #2 best selling product range, with sales of around a billion dollars a year. The top selling products though are the Nutrilite range, with sales in the order of two billion dollars a year, making Nutrilite the best selling nutritional brand in the world. However, if you do a “price comparison” you may be in for a shock. You’ll find Nutrilite Bio-C Plus (Acerola-C in some markets), for example, much more expensive than the average Vitamin C tablet at the local store. There’s a reason for this. The majority of nutritional supplements are produced synthetically in factories. When you buy Vitamin C, what you are usually getting is Ascorbic Acid made in a laboratory. Vitamin C was first isolated from food in 1928 and in 1932 it was discovered that a diet deficient in Ascorbic Acid could lead to scurvy. Vitamin C is also a very strong antioxidant – helping prevent oxidative damage to cells in the body. Continue reading The Nutrilite Difference