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What does a Professor of International Business think about Amway?

Professor Ing Jiří Jindra, CSc.  is a Full Professor at the University of Economics, Prague, in the Czech Republic, with nearly 100 academic papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals. A few years ago he was interviewed and asked what he thought about Amway. A new Czech blog, Amway Fakta, has posted a video of the interview with English captions. Have a listen (or read! don’t forget to press the CC button to get the english subtitles) to what a  expert says about the Amway business.

Thanks for the great work, Amway Fakta!

Amway to be presenting sponsor of the Detroit Red Wings

Amway and the 11 time Stanley Cup winning Detroit Red Wings have announced that Amway is to be the team’s first ever presenting sponsor, and Nutrilite the team’s official nutritional supplement. Nutrilite is also going to work with the team on optimising supplements for each player.

With 11 titles the Red Wings are the most successful ice hockey club in the US, bested in the overall NHL rankings only by two Canadian teams. Along with the AC Milan sponsorship this means Amway and Nutrilite are partnered with two of the most successful teams in world sport. This sponsorship has benefits outside of the US though, with the team currently including not only 6 American players, but 7 Canadians, 6 Swedes, 2 Czechs, a Russian, a Finn, and a Slovenian. Indeed the captain, Niklas Lindström, is a Swede, so this sponsorship might be a fillip for Amway Sweden as well as North America.

The increased effort in marketing and branding seems to be working, with Amway North America Vice-President of Sales, Sandy Spielmaker revealing in a video to IBOs this week that Amway North America has been experiencing double digit growth over the past year.

Uhh – wow. Amway signs multiple NFL MVP Kurt Warner

NFL and Super Bowl MVP Endorses Amway’s World-Leading Brand of Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Supplements
Amway North America  announced today that it has signed NFL and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner to a multi-year endorsement agreement to represent NUTRILITE® exclusively from Amway – the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.
“The people at Amway share the same business philosophies and family values that I apply to my professional and personal life,” said Warner.  “So, in that sense, it was really easy to see why I should partner with the NUTRILITE brand together in an effort to educate consumers on the benefits of proper nutrition and help Amway’s Independent Business Owners maximize their opportunities.”
The agreement marks the first time in the NUTRILITE  brand’s 76-year history that Amway has enlisted a professional football player to endorse its brands.  Warner will represent the entire NUTRILITE product line, including vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, as well as weight management, sports and energy products, protein bars and sports drinks.
“Kurt‘s life is a true American success story, and in many ways, parallels the experiences of our Independent Business Owners, many of whom have persevered to overcome obstacles to achieve success,” says Jori Hartwig, Vice President of Marketing for Amway North America. “Even after retiring from football, he continues to inspire those who lead an active lifestyle and strive to achieve optimal health, while devoting oneself to family and community.”

Amway partners with the Detroit Red Wings

An exciting announcement from Amway North America this week –

Amway North America is about to kick off an exciting new sponsorship that will affiliate the Amway name with one of the most iconic and beloved sports brands in the world – the Detroit Red Wings. This relationship will allow for the AMWAY™ logo to appear on the Red Wings’ practice jerseys, as well as other AMWAY name and logo placement in the arena and online.

The Red Wings are a professional ice hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan. They are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL) and are one of the Original Six teams of the NHL.

As of 2010, the Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cup championships – 11 in all – of any NHL franchise based in the United States, and are third overall in total NHL championships, behind theMontreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs.

The first game that celebrates the new association will take place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on Wednesday, November 17, 2010, as the Red Wings take on the St. Louis Blues. This game will air at 7:30 p.m. ET on Fox affiliates in the Midwest.

Watch for the AMWAY logo, which will appear on the dasher board during the game.

There are many benefits to this sponsorship, including:

  • Millions of viewers at the arena or watching from the comfort of their homes will see the Amway logo placement on the dasher boards, just left of center ice, during ice hockey games.
  • As a sponsor of the Red Wings, there will be various video, media, and PA announcement opportunities for Amway during the games.

UPDATE: I’ve posted an image of the jerseys over on AmwayTalk