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Amway Australia fights back against MonaVie

Recently I revealed that I’d heard a number of Amway Australia Diamonds had “jumped ship” to MonaVie. One of those was Alan Decker . After a little bit of googling I found his “linkedin” profile, and it did indeed list him as “Owner at MonaVie International”. Surprisingly enough, within a short time that was removed from the profile! Fortunately google let’s us see when history is changed. Here’s Alan Decker’s linked in profile now and here’s what it looked like when I found it. What’s the significance of the change? Has Decker decided to stick with Amway, or does he no longer want people to know of his MonaVie involvement? I’ve no idea. Only thing it indicates is that Mr Decker or someone he knows must be reading my site! 🙂 Continue reading Amway Australia fights back against MonaVie

Amway Australia signs Adam Gilchrist

 team nutriwayI’ve hinted at this earlier but now have official confirmation that Amway Australia has signed cricketing legend Adam Gilchrist as a new spokesperson for Team Nutriway, the Australian version of Team Nutrilite. Nutrilite products are marketed as Nutriway in Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia. Continue reading Amway Australia signs Adam Gilchrist