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Avon closing in Australia and New Zealand


It was less than a decade ago that cosmetic’s direct selling company was the largest and most successful direct selling company in the world, an honour now owned by Amway. This week comes the shocking news that Avon is closing down in Australia and New Zealand.

Direct selling is having significant challenges with rapid changes in technology and having to compete against the likes of Amazon and EBay, and this has been reflected in Amway’s own sales downturns the past 4 years. Something that may have turned around.

Amway Australia seems to be still having some success, with 10 new Platinums and Founders Platinums recognized last month, and recent new Diamonds Patrick and Joyce Mahakkapong and Hemant and Smitha Sahela.

Artistry, Amway’s premium cosmetic brand, continues to rank globally as one of the top 10 of all premium cosmetics brands.

It’s sad to see Avon’s struggles, but I’m sure the nearly 24,000 Avon reps in Australia may represent an opportunity for Amway?

What do you think?

Amway Australia, 40 years on and taking the lead

Amway Australia 40 yearsAmway Australia was the first Amway market to open outside of North America. The story goes that Rich DeVos said it was similar enough to America to try out Amway there, but far enough way that if it failed nobody would know! Well, last month Amway Australia celebrated 40 years in business, and while, like all businesses, it’s had its ups and downs, “failure” would not be close to an appropriate description!

I’m unfortunately not able to easily track most Amway Asia markets, but Amway Australia & New Zealand (the two markets merged several years ago)  is in my opinion leading english speaking markets in their use of both “old” and “new” media in the past year or so. They’ve been doing innovative videos for years, with many now available on the Amway Australia Youtube channel, but recently things have been going to a whole new level. In the last year or so they’ve launched social media channels such as –

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How does Amway work? It’s simple ….

Another great video from the folk at Amway Australia. It’s a simple business! (remember though – simple and easy are not always the same thing!)

Amway Australia: Social Media

My friend Bridgett has pointed out a great new video from Amway Australia about Social Media and Amway’s place in it. Check it out!

Amway’s back – on Australia’s A Current Affair

Australian TV program, A Current Affair (ACA), had a feature segment on Amway tonight, titled “Amway’s Back”. You can watch the segment online here.

The promo for the segment did not bode well, featuring a classic false dilemma
The global giant is offering big bucks for less work and Australia’s big sports stars are getting behind it. Is it a fast track to fortune or an easy way to burn your friends?
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Triple Olympic Gold Medallist reveals the Truth About Amway

This is a great new video by Amway Australia featuring Triple Olympic Gold Medallist Libby Trickett. It reminds me a little of Microsof’t Mojave experiment, which I discussed a while back.