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Amway – A World Class Business

The Amway Australia full page advert I mentioned yesterday is now available at The Australian online:  Amway – A World Class Business. It’s more of an “advertorial” than an advertisement and the web version is a little difficult to navigate, but nevertheless it’s a great promotion for the Amway business, highlighting some (mostly young) IBO achievers as well as new Amway products and an “editorial” by Amway Australia General Manager Michial Coldwell

The article gives the impression it may be just the start of an ongoing initiative, it will be interesting to see the response and if it is continued.

Here’s the link again: Amway – A World Class Business

Amway Australia – in The Australian

Amway_TheAustralianAmway Australia is continuing their marketing push in the mainstream media. Last year there was a huge Artistry billboard featuring Sandra Bullock in the middle of Sydney, and tomorrow there’s going to be a full page in The Australian – the country’s leading newspaper. According to Amway –

More than 1 million people will receive a copy of our stunning Amway advertorials, which will include IBO recognitions and product information.

One particularly exciting piece of the advertisement is the public endorsements of sporting superstars Libby Trickett and Adam Gilchrist. Libby is announced as the Amway Brand Ambassador and Adam the Nutriway Brand Ambassador. You could not get two more respected people in Australian sport.



Farewell Eddie Funkhouser New York

eddiefunkhouserThe rapid pace of change at Amway continues, with the announcement below sent out to Amway Australia & New Zealand ABOs (and perhaps others?) earlier today. This is not unexpected given the North American E.Funkhouser range, branded as NAO Cosmetics, was dropped some time ago.

It will be interesting to see what the new range mentioned encompasses and what branding it has. One would assume it will, like E.Funkhouser, be targeted to the younger consumers.

At Amway, we have spent a significant amount of time evaluating our product and brand portfolios. Our recently developed global portfolio strategy that will carry us into the future outlines clear priorities for Amway’s power brands, Nutriway and Artistry, which will lead the portfolio in terms of focus and investment. As our Beauty power brand, Artistry will receive increased focus in order to better support its position as a leading prestige brand.


As a result, we will be discontinuing the E. Funkhouser New York brand.


While it has been a progressive, trendy and entertaining addition to the portfolio, the E. Funkhouser New York brand does not fit into the global strategic direction moving forward. Also, the reality in our business is that it does not make up a considerable share of our total business and consequently the overall PV/BV contribution to the business is small. This will mean the next E. Funkhouser New York Collection C010, launching 1st November 2009, will be our final salute to Eddie. We are affectionately calling this the Farewell Collection C010. Make sure you and your team take advantage of this great opportunity to stock up on your favourite core professional products and also get the very last colour range from Eddie. As this is the last collection we will not be selling kits as it would not be appropriate to use this collection for the purposes of future retailing of the range.


Maintaining a competitive colour range is still a key focus area for Amway. Therefore, an updated global colour palette that meets the needs of fashion-conscious women around the world is underway for Artistry. Product and package innovation, designer-inspired limited life collections, and updated brand imagery will inject new excitement into the brand.


Additionally, through the product range, shade collection stories, brand imagery, and endorsers and spokespeople such as celebrity make-up artists, Amway colour cosmetics will enhance and improve the overall consumer and IBO experience of the Amway Brand.


We greatly appreciate your support of E. Funkhouser New York for the Farewell Collection C010. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this communication brings and be assured of our commitment to continuing to work with you and keeping you fully informed of future developments.


Whilst this announcement soon brings a close to E. Funkhouser New York and signals renewed investment in development in Artistry as a leading prestige brand, we will soon have news to bring to you about the launch next year of another exciting Amway manufactured skin care and colour brand. This second brand will be very different to Artistry and will appeal to a totally different consumer to that which Artistry attracts. Artistry and the new brand together will give you something very powerful to significantly grow your beauty business from next year.

Amway Australia signs triple Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett

libby_trickettI’ve received word that multiple world recorder holder and triple olympic gold medallist, Libby Trickett has joined champion cricketer Adam Gilchrist as a spokesperson for Amway Australia and the Nutrilite and reportedly also Artistry brands. Gilchrist has also been re-signed as a spokesperson for a futher two years, continuing his work promoting both Nutrilite and the Amway One by One and Freedom Wheels campaign for children.

Trickett and Gilchrist are two of the highest profile and respected sports people in Australia and this is great news for Amway Australia IBOs. In more Amway Australia sports news, champion rugby league and rugby union player, and Amway Founders Platinum, Mat Rogers has helped lead expansion team the Gold Coast Titans into the finals of the Australian NRL Championships for the first time, finishing third after the regular season.

Elsewhere, Amway Global in North America has announced that the contract with Nutrilite spokesperson and 400m World Champion Sanya Richards has not been renewed, and Amway Europe announced similarly for Artistry Cremè Luxury spokesperson Sandra Bullock.

Amway Australia & New Zealand launch Amway University

Amway University

Back in 2007, Amway Global (then Quixtar) launched Quixtar University. I’m not sure which other markets have done similar, but Amway Australia and New Zealand this month launched e-Learning courses on Amway University. To quote the site –

Amway Learning is a structured approach designed to help you build your knowledge in areas relevant to today’s market place. You may choose to undertake a selected number of business & product subjects and achieve a certificate to reaffirm your knowledge, or for your own personal interest and information.

One of the strengths and at same times weaknesses of the network marketing model is that at any given time a large number, indeed perhaps a majority, of people representing a company such as Amway are actually new and inexperienced. The end result of this is it’s very easy for them to do or say the wrong thing. It’s been my suggestion for sometime that Amway should implement a certification program, and that only ABOs who have undertaken some basic training are allowed to “show the plan” and sponsor people. Until then if they want to expand their networks they have to be accompanied by a certified upline. Continue reading Amway Australia & New Zealand launch Amway University

ABOs – Please stop selling Amway as a way to save money

Tuesday night I was at an Open Plan, the presenter did a great job, but he did one thing that irritates the heck out of me and in my opinion is problematic and potentially dishonest. What did he do? Well, as is unfortunately not uncommon, when explaining the various benefits of becoming an Amway Business Owner (ABO), one he promoted was the idea that “you’ll save 30% on stuff you’re already buying”. Leaving aside the issue of whether saving money is a sensible way to promote starting a business or not, this is a problem, because for many people sitting in the audience it is at best misleading, and indeed usually completely false. Continue reading ABOs – Please stop selling Amway as a way to save money