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Amway sales drop 8% to $10.8 billion

Amway has today announced 2014 global revenue of $10.8 billion – a $1 billion drop from it’s 2013 record sales of $11.8 billion. The company says the drop is a result of a combination of a drop in sales in key markets, as well as currency fluctuations.

Given the instability in key markets like Ukraine, Russia, and Thailand as well as some regulatory challenges in India, I thought a drop in sales was likely. I am surprised by the size of it, I’ll post some thoughts and analysis later today.

ETA: most of what I wanted to add has been said by others in the comments

Amway buys XS energy drinks

All_Cans_BowlingPin[1]As many IBOs know, XS Energy Drinks (known as XS Power Drinks in Europe) originated as a  “healthier” energy drink product created by two IBOs, David Vanderveen and Scott Coon. It was manufactured by a company called Logic Nutrition and resold through Amway (and earlier, Quixtar) and has been a huge success, with recent expansion out of North America and Australia and in to Europe and Asia.

Well today XS has announced on their XSNation Facebook page that they have now been acquired by Amway. Co-founder David Vanderveen will take on an executive role at Amway as Vice President, General Manager of the XS brand.

Congratulations David and Scott, I’m sure you got a great price!