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Kerala (India) issues guidelines for direct selling firms such as Amway

As per my previous post Amway India has been having challenges in that country with some poorly worded laws and a lack of regulation for the direct selling industry. Amway is implementing some changes from November 1, including removing all joining fees. The changes were a response to the Indian state of Kerala issuing some guidelines for direct selling firms. This is a great step forward for the industry in India! The guidelines are a prelude to proper legislation, which will hopefully be implemented nationwide.


1. Direct selling

Direct selling means marketing of consumer products/services directly to the consumers generally in their homes or homes of others, at their work place and other places away from the permanent retail locations, usually through explanation or demonstration of the products by a direct seller or by mail order sales.

2. Direct selling Entity

Direct selling Entity means a business entity which sells or markets products with its trademark or services mark or nay other identifying mark through a direct selling individual or organisation .

3. Direct seller

Direct seller means a person who is a member of a distribution system of the direct selling entity engaged in direct selling. Continue reading Kerala (India) issues guidelines for direct selling firms such as Amway

Amway Australia and New Zealand launches a blog

Following on from the recent new Amway Europe blog, Amway Australia and New Zealand has now launched one as well, at

The site author, Kevin Lowe, is currently in Grand Rapids following the Amway 50th celebrations and has a couple of videos up on the blog, including video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassadors Mitch & Deidre Sala.

UPDATE: Kevin’s now added a great video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassador Peter Cox, which I’ve embedded below

Doug Wead, Amway Adventure

I’m currently sitting on a hillside somewhere in Tuscany with a rather slow internet connection but thought it was worth a quick note to highlight a post on a (former) Amway Diamond’s blog – Doug Wead, Amway Adventure. He gives a personal example of the Amway Internet Echo Chamber effect and how falsehoods  spread by anti-Amway critics about his Amway experience have affected his reputation. I may do a further post on this when I’m back at my regular blogging desk in a couple of weeks.

Cookie Drive! Support the Truth About Amway

As most readers know, I currently maintain four separate Amway-related websites: Amway Watch (, Amway Wiki (, The Truth About Amway (, and Amway Talk ( I developed the sites, as well as being active in other areas such as a Youtube Channel and editing the Amway article on Wikipedia in order to address what I saw as the enormous imbalance in the information that was available to folk searching for Amway on the internet. As I noted in my articles The Internet War Against Amway Part I and Part II the interest in “googling” Amway is enormous without grassroots internet activism, folk simply aren’t getting a true impression of the Amway business and the people behind it.

I believe these sites are beneficial and making a difference. This site, the Truth About Amway, will soon be regularly breaking 20,000 visits a month from more than 15,000 unique visitors. Amway Wiki is not far behind. What I find amazing about Amway Wiki is that more than 70% of visitors are new, never havng visited it, and on average they read nearly 9 pages when they visit. Internet average is normally around 2! In my opinion, these people are probably people who have been prospected for the business, and are looking to learn more. Indeed, many of the searches that result in them visiting Amway Wiki are for specific names – they’ve heard about a Diamond, perhaps been invited to a seminar to hear them speak, and they want to read about them. There are now hundreds of Diamond stories on AmwayWiki, and more regularly being added. My youtube channel has nearly a hundred videos and in the next few months will break the 1,000,000 mark for the number of videos views.

People are hungry for information about Amway and the people who work with it, and now they are finding it.

When I started the sites I owned a web hosting company, so I could effectively host the sites “free of charge”, as well as easily contribute time to their upkeep. Several months ago however I sold that company, and these 4 sites and the 50,000 visits a month they get are now being supported entirely out my pocket and the small earnings that comes from various google advertisements. Despite many rumours spread by critics of Amway, I get no financial support at all from Amway or the IBOAI or any other Amway-related organisation for the time and money I spend on these sites.

So – with the encouragement of some regular visitors I’ve decided to launch a “cookie drive” to see if I can raise donations, with the first goal to match the approximately $1000/yr it’s now costing me to host these sites. You’ll see a “donate” button and a “thermometer” on the right. If you can spare a few dollars to invest in protecting and building the reputation of Amway on the internet, your donation would be appreciated. If there’s enough support then I’ll also begin work on a new addition to the TTAA family –, so that our prospects and customers looking for real end-user reviews of Amway’s products will have a place to find them – and you’ll have a place to give your experiences.

All donations will of course remain anonymous (unless otherwise requested).

Thanks for your support!