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Proctor & Gamble vs Amway case finally over

The seemingly neverending Proctor & Gamble satanism case is finally over. Amway was dismissed from the case long ago but after numerous courts in numerous states and numerous appeals, 4 (now former) distributors (including Randy Haugen) were finally found guilty of damaging P&G’s business and fined over $19 million dollars.

On November 24 the court was notified they have settled and the case is over.

For those who understand Italian ….

Here’s a short clip of part of the press conference announcing the AC Milan/Nutrilite partnerhip, including Amway handing over a $10,000 check to the Milan Foundation for Ronaldinho’s first goal for the club.

You can read the official announcement on AC Milan’s website (also in Italian) –

AC Milan – Comunicato Stampa – Nutrilite