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Who is Amway?

AmwayVideos just posted this new video on their youtube channel. I couldn’t resist posting it as they’re using some of my favourite background music for the clip. Who is Amway? Enjoy –

How does Amway work? It’s simple ….

Another great video from the folk at Amway Australia. It’s a simple business! (remember though – simple and easy are not always the same thing!)

Amway Australia: Social Media

My friend Bridgett has pointed out a great new video from Amway Australia about Social Media and Amway’s place in it. Check it out!

Amway: Celebrating 50 years

Amway – The Power of a Positive Campaign

According to Forbes (and we know how accurate they can be), Amway Global this week launched a new advertising campaign dubbed “The Power of Positive”. I’ve not been able to find the ads published online anywhere (why not, Amway??)  but I did find the following video published by Amway IBO organisation eFinity on their FaceBook page. It’s apparently a behind the scenes type “teaser” of the upcoming campaign, probably produced by Amway to show IBO leadership. I look forward to seeing the actual ads!

The woman behind the transformation of Amway

Candace Matthews is Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer. Earlier this year she was named Black Corporate Executive of the Year. The video below (first 7 minutes) is a great interview with her and discussing her role at Amway.

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For those who understand Italian ….

Here’s a short clip of part of the press conference announcing the AC Milan/Nutrilite partnerhip, including Amway handing over a $10,000 check to the Milan Foundation for Ronaldinho’s first goal for the club.

You can read the official announcement on AC Milan’s website (also in Italian) –

AC Milan – Comunicato Stampa – Nutrilite