Coming up on TTAA ….

I’ve been unable to post much recently due to some other priorities, but I thought I’d give TTAA readers an idea of the posts I have in draft for the near future, as well as some additional Amway related projects in the works. If you happen to have something you’d like me to address or find out – let me know!

Ok, on the coming soon list –

  • Amway Andhra Pradesh – what’s the real story?
  • Do Diamonds really make all their money from “tools”?
  • The Perils of Amway? A response to Russell Glasser
  • Amway @ The movies! Is that a bottle of dish drops or are you just glad to see me?

In addition I’ve plans to renew and start updating AmwayWatch again (any joomla gurus want to help?) as well as some software updates to AmwayWiki (any mediawiki gurus out there?), and a new project in the works – Amway Price Comparisons (joomla again!).

The latter is intended to be a real community project, where people from around the world can post (retail) price comparisons between Amway products and their local competitors. I have two aims for that – the first is to show that the vast majority of Amway products are great value for money. The second aim is to help Amway know which products are not competitive – and hopefully incentivise them to do something about it!

3 thoughts on “Coming up on TTAA ….”

  1. I like to do cost comparisons on home care and personal care products. It shows that they are not only high in quality, they can possibly save consumers money. Many of our products are a very good value but most people don’t know it. Unfortunately, many people in the business don’t even know it.

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