Congratulations Team Nutrilite Olympians

Yesterday I started to write a post about Amway Global’s Team Nutrilite athletes that competed at the recent Beijing Olympic games. I instead up with a more personal post about the value of persistence – I quit. On Tuesday, Amway itself will publicly congratulation the athletes with a full page advertisement in USA Today (click the image to open the full version).

American sprinter Sanya Richards won Bronze in the Women’s 400m and Gold in the 4x400m relay, Asafa Powell was 5th in the Men’s 100m and anchored the Jamaican men’s 4x100m relay to a World Record. Team USA’s Jen Stuczynski lived up to her promise, winning Silver in the Women’s pole vault behind the incomparable Yelena Isinbayeva. Finally, Brazil’s Olympic football team, including superstar Ronaldinho, won Bronze in their competition. Together, Team Nutrilite’s athletes won 2 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals. Congratulations!

Special mention needs to be made of Asafa Powell’s performance in the 4x100m men’s relay. Asafa was disappointed not to win a medal behind the spectacular Usain Bolt in the men’s 100m sprint, however in the relay he came out and performed superbly – not only did Jamaica win in the world record time of 37.10s, but Asafa Powell also set a new anchor leg world record8.70s according the USATF high performance split analysis, bettering his previous record of 8.84 set in Osaka in 2007.

Finally, our commisserations to China’s Liu Xiang. Liu, 2004 Olympic Champion and a superstar in China, was one of the favourites for the Men’s 100m hurdles. Unfortunately a heal injury led to him withdrawing from the race. The next day Amway published the following in Chinese papers in support

One interesting fact came out about Liu Xiang’s relationship with Nutrilite during the games. It’s well known that Asafa Powell was introduced to Nutrilite Double X by his brother Donovan, not through being approached by Nutrilite for a sponsorship. It seems there is a similar story for Liu Xiang. In one interview, he reportedly said

“From a young age, I used Amway products my father’s work unit gave to him and felt they were great.”

Congratulations again to all of Team Nutrilite’s athletes!

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  1. don’t mind the spelling errors. Not a spelling competition. Ounce/once for example. The message is clear and that is what I intend to get across

  2. I dont know??? I take tons of vitamins and suplements and to this day I am still not an athelete at all. It must be because I take them. They must be destroying my super fine tuned body and holding me back from achieving an individual Gold Medal. LOL. If vitamins and supplements by any company were the difference between Gold and Failure every athelete and person on the face of this planet would have mastered perfection and there would be no further competitions held as we would all be the exact same. There is no vitamin or supplement which can boast that they are the reason a team or individual is great. It all comes down to individual efforts, outside elements, focus and determination. No one person is the best of the best and at any point there is always someone ready to jump on the top and take the light away from his/her predecessors. Matter of fact that not only pertains to atheletes, it pertains to every walk of life and profession. If you are not on top of your game the rug can be pulled with an once of effort on anyones part.

    Name brands use atheletes names and atheletes use name brands to A.) help fund atheletic training and B.) in the hopes the name brand can boast a win while using the products. To this day I do not know any brand of anything that would say that it was strictly or directly because of the products a person used which won the games. Not once in the history of Branding has this happened. That is simply how the public perceives what is going on.

    Don’t engage in silly dispute with disgruntled individuals who have nothing better to do than waste the precious time of others with mindless dribble and clearly un-educated comments bearing no facts. Go build your business and enjoy the freedom it creates.

  3. I’ve had a “mystery ailment” for about 4 months. Spend a couple thousand dollars of my own. About 3 thousand, health plan.

    Full work up, heart stress test, thyroid, all the blood/urine tests, etc.

    My symptoms: 2 months insomnia, a high blood pressure transient (under control..thank you Dr. Michael’s Blood factor), an exercise intolerance (15 minutes hard workout…heart would act like “overtraining” syndrome, run up to 85-90 BPM resting for a few hours, and be easily excited to 120-140, with for example a single flight of stairs climbed.

    55 year old, white male, very athletic.

    Been doing all sorts of supplements. But 9 days ago while visiting my Brother in a city remote from my own, he sold me a bottle of Nutrilite.

    Can you believe this? I seem to be RETURNING TO NORMAL! I’m stunned. To believe that this almost 100 year old concept can be that incredible.

    THANK YOU TO AMWAY AND ALL THE CREW. You’ve saved my life!

    Mark H. Mpls, MN USA

  4. Thanks mijinjax, great post.

    I just saw Sanya Richards on the Tonight Show and she had an awesome interview with Jay Leno.
    She’s very intelligent, well spoken, and represented herself, the U.S.A., Amway Global, and Team Nutrilite very well!!

  5. Hmmm – QIAC used a very familiar phrase (merchants of deception) in the post of 8/31 9:43 am. Now let me think, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, the book dedicated to destroying a company and the dreams of people who are ordinary Americans, who would like their own businesses, but don’t have $800K to open a sandwich shop.

    I haven’t been a ball of fire in this business over the years, but with a college degree, post-graduate work and work experience as a computer trouble-shooter and an instructor, I feel I am intelligent enough to determine if I am getting good value for my money. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t still be using the products.

    The rancor and hate speech of these critics sometimes leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. How can people be so hate filled that they would take their time trying to ruin other people’s chances?

    Not everyone is going to be willing to do the work to actually build a business or be willing to do the personal development that is required when you need to deal with a lot of people, but some are.

    Many of those who do not go on to build an actual business have told me that their time in Amway was critical to their personal development. They have told me that they credit that time and what they learned as one of the reasons they have been promoted, gone on to a better job, started a different business or just felt better about themselves.

    For the neggies out there, no, I am not going to give you names, address, emails etc. of these people. They were associated with us in our business for a time and then left, for whatever reasons. Not everyone has gotten back in touch with me to tell me positive things about their Amway experience, but quite a few have.

    I feel good about our positive effect on people and being able to offer quality products at reasonable prices – not generic products at the cheapest prices.

    Nuff said.

  6. I love Nutrilite products….feel much better when I use them….and love telling others about them.

    I am excited that athletes feel the same as I do about them!

    Our business is growing and we are very proud of our association with a first rate business opportunity where anyone can succeed!

  7. Hmmmm, good point GA. We should think about your comment. It may be a good strategy. However, the problem is that for the casual reader and or new IBO, it may raise doubt in their minds if nobody responds to them.
    If you have time, we can also discuss this on the forum

  8. Why are we responding to idiots like quixtarisacult (how original) or john or this guy who calls himself rocket (a guy whose intellect is sharpened through watching Starship Troopers and the Muppets)?

    We’re dealing with people who are by nature abusive and malicious, admittedly pissed off, who relish getting a response from IBOs. And it has nothing to do with facts or fiction or right or wrong – they hate our business and need a venue to promulgate that hate.

    And we’re giving it to them. We’re playing right into their hand.

    Regardless of the topic be it tools or Olympic athletes they slam it. We need to ignore them. Not the issues, them. Let them talk to each other. Let us discuss our business.

    We don’t need them to tell us the business hasn’t been as successful for people as has been promoted. Tools and the attitudes of those selling them have been a problem. So has product pricing. Customers were hard to get and everyone was taught to go out with a curiosity approach looking for the 1-2 out of 10 who would build the business – and few succeeded in finding them.

    So now the business is transforming, correcting itself so more can be cash flow profitable. It’s improving and I’m optimistic, regardless of what these people say.

  9. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Olympics. Wouldn’t be a great honor just to participate, let alone to win? I think as long as everyone did their personal best, that’s all that counts. A special congrats to Shawn Johnson who lives in West Des Moines, Iowa, not too far from where I live in Des Moines. Lolo Jones is also from Des Moines. She is definitely a champion in my book. As far as Nutrilite goes: I know what it does for me. I know what my body is like when I don’t take it and I know how it is when I do. I think the Nutrilite products are absolutely incredible.

  10. Hi there,
    I would like to say as an IBO that Nutrilite athletes overall did underperform. Can you imagine the mileage we would of got if Usain Bolt was a Nutrilite brand ambassador amazing! In fact we had organized a product expo venue sales event which went great, lots of Nutrilite and XS was sold and alot of people were quite impressed by the products available, and the fact that Ronaldhino is a Nutrilite brand ambassador, since this was a soccer tournament it generated alot of interest. When we were discussing with the Corporation about the venue sales event they told us not to promote any of the Nutrilite athletes other than Ronaldhino, this venue sales was done a week before the start of the Olympics.

  11. This is so awesome..The Amway/Quixtar thrashers are always looking for every chance they get to blame failure of anyone associate with Amway, on Amway Products.

    Guys don’t forget in every game, there will be players who will outshine the previous winners, that is the rule & nature of the game. Just because Amway endorsed them, does not mean that those anthletes will remain on the top forever. They have proven their expertise, their stamina, and their success, if you want to ignore that and just want to concentrate on their temporary failures, then you will remain what you are…a Big FAILURE.

    I don’t buy and sell products based on who endorsed it..if i see personal results, if i can prove their benefits to the person i am prospecting, my work is done. I can not rely my business on who is endorsing what, otherwise i will keep changing what i use everyweek 😀

    I see how products are helping me and how they can help the others. Period.

  12. rocket said, “I consider it to be more of a sad commentary of a company that has such negative connotations that anyone associated with it is subject to one liners and ridicule.”

    All you have to do is read qiac’s comments. Talk about one liners and ridicule. He makes fun of Olympians. People who have devoted their lives to their sport. They’ve given their blood, sweat and tears for it.

  13. I was unaware of who Lui Xiang was when Amway/Team Nutrilite brought him on board.

    After watching the Olympics, I now see just how popular and well-known he is in China.

    Wasn’t it in China in the 1920s when the founder of Nutrilite, Carl Rehnborg, started developing what would later (1934)become the very first multi vitamin/mineral supplement sold in North America?

    And here Nutrilite is today,
    *with $3.1 billion in annual sales,
    *producing 10 billion tablets annualy,
    *with product lines of meal bars and meal shakes and snacks
    *sold in over 45 countries

    And the new Center for Optimal Health is stunning. A must-visit for anyone in the Southern California area.

    Congratulations Team Nutrilite!


  14. I consider it to be more of a sad commentary of a company that has such negative connotations that anyone associated with it is subject to one liners and ridicule.

    IBOFB, anyone who is looking at this business like a business should be looked at will see right through the garbage and pathetic spin you put on it.

  15. qiac,

    Your posts just show you for what you are. I truly feel sorry for you. To make those comments about people who are Olympians just because they are associated with this company makes a sad statement about you.

  16. Your right, your participation here certainly does benefit myself. It makes it clear to a googling prospect that many Amway critics are full of it and cannot be taken seriously.

  17. Amthrax – “by all reports” was a little hyperbolic. I didn’t actually follow the Brazil vs Argentia match, but earlier reports were that Ronaldinho was playing well

    The AC Milan player, who hadn’t played a competitive match in nearly five months, showed signs he was returning to his best form. He scored twice in Brazil’s 5-0 win over New Zealand in the group stage, and several times displayed the nifty skills that helped him win two FIFA Player of the Year awards.

    Regarding whether using Nutrilite was just “for marketing purposes” or not, as I noted, both Asafa Powell and Liu Xiang were using Nutrilite well before they became sponsored by Nutrilite.

    I don’t know whether Nutrilite had “little” to do with their success or failure, who knows, they may have performed “worse” without it. As I said, no individual thing makes a difference between winning and losing in that manner – it’s about performing the best you can on the day, and if that’s better than anyone else, then you win.

    Usain Bolt is a phenomenon, and contrary to QIACs ridiculous claims, I predicted before the Olympics Bolt would win the 100m

  18. ibofightback wrote:

    Ronaldinho by all reports played the best he has all year.

    I read otherwise:

    The game offered the affirmation, if any were needed, of one great player, Lionel Messi. He outshone his one-time mentor, Ronaldinho, reduced at just 28 to a leaden walk. Where Ronaldinho was slow and sluggish, Messi was dazzlingly fast and relentlessly energetic.

    Messi seems to get better and more dynamic with each game, and his willingness to run at the defense and force the issue differed greatly from Ronaldinho, who had his moments but was much more stationary when he had the ball (perhaps due to fitness issues).

    I know a former-professional cyclist who was sponsored by another nutrition products company. On the team web site, the cyclists all listed their favorite product from the company. In private, however, they didn’t have too much to say about them. It was all for marketing purposes. I’m sure the distributors of those products touted them when talking to prospects and customers, however.

    Does this apply to Nutrilite and its Olympic athletes? Maybe. Maybe not. The only way to know is to be in these athletes’ inner circle, in my opinion.

    What I would argue is that Nutrilite had little to do with their success or failure at the Olympics. No one was going to beat Bolt in the 100m. Nutrilite wasn’t going to heal Liu Xiang’s hamstring or heel. Sanya Richards says in a recent article that she should have drank more water before the 400m (she didn’t mention Perfect Water):

    A day after coming up short of her goal, taking the bronze instead of winning the gold, she said the only thing she would have done differently was drink more water. Dehydration, she said, is the only explanation for the cramp in her right hamstring that felled her bid for the gold medal.

  19. Asafa Powell and Sanya Richards were one of 4. OK, but INDIVIDUALLY, who won gold? Any normal human being would know what I was asking when I asked Who won a gold that uses Nutrilite? If the WHOLE team was on it, then you would be accurate. Nice spin.

    What is wrong with you? You call people dishonest and then play little word tricks like that?

    Such leadership…

    If you aren’t willing to use their names, then why bring it up? Sounds like you just made it up, and you, as usual, accuse others of arrogance and distortion of facts.

    Such leadership…

  20. Now QIAC resorts to meaningless ad hominems, as usual. If I recall I had to ban you for abusive language from the original TTAA forums. Guess I forgot about that when I approved your posts here on the new website. Silly me.

    Who won gold that uses Nutrilite? Asafa Powell and Sanya Richards for a start. I’m not about to name others without their permission.

    We get it, Rocket. You don’t think Nutrilite is worth it.

    Why can’t you get it, Rocket? Other people do think Nutrilite is worth it.

  21. They DID do great, by any independent standard. Did Asafa Powell and Sanya Richards not perform as well as they might have in one event – sure – but they still did great. The world champion didn’t even make the final of the Men’s 100m. And they both performed fantastically in the relays. Liu Xiang was injured, he performed neither well or badly. Jenn Stuczynski did fantastic, as well as was hoped. Ronaldinho by all reports played the best he has all year.

    You critics could develop skills in ohhhh …. reading comprehension for a start. Logic would certainly be useful too. Honesty might also come in handy.

  22. Rocket…

    Nutrilite vitamins are for IBO con men, meant to give them that extra degree of persuasion to sell the pyramid scheme to the marks they’ve STP. Obviously these supplements do nothing for intelligence; IBendOverForBuddies and Bridgett are perfect examples.

  23. Your constant enthusiasm and belittling of people who disagree with you paints you into a perceptional corner of Nutrilite being the best, and is better for you than anything.

    That’s your opinion. I’m giving mine. If you don’t like it, then ban me.

    So you think it’s absurd to point out that non Nutrilite people did BETTER than Nutrilite people?

    You know what’s absurd?

    YOU! That was the point. They didn’t win.

    Who won a gold that uses Nutrilite?

  24. Never said I thought they sucked. So he thinks they sucked. I don’t care if that’s what he thinks. I’m puzzled as to why either of you two care either.

    I said I understood his point! And I do! IBOFB is trying to say how great they did and making sure that everyone knows they are Nutrilite’s folks. But they didn’t win. IBOFB is using a global event to promote Amway (even though he’s a lowly pin level anyways). He could use a little help with what you use to promote your product.

    Not to mention a product not surrounded by a poor reputation of overpriced products and deception, but that’s beside the point.

    Perhaps you Amway folks could develop skills with understanding the point, not trying to spin criticism so it doesn’t potentially affect your bottom line.

  25. Rocket, you’re either completely dishonest or a complete idiot.

    Nobody every claimed Amway products are “the cure for all the ails you”.

    You’re simply making stuff up, and with incredible narcissism as you do so. WHO CARES YOU’RE NOT SOLD ON NUTRILITE?

    Your talk about non-TeamNutrilite athletes “doing better without it” is just absurd. Nutrilite, or indeed training, or persistence, or coaching does not make you “better” than other athletes. It simply may help make you be better than you may have been without it.

    BTW, I’m aware of a number of non-TeamNutrilite athletes that use Nutrilite products, including gold medallists. There’s probably plenty more I’m not aware of.

  26. I’m not sold on Nutrilite, that’s all.

    Looks like I’m not the only one either, and the people that did win gold medals never said a word about Nutrilite. Looks like they did OK without it, in fact better than those who (maybe) were on it.

    There was pre Olympic hype, just as any sponsor would do. But they didn’t get the gold that day.

    Get used to it Chief, not everyone is wooed by Amway’s products. It ain’t the cure for all that ails you.

    Why do you have such a hard time accepting that?

  27. The two losers in the video highlight how they did much better taking money from pyramid schemers than they did at their world class money events. IBOFB, I at least have to give you credit for trying to polish these turds! Even the website hasn’t even made an attempt to do it yet.

    Just admit that Team Nutrilite sucked and you shall have mercy. I have nothing against the Athletes. They are not the point. I don’t think it was wise to take money from pyramid scammers though. Of course they can say that they scammed the scammers. They can laugh about that… hehehehehehahahahahamuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaa!

  28. Ummm,

    I guess one could say that all QIAC was saying was that “the Nutrilite horses didn’t come in first”

    with his comment:

    “Wouldn’t it be easier to just admit that Team Nutrilite sucked at the Olympics…”


  29. It’s dishonest to claim there was a lot of pre-olympic hype that they would win – even the ad QIAC linked to just asked if it was possible they’d improve.

    It’s dishonest to claim that Amway (or any IBOs) claim they are world class athletes because of Nutrilite. Even the ad QIAC linked to spoke first about raw talent and world-class coaching.

    It’s dishonest to claim these athletes had “dismal results”

    Finally, you appear to be unclear about the very nature of Nutrilite. You mention “diet” as being an important part of success in sports. Diet is about macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, as is Nutrilite, particularly micro-nutrients.

  30. I have never been for products endorsed by athletes. In my opinion, success in sports depends largely on training, diet, and commitment. Even if you do everything right, genetics plays a huge role as well.

    Nutrilite doesn’t make or break an athlete, nor does Buick, Honda, or Mello Yello.

    QIAC just pointed out that Nurtilite’s horses didn’t come in first.

    It’s not dishonest, IBOFB. You saying it’s dishonest is more of a lie than what QIAC’s point is.

  31. Jesus Murphy IBOFB, now you get indignant over things I never said?

    “ agree thats “dismal results”?

    No! I don’t. I think it’s fantastic to be an Olympian. I think they are great athletes. I simply pointed out that I can understand indifference to it, and the fact that they weren’t the absolute best in the Olympics was pointed out. They weren’t the best in the world that day, that’s all.

    And you Amway guys run people down for pointing that out, even if it is true.


  32. What an absolute load of hogwash, and unfortunately typical of the dishonesty of some the anti-Amway cultists like QIAC.

    Care to point out “all of the pre-Olympic hype” from Amway?

    Care to point out where Amway says Nutrilite makes winning athletes?

    Do you have an honest bone in your body?

    What stupidity, indeed.

  33. Wouldn’t it be easier to just admit that Team Nutrilite sucked at the Olympics then to try to “spin” it as if they were somehow winners? All the pre-Olympic hype about these mortals left them and you wide open for the type of criticism you obviously are so thin skinned about!

    It’s not easy to make a purse out of a sows ear, and obviously your attempt to spin this pigs ear into a purse lays an egg too. Thanks Rocket for pointing out the hypocrisy of these merchants of deception!

    If Nutrilite somehow makes for winning athletes, might Nutrilite also somehow be made to blame for their losing ways as well? Makes sense to me. I guess the sponsors of the winning athletes had better supplements then? What stupidity.

  34. I don’t like Wal-Mart, but I don’t go spreading it all over the Internet all the time. I wish the people whose only goal in life is to bash this business, would get a hobby and leave us alone. Straight talk: if you don’t like our business, get lost.

  35. Disagree with “PR Spin”? So rocket, you agree with QIAC that athletes making the Olympics, competing with the best in the world, breaking world records, winning medals … you agree thats “dismal results”?

    Yours and QIAC’s bankrupt little minds are on show for all to see now. Keep it up. You’re the best PR against “amway critics” one could ever want.

  36. You may want to take those big assed sunglasses off your face before typing because you made absolutely no sense in your last comment.

    Nice prices.

  37. There you are folks, negate the history ABOs/IBOs and critics have with each other and act like the judge of character typed on the screen about him is plucked out of thin air and without merit.

    You are a funny little band of critics aren’t you?



  38. There you have it folks. Disagree with PR spin on Amway related sponsoring and get called the following?:

    “pathetic, miserable excuse for a human”

    “pathetic and dark and sad”

    I think they are also great athletes. What I find typical is the Amway folks down the throats of people who don’t think Amway rules.

    You are a funny little band of entrepreneurs aren’t you?

  39. For the record:

    “quixtarisacult” has never been an IBO.

    And, having interacted him online, first back in February, and then again in July, his story continually changes of who in his life he knows personally who has ever been an IBO.

    (the turht is so much easier to remember, don’t you think?)

    The Quixtar/Amway business seems to be very attractive to many non-IBOs as a “fascinating little lab” for some just to peek in every now and again, and for others to attempt to “make a name for themselves”–to achieve some sort of significance in the world, no matter how pathetic and dark and sad.

    QIAC is the second breed I mention.


  40. Amway can only try to put a good face on what amounts to truly bad Olympic results by Team Nutrilite athletes, not a single one of these highly touted individuals winning a gold medal in their individual sport. Powell, touted at one time as being the fastest man in the world got beaten not only by Bolt in his event, but by three other athletes as well.

    Jen Stuczynski, not the most well recognized Team Nutrilite athlete of the bunch pretty much finished as expected, while the others badly under performed (or in the case of Xiang) did not even perform at all. Not a single athlete pictured in the upcoming Nutrilite ad won an individual gold medal in Bejing.

    Team Nutrilite, in light of all the pre-Olympic hype badly underperformed and came away with little to brag about. The team golds are not the prestigious individual golds that Amway had hoped to brag about. There must have been some long faces in the Amway spin office faced by the dismal results from these highly touted individuals who squatted on the field and laid big eggs in the Bird’s Nest!

  41. Goes to show you that Nutrilite only supports the very best.

    It’s cool to be a part of the team itself. To rep really great products with faces that have some legitimacy makes it all the easier. Not that we really need to. The products speak for themselves.

    Congrats Olympians!

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