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Questions, gossip, or comments you’d like to make, but privately? Feel free to contact me through this form. All information will of course be treated confidentially.

66 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Hi all.
    There is some new haters out there who are spreading,misleading and blatant lies about Amway,on Youtube.
    First one is Ren Rhants she calls Amway a scammy cult.
    Second is A decade in scamway er Amway.
    Both havent been involved with Amway after i have questioned them But Ren Rants states she was duped into signing up,but later states that she is glad she never gave Amway a penny.

  2. All I can say is THANK YOU. With so much negative banter and misleading noise from disgruntled haters, your website is refreshing. I only wish there were more people like you. I also wish you were able to do this professionally and devote full-time effort to this great resource. Thanks for all you do. You are a blessing to many current IBO’s and prospective entrepreneurs!

  3. Hi
    I see that Amway Wiki Pages are so old and outdated. I see so much outdated information. So many people’s pins have changed, some people are no longer with Amway LOS.

    Can you please show me how to become a user so I can update some of the wiki pages?

    Thank you!

  4. Please update this site more frequently. Only the last 10 comments appear. There are probably more we’ll never see.

  5. Dear Sir

    I would like to translate and translate the articles on this website to share with our Amway distributors in Vietnam.

    Looking forward to receive feedback from you.


    Long Ngo

      1. Hope all is well. Welcome back. Need to update Amway Wiki as it is way outdated. Can you please help guide me on how to create a user account to update some of the pin pages with the latest pin information? I send you a tweet too @ibofb.

  6. Hi ibofightback ,

    I was wondering if you have any info on some of the other critics that are out there like marriedtoanambot and lallouslab.net.

    I’ve re-read your posts on Steve Nakamura but wanted to know if you have any other info on these others as it seems like Steve isn’t as active as he once was. If I’m wrong on that just let me know of course.

    Hope all is well with you!

  7. Are you going to update your site Feb. 2017 or has Amway convinced you to cease and desist ?
    I find your site to be very useful in helping folks to get “the rest of the story”

  8. Why did Nutrilite put maltodextrine in their products? And are there differences in good/bad types? Can you sometimes also find suger ruplacements in it?


  9. Have you seen the MLM video made by comedian, John Oliver, in the HBO Channel? It’s on Youtube and although it is a video that desecrated Herbalife (especially), it had Amway’s logo in the beginning. It’s called Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO). Can you address it in a post?


    1. You do need to know if you tell lies about Amway and business owners within Amway you can be sued for a dramatically high amount of money for “Slander”. Be careful, or you will be in a massive amount of trouble.

  10. Hello Admind thetruthaboutamway of websites. It’s great to know at this website. It helped me and the team we have the basis to believe that our choice when it comes to Amway business to be properly and proudly.
    We want to use this useful information with translation into Vietnamese. As in Vietnam, we have no such information.
    We hope Admind accepted.
    would like to thank and wish good health for you.

  11. Hi there! I’ve followed your site for a while but I haven’t seen updates as of late. Is your business still treating you well? I’m on my way to registering since I’ve been offered a partnership through my sponsor’s upline. I’ve seen all the smear campaigns out there and you seem to offer sound advice and perspective. Thanks!

    Also, it seems AmwayTalk is full of spam bots now. Is that community effectively dead?

    1. Hi Aaron, yes all is well! I wrote a post a few months back “no news is good news!” and that’s pretty much the way things are in the Amway world. AmwayTalk has not been very active for a long time – conversation there was mostly driven by controversy too. I’ll get in and clear the spam.

      1. Well it would have been nice to contact you but there is no link..hehe.. I was “in Amway” early 80’s for “a long time” I met and had photo’s taken with quite a lot of successful people and was one of the few who met Bill O’Brien when he came over to show the plan to 6 people in a house in the U.K. Loads of memories, wouldn’t have changed my experience for the world. There are a few before Bill too from the Yeager line, can you name them? I can…

    1. After reading all the comments following the posting of this newspaper article, I take issue with the hatred for Rich DeVos of some of the respondents. It is true that Rich has donated money to organizations that do not condone homosexual behavior. That does NOT mean that they or Rich hate gays and lesbians or condone their mistreatment; especially their murder. It is okay to “hate” a behavior, but never an individual. One writer labeled Rich a hypocrite for then giving $500,000 to aid the victims of the Orlando massacre. Rich is compassionate and gives out of goodness and love, not because it looks good.

  12. I can’t access Amwaywiki.com. So what happened? Is it about sever problem? Hope you didn’t shut down site. I’m studying along with Compassionate capitalism book to find success people in it. It gave me a lot of inspirations. Thank you for your response.

    P.S. I’m so fond of your website. It’s great and very useful. Please continue it.

  13. I think Robert T Carroll is a nutcase!! Anybody that thinks CHEMtrails are jet exhaust need to have their head examined. Chemtrails are no longer a conspiracy theory, they ARE A CONSPIRACY FACT!!

  14. Hey all, I have my Amway business in India. Few of my Indian friends who are in Germany & Italy want to start the business in Germany & Italy.
    Could you please help how do we get them started in Germany & Italy

  15. Thank you for being honest and thanks ibofightback for your efforts! I am doing facts and researches on general topics from teen pregnancy to education, Trump, economy, to China and I came across this. This is awesome! Again, thanks!

    1. Thanks, I’ll check that out. I’m an entrepreneur, amongst other things I have a startup in digital health and another dealing with placement and integration of refugees in Europe.

  16. I have been looking into Amway with World Wide Dream Builders. I have information on what they offer for support and how much they cost. I was wondering if you had more information on Network 21? I want to make sure I am going with the right support system for me. Thank you!

    1. WWDB is a scam. They want to sell you tools and will profit even if you lose your arse. Then they will say that failure is your own fault. Stay away from the scam.

      1. Isabelee … did you know that if you enroll in a college, buy a franchise, purchase Amway products …. whatever … that the companies you buy stuff off will profit even if you lose your arse?

        On the other hand, if you build a successful Amway business using the WWDB or other Amway-affiliated system, and you succeed, do they make more money or not?

  17. Hi! I wonder if the Amway conducts tests on animals and would also like the company publish something about it on the website of Amway Brazil.

    1. This issue has come up often. The answer from Amway is

      We oppose animal testing and our products are not tested on animals unless required by government regulations. We actively lead initiatives to create alternatives to required animal tests.

      I believe the “required by government” proviso is due to Chinese government regulations. Amway has actively worked with China to get these removed and replaced with alternatives and has made some progress.

  18. Is there somewhere (does AMWAY publish) a list of currently qualified Diamonds, on up. (Not a list of everyone who has ever qualified.)

  19. I just bought my Daily multivitamin from Amway. While reading the list of ingredients I found Talc and some artificial stuff. So why amway distributors keep on saying all our ingredients comes from veggies and fruits. What a bull. Only when someone drops dead will people wake up. It is so expensive and I feel cheated

  20. When I was a member the Amway upline would promise that if anyone decided to leave the business they would gladly buy back any building materials from that person. Is this still true? If so, how does one make contact with the upline to arrange this? It has been a while, but I have attempted more than once to reach someone with no success and I have a small pile of materials that keep holding onto with the effort in mind of getting them back to amway distributors.

    1. Yeah, you really need to get a hold of whoever sold them to you, it’s not something Amway can help with as they’re not Amway materials. You may try contacting the office of whichever BSM company you were dealing with.

    2. I think had IBS still been on the go and not shut down because of the we’ll publicised issues, then yes, this was always the case or you could hold a swap shop.
      You could always sell them on an auction site or car boot, depending on the speakers, they are still well sought after.

  21. Is there any possibility to regain the right to edit pages on Amway Wiki? In the past I have had over 2500 edits on Amway Wiki in 2012-2013.

  22. On Amway Wiki, when I try to confirm my mail it pops up the following message:
    Failed to connect to mailserver at “localhost” port 25, verify your “SMTP” and “smtp_port” setting in php.ini or use ini_set()

    Can you fix it?

  23. Hi ,
    I felt AMWAY is the safe and secure biz and getting revenue from day1 without loosing any thing from my pocket.
    Sathish N

  24. Ciao sono Alessandro dall’Italia, conosco una persona in Kazakistan che vorrebbe iscriversi ad Amway, come posso fare per sponsorizzarla grazie

  25. I think that when you present statistics on the earnings of high level distributors, you need to factor their operating costs, but even more important, the TIME necessary to generate that kind of income. Divide the net income (based on taxes paid) by the number of hours put in by the distributor. Double that if is a husband-wife operation.

    Interesting case in point: Back in ’71 Stan Bonett (in Yager’s line) was an emerald, qualifying for diamond. In an article in Forbes magazine, he said:
    “We made $50,000 a year, but we had to spend 12 to 16 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week to do it. ”
    If you take these figures as fact, you have someone making the princely sum of about $6.50 an hour!

    1. I’m involved in a startup at the moment. I’ve been working on it on and off for 8 years, and since the beginning of this year 80 to 100 hrs a week. We’ve not yet launched to market. It has generated zero income and cost me quite a lot. You’ll find similar for many any new businesses. With Amway you at least start generating revenue from the beginning. Would you have to work 12-16hrs/day 7 days a week to build an Amway business making $300,000/yr? (inflation adjusted from 1971). Maybe, but doubtful. Much of the work distributors had to do in 1971 is now handled by the company.

      In any case, don’t confuse the time and money invested in startup phase with the time and money invested once something is up and running to the size you want. Do you have a source for that quote please?

    2. Sam quit. BIG mistake. Dexter eventually got three Diamond legs out of that organization. Persistence is a vital key to success. Sam lacked patience and wouldn’t listen to Dex.

      1. One more thought: in 1971 $6.50/hour was pretty good. A can of tomato soup cost nine cents, then. What does one cost today?

        1. Hello Ibo! I have a question concerning filing the tax return for 1099-MISC as an international student with F-1 visa. I have known many current IBOs who are international students with F-1 or H-1B visas, but some online forums say that it is illegal for international students with F-1 or H-1B visas to “work” as IBOs. Is it really illegal? Will such “work” as IBOs violate immigration laws for international students? If you know something about this, could you help me with this problem? Thank you.

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