Crown Ambassadors Janz and Schmidt move to Network TwentyOne

I’ve now received confirmed news from multiple sources that Canadian Crown Ambassadors Jim & Sharon Janz and their downline, Crown Ambassadors Bob & Joyce Schmidt, as well as at least one other Diamond have moved their organisations from Jim & Margee Floor’s International Network Associates (INA) to Jim & Nancy Dornan’s Network TwentyOne. The move from INA is apparently amicable and with Jim Floor’s best wishes.

This follows the merger of International Connection into Network TwentyOne back in September and is probably just the start of more mergers between now and Quixtar’s August 28 deadline for BSM companies to become accredited or risk their affiliated IBOs not receiving the discretionary QBI bonuses.

While hugely successful in international Amway markets, Network TwentyOne has been a relatively small player in the North American market. These mergers and the development of “second generation” leaders in North America (such as Jim & Nancy Dornan’s son and daughter-in-law, Emerald’s David & Jules Dornan and Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews’ son and daughter-in-law Cale & Aura Andrews) indicates that Network TwentyOne North America is headed for some exciting times.

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5 thoughts on “Crown Ambassadors Janz and Schmidt move to Network TwentyOne”

  1. I have just started a few weeks ago by joining my ex and I find it very hard to ‘cold canvass’. The back up from my ex is also very poor as he has never been a performer, ever. He has too many irons in the fire and doesn’t give me the time of day. I am his diamond and he is too stupid to realize that or to even polish me a bit. But I am in no rush and am listening to as many of the cd’s that I can get my hands on during the day here at home and even in my car when I go somewhere. The evening meetings are horrid as it is winter here by us and I hate going out at night when it is dark, cold and dangerous living in Gauteng province which has the highest crime rate in the world. I shall get my place sorted as I have a little guest house next to Johannesburg International Airport and see if we cannot have the meetings here at my place in stead of me having to drive to one of the uplines venues. Taking my car out of the garage is a pain for me because I suffer from Petit Mal, which makes me even more determined not to drive at night. I am also technologically challenged and that is one of my 100 dreams to be able to ’employ’ a geek full time to show me how to do more with my BB than just turn it on and off.

    Have a lovely day,

    Marietjie Morgan from Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  2. Every Amway “IBO” (or Network 21 salesperson denying the Amway connection) who has ever shown me the plan has told me that it is a simple matter to sign up five people in a month. If you joined up on January 1, 2004, you should now have 19,530 people in your downline. That is the lowest estimate and depends on “IBOs” only ever signing up five people each, not five each month. (It would be 38,880 if everyone was pulling their weight each month.) If you do not have at least this number in your downline then you are a pathetic loser and are obviously suffering from some really stinkin’ thinkin’. You should go back to your day J.O.B. If you have achieved this easy target that any committed and motivated “IBO” can reach, your only concern will come in November. By then you will have more than 12 million in your downline and there are simply not enough people living in Australia to find the almost 50 million needed for the October recruits to meet their five-each targets for the next month.

    1. peter, you apparently haven’t spoken to that many Amway (or N21) IBOs. N21 clearly has Amway on their main website so it’s not exactly hidden and has always actively taught to be honest and work with integrity. The Network 21 business system also focuses on a thing called “pacesetter”, which is to aim for sponsoring two people a month, not five. That’s been the strategy for more than a decade. The “stinkin thinkin” line is also a known classic line from another Amway group, entirely unrelated to Network 21. In more than a decade involved with N21 in multiple countries around the world, I don’t recall ever once hearing the phrase from an N21 leader.

      Now obviously you might have encountered some IBO somewhere (even more than one) who for whatever reason was embarrassed about Amway, and if I was in any position to apologize to you for that, I would do so. It’s clearly a self-defeating strategy. Who would want to go in to business with someone who showed themselves to be untrustworthy right from the start? Heck, who would want to recruit people who are willing to go in to business with people who they know can’t be trusted?

      As for the rest of your post, you seem to have confused Amway with a pyramid. Recruiting people, whether 2 or 5 or whatever, is merely a strategy for increasing sales volume, it’s not the goal of the business. Any model you might see to help explain the strategy is also almost always a simplified one just to get the idea across – it’s not the actual strategy itself. Nobody of any intelligence would think that, miraculously, every person of a volunteer sales force would miraculously recruit the same number of people, who would do the same etc etc etc …. so I’m a little unsure of exactly what point you’re trying to make?

    1. I just listened to a 50 minute interview of Jim Janz on Fuel Radio. (it is on the Web.) Just qualified in May 2015 for the 50th year as Diamond.

      BTW, Bob is a legend in Amway and one of my heroes.

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