Cutting edge Alticor technology eCoupled to make public debut

{mosimage} The public in general is probably unaware of the huge investment in research and development by Alticor and it's daughter companies such as Quixtar and Amway. According to, the Alticor family has been granted more than 6 patents worldwide, with a further 45 pending. This isn't surprising when you realise Alticor employs more than 5 Research & Development and Quality Insurance scientists.

One of the many cutting edge technologies Alticor has developed is eCoupled wireless electrical power technology. Anyone with an eSpring water filter is using this technology every day. What is it? Well, it allows transfer of electricity and data without wires. In eSpring, this allows the power unit to be fully sealed, yet still transfer electricity to the Ultraviolet light unit – all without risk of water intruding.

eCoupled technology is being developed by Alticor subsidiary Fulton Innovation LLC. Fulton Innovation is partnering with companies like Visteon, Motorola, Herman Miller and Mobility Electronics to further commercialise the technology. Think for example of being able to charge your mobile phone by simply placing it in the right spot – no more cables!

The technology is to be publicly demonstrated at The 27 International Consumer Electronics Show

Here's a fascinating video I found created by Alticor to promote eCoupled to potential industry partners –


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