Does Amway Europe understand how to motivate people?

Sometimes Amway drives me nuts.

From this month’s Amway Amagram throughout Europe

Read the GIP 2013/14 section on your local Amway website available from September 2013

GIP stands for “Growth Incentive Programme”. It’s a program that is announced yearly with various rewards and incentives, including free business trips, for ABOs who grow their businesses. Great, right? So why does it drive me nuts? Because the first day of qualification is September 1 the beginning of the new Amway “year”. And the requirements for qualification are made available when? After then. Many of the incentives require you to have qualifying volume for 12 months, so to receive the reward that you learn about in September you already need to be in qualification.

Now, to be fair, many of the incentives are for people who have already reached Platinum and above, and they do get notified of the GIP details a little bit earlier (but often not by much). ABOs below platinum, however (ie those who most need incentive, as they’re not yet making much money) – it’s kept secret from them. This is even the case with an incentive that’s probably the most popular – the Amway Leadership Training Seminars (LTS). Qualifers have just recently been enjoying EuroDisney, courtesy of Amway. For various reasons I haven’t been actively building an Amway business for some years, and I don’t qualify for these Leadership seminars, but as a parent with two young children, an all expenses paid trip to EuroDisney is a huge attraction for me. When did Amway Europe first tell me and other not-yet-qualifying ABOs about the EuroDisney incentive?

After it was too late to be able to qualify!

What on earth is the logic behind this? What is Amway thinking?

Watch this video, this is for the Amway Europe LTS in 2014. Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise through the magnificant fjörds of Norway?

Looks beautiful doesn’t it! Can you picture yourself on the boat? The snowcapped mountains rising from the see around you? Treading the streets of cities that were founded more than a thousand years ago? Climbing to the top of Pulpit’s rock, with it’s  sheer cliff face dropping to the waters more half a mile below you?

Put yourself in the picture! Would you like to go? All paid for by Amway? Does that motivate you to build an Amway business?

Sorry, you had to be in qualification for that a year ago. It’s too late. But don’t worry, there’s another trip coming up you can qualify for! It’s  …. somewhere … put yourself in the picture! Imagine going there! Imagine walking the … beaches? streets? ????…

This is NOT motivating. Indeed, psychologists will tell you that this kind of “disappointment”, seeing what you can’t have, what you’ve missed out on, can be demotivating.

I simply don’t understand why Amway doesn’t have these incentive programmes decided upon and publicised 6 to 12 months in advance? You’d still motivate the leadership who are already or on their way to qualifying but you’d also motivate the new ABOs, and the many many ABOs like myself that have not yet prioritised building an Amway business.

C’mon Amway Europe. Fix this.

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  1. And they still don’t know how to do it. They sent a SMS on Dec 16th at 10 in the morning for a meeting for new joinees that’s happening on the SAME DAY between 5 – 6 PM .. When will they learn ? Same goes for BWW – I called their toll free # to hear that they have CLOSED the Bangalore office [???!!] – HELLO!! and they gave a cell # to call for FED tickets – which came back as an invalid phone #!!! Its like we have to build it DESPITE these folks 😉

  2. For at least 17 years the Australian trips have been announced at least 6 months often more in advance of qualification, and for at least ten years the qualification for first timers, 6 or 7 months. Can’t speak foe Europe though

    1. Actually having done a trip or 3 , the trips aren’t the motivation many may think. Think about it.
      You have to make $50,000 so you get a free $15000 trip. If it was all about the trip and not the cash , make $15,000 and pay for your own trip , every year.

      1. Some enjoy good company. Others, solitude. Earning a trip to a favored location with like minded people is an incentive to some.

    2. In the USA, we already know the next “Achievers” will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s celebration starts December 10, in Miami, Florida. A nice place to have a “winter” vacation, especially with the weather we are experiencing right now.

        1. Achievers 2015, will be in Orlando, Florida. Disney World, here we come. David, you are invited. You have a U.S. business. Care to qualify? You have the two years you asked for. I believe you have all the qualifications necessary to do it. (You are trustworthy and accountable. You like to help people.) All you have to do is make the decision and commit to doing it. (Not for the money, of course. As an avowed socialist, that doesn’t turn you on. Amway paying all your expenses does.) You have said you would enjoy a Disney vacation with your family in the company of Amway IBOs. Of course, you can wait for 2018 if that is more convenient. Whatever you decide, I’ll support you. You can do it! I believe in you!

          1. “an avowed socialist that doesn’t turn you on”! lol! Social democrats are capitalists, Howard. 🙂 As for Achievers 2015, if I’m correct to qualify for that in the normal path would require Q-12 qualification 2013/2014, in other words I’d have to have qualified silver 3 months ago 🙂

          2. N.A. Achievers 2015 happens in December 2015. So the qualification months are September 2014 to August 2015 (2014/2015 fiscal year).

          3. Ok, that’s different to Amway Europe. The events move a little but are always the following year. LTS 2013 was at Disneyland Paris in July. You needed to be silver by September 2011 to qualify through Q-12. LTS 2014 is in June 2014, a Norwegian cruise. You needed to be silver in September 2012 to qualify through Q-12. LTS 2015 is at a Greek resort, dates I don’t think are announced but it’s for qualifiers from September 2013-August 2014. They’ve dropped it to Q-8 for first timers, so you need to be silver by January 2014.

  3. Re: “What is Amway thinking?”

    Here is some food for thought: When the workers don’t own their tools, they don’t take care of them.

    Amway’s bureaucrats are employees, not owners. They don’t have any incentive to think like owners.

    David, I have always found your thinking and insights to be excellent!

    Do Steve and Doug read anything you write? How about Rich?

    My favorite blogger, Bridgett, recently wrote about accountability. I ask: Can Amway be counted upon to respond to letters and emails? From my experience, absolutely not!!!

    Their bureaucrats work for a paycheck. In my opinion, they could care less about responsibility (to IBO’s) and improving things.

    Rich and Jay were hands on kinds of guys. However, they took no action unless they were in total agreement. Who is making the decisions these days? Not Rich.

    Here in the U.S. of A. the IBOAI Board of Directors can make recommendations. The Corporation has the option of agreeing and adopting them or not.

    Re: EuroDisney

    An all expenses paid trip to a Disney resort sounds great. SP75 has spent the last year qualifying for the next trip. Congratulations on achieving “Founders”! He set a goal and then worked his plan.

    If a “new” IBO wants to qualify for a trip and the qualification is be a Founders Platinum, they probably won’t meet that qualification in the next year.

    If that IBO understands there are future rewards they may qualify for, and understands the first step is qualifying as a Platinum, that should be incentive enough. “Disney” is just one of many places they may end up at.

    A man was standing over a toilet and observed a penny resting on the bottom. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter and threw it in, reached down, and pulled out both coins. His comment when asked why: “For a penny, no. For a quarter, yes.” Would an IBO say: [I’ll build the business] “For a Rhine River Cruise, no. To see Mickey Mouse, yes.”? Who knows? Some will! Some won’t. So what?

    A dream is nothing more than a wish, without action.

    1. David – your inputs are excellent, as usual!
      Howard! ha! what a post! great! – I cannot comment on the accountability of the Amway’s bureaucrats, but I would like to add one thing – that the IBOs should be in constant contact with the company to know of such promotions so that they don’t miss out on the qualifications – esp when the Corp. is so lethargic to notify well in advance. thanks

      1. Crownchaitu, In Europe Amway pretty much won’t tell you if you’re a rank and file IBO. They’re still stuck in the model that communication goes through Diamonds and Platinums. They consider it a “privilege” for those achievers. I’m in a situation (and I know many others in the same situation) where I have no local upline Platinum or Diamond, so we have no way of getting a lot of information. In the days when communication cost a lot of money (sending mail, brochures etc) it made sense to pass everything through upline, but today there’s no reason for it.

        A few years back Amway held a challenge where you could qualify for a trip to Nutrilite’s farms in California. That’sa *huge* incentive for me. First time I found out about was when I saw the qualifiers recognized!

        It’s probably no coincidence that Amway Western Europe has been struggling for growth!

    2. Howard,

      To be fair, these rewards are developed in consultation with the European Diamond Advisory Council, so it’s not entirely Amway’s fault – EDAC could and should be pushing them to do it earlier. Perhaps they are? I’ve no idea.

      You say “If that IBO understands there are future rewards they may qualify for, and understands the first step is qualifying as a Platinum, that should be incentive enough”. It’s not. In places like Western Europe, life is pretty good for most people. A Platinum income would be nice, extra money, but research is extremely clear on this – unless you put it in front of them for immediate reward, money is a lousy motivator. As Crown Ambassador Peter Cox always puts it – “The Dream is Everything”. An all expenses paid trip to EuroDisney with my kids and a bunch of Amway Achievers? That’s a dream that motivates me. It’s easy to put ourselves in the picture. It’s impossible to visualise yourself on a trip to an unknown location.

      1. So, if I understand correctly, if Amway announces a Disney trip in three year, you might consider doing the work to qualify for it? We all believe you have what it takes to do it! Not having an upline close at hand is a challenge. Facing and overcoming challenges makes one stronger. YOu can do it!

        1. If Amway announced today that there would be an achievers Disney trip in three years, I would ensure we qualified, yes. Next year is a Norwegian cruise. Doesn’t motivate me. Year after is a Greek resort. Doesn’t motivate me. Eurodisney for the kids, with a bunch of other Amway kids? Motivates me.

      2. I agree, money doesn’t motivate many people. It doesn’t motivate me, either. Back in the 70’s my soon to be Direct had a goal to get a pilot’s licence as a reward for going Direct. After he got it he challenged us to sponsor four in one month and get a plane ride over the city. I did! He had a heart attack. The ride never happened. But, I was motivated – by a plane ride.

      3. I recently got back a book I had loaned a young IBO couple. “A Team of Champions”, by Michael J. Radford. My long departed Diamonds (who are featured in Chapter 10) gave it to me in 1978. If I may, I’d like to share some words from that book.

        The people in the book “applied a few simple basic principles and applied them consistently to reach their success.” These people are/were goal setters and planners. They thought about what they wanted. They wrote down their goals. They planned what they should do to achieve those goals. They worked on their personal development. They all agreed: “you become what you think, read, and believe.” All did whatever it took to achieve their goals.

        Believe: “You can do it – – you’ve got what it takes.” There is always someone to turn to. There is always someone who believes in you.” “…if you want to succeed, you must learn whom to listen to. You can’t listen to the nay-sayers – – the mediocre-makers.” “If you want to be something special, you better hang around with the guys who already are.”

        “Anybody who really wants success has to take the time to set goals.” “People can do just about anything they want to, but first they must decide to do it.”

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