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I’m currently sitting on a hillside somewhere in Tuscany with a rather slow internet connection but thought it was worth a quick note to highlight a post on a (former) Amway Diamond’s blog – Doug Wead, Amway Adventure. He gives a personal example of the Amway Internet Echo Chamber effect and how falsehoods  spread by anti-Amway critics about his Amway experience have affected his reputation. I may do a further post on this when I’m back at my regular blogging desk in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I’ve been following Doug for a few years now. No, I’m not in Xango or Amway, but the guy is a legend, and a well respected author, advisor and business man. He calls a spade a spade and has a no nonsense approach that really appeals to me.

  2. Doug is the definition of hard work. I grew up in Springfield Missouri and was good friends with his son Shannon. Many times I was at Doug’s home and let me tell you, he worked amway HARD. The garage was always full of amway boxes and even the rest of the family helped out including me a few times. Doug is a man that deserves respect and a man who knows how to make things happen. Take it from me. As a kid I could see he was a workaholic with more drive than most. I’ll never forget Doug and his family and his HUGE Yellow home on the hill. I hate to say this but Doug’s lifestyle gave me big dreams about my future. Thanks Doug, and oh. Sorry about Shannon and I overflowing your jacuzzi that flooded the kitchen… Lol

    Edward E. Dreyer

  3. According to his blog, he’s not “in” Xango, he’s a full-time paid consultant. DW has been doing talks for different NWM companies for years, it’s no surprise if someone offered him enough $$$ to encourage him to stay put at one for a while. Xango’s been around a while and seems a decent company, and have been smart enough to expand out of the juice only segment

  4. Piet,

    Just to clarify, Doug is not an inactive IBO. He no longer is an IBO.

    On his blog, someone asked and he answered, on April 23, 2009:
    “This means you are no longer an IBO, or you are still an IBO, but inactive?”

    “I am no longer an IBO. My whole life in recent years has been studying and writing about American history.”

  5. To Jeffrey,

    I am not sure what the point is to your posting? Doug never said it was easy. I have repeatedly heard him say it takes hard work.

    What you seem to forget, is that once you have built a PROPER Amway business, it stays built.

    And if you can go on to become the personal assistant to a president of the United States, why not become inactive? Doug has said on a tape that the builders are not making enough use of the inactive diamonds in the business – proof that once its built, it stays built.

  6. Hi, my name is Alisha.
    I am from South Africa, and am so glad to have found this site for the first time now.

    I joined Amway at the end of Jan this year, and when I tell people about it they google amway, and like the human mind does, they click on all the bad stories and by the time they are done reading one story they never try find out the good!

    I am not rich yet but being 6months pregnant and working as a farmer with my husband and being young is a great advantage, and I have already seen the light, Amway is going to pay for my childs schooling by the time he reaches the age to start school, pay for any extra activities, and buy him a motorbike and then a car when he is the correct age.

    We have already seen how Amway can work if you want it too.

    I would like to thank you for your sites and your opinions and veiws, if you ever need someone to chat to about Amway South Africa Please feel free to ask, if I cant answer your questions I will find the answers!

    Enjoy your holiday.

    1. So…. are you rich yet? Or is that poor child of yours stuck at home with babysitters four times a week while you desperately STP to your soon-to-be-enemies?

    1. hahha! Nice! We spent a few days travelling around, with our main base near Pienza. A nice part of the world. Sad to hear of the earthquake to the south-west though 🙁

  7. His post just doesn’t add up to me. You don’t get in the business as a favor to someone, be “active” for four years, and like magic, go Diamond. It is a LOT of very hard work. Maybe he went Diamond through the magic of “volume transfer” by his upline? The other thing that really upsets me with Yager Diamonds is that they have absolutely no respect for the business. It’s like, “Well, if this works out, great; if not, we’ll find something else…” And how can someone walk away from a Diamond income and business and act like they don’t have the faintest idea about any of it? Did he not “need” the extra hundred thousand dollars a year? Did he not create ANY lasting relationships? Maybe because it wasn’t really real to begin with.

    1. About 1992, I listened to a Doug Wead tape called, “Reluctant Diamond”. He may have been speaking to a Rex Renfrow audience. My croseline friend couldn’t/wouldn’t get me copy. (The “system” said we shouldn’t be sharing information.) I was impressed with Doug. From what I recall, Doug was a minister and motivational speaker when he met Dex. Those are two things near and dear to Dex’s heart. Dex sponsored him and as a favor, built the business to Diamond for him. It was a win-win situation. Dex then got him a position as chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives. He later became an advisor to two Presidents. In the mean time, he had to put his business in a blind trust and had no contact with it. Others, not Dex, tried to keep the business alive. Two legs survived as Platinums. Doug sold his “Diamond” business to one of Dex’s “Diamond” sons. I don’t know if much has been done since to rebuild the business. Perhaps, if Doug or one of the Yagers reads this, they can set the facts straight.

      1. Thanks for sharing that update Howard. I always like hearing stories from back in the day. It’s amazing how many Amway businesses last so long. It’s one of the only companies I know of where so many top earners have maintained, even grew their business, over a period of several decades.

  8. It is also interesting that this is what Amway personna Doug Wead says about Amway critic Eric Scheibeler:

    “Mr. Scheibeler and I finally talked on the telephone last night. He seems to be a man of integrity and scholarship who likes to get his facts right.”

    Why would he say such kind words about this Amway critic?

  9. One great thing about living in Europe is that you can easily hop from one country to another. If you’re in the U.S., all you have is Mexico on the south and Canada on the north, and even those two are very far apart. Enjoy man.

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