Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz have a blog!

While googling around doing some research for AmwayWiki I happened upon a blog operated by Amway Germany’s Founders Crown Ambassadors Dr. Peter & Eva Müller-Meerkatz.

The Müller-Meerkatz business is one of the largest in the Amway world, reportedly approaching 300 Diamonds and nearly 7000 platinums. They were the first Crown Ambassadors outside of North America (qualifying in 1979) and achieved the level in just 34 months!

Their business today includes multiple other Crown Ambassadors, including FAA 54 Founders Crown Ambassador Max Schwarz.

The blog is at http://peterundevamm.com (Peter and Eva MM) and was started on August 1, 2007. Every post is available in German, English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish, obviously to cater for their many IBOs around the world. Interestingly, the logo for their blog includes both their own organizations name, World Wide Diamonds, but also Top 4.

32 thoughts on “Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz have a blog!”

  1. God has a master plan. I am fortunate to attend your seminar at Cuttack on 24th March 2011. Thanks to Dr. Peter, Eva & there daughter and son in law for their incredible inspiration to go ahead in life with simple faith and values.

  2. Recently i was in Zurich ,Switzerland & to some part of Germany but before going to these places i met you people in Pune , India ,where you informed that you own a bunglow in Switzerland,with snow clad trees& plants, when on the top of mount Titlis ,i was remembering you people in one side & on the other side i was drawing inspiration & hope that one day and very shortly i will also own a palatial bunglow in Swiss near INTERLAKEN after becoming FOUNDERS CROWN AMBASSADOR like you in INDIA ,which has vast potential & opportunity to be tapped ! i thank you very much for the hope & belief you kindled in our heart & mind . DR.PETER & EVA ,soon we will catch you & join your CA club!!!!

  3. I am so excited to hear it…. It created an imminence energy in me to develop my group to reach the greatest heights in this amway business opportunity…. thank u………. Asit

  4. Dear Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz:
    We will remember 27th March, 2011 as the day to have decided reaching at least a platform, where we can stand just beside you with accomplishing and a deserving hug from such a great & ideal couple. Your few words of inspiration transforms millions of lives.
    Thanks from coming to Delhi.
    Always most welcome,
    Mani Tandon, ABO, Amway India.

  5. Amway is the Best Platform for every one and if you would like to fulfill you Emotional Dream and Heartily touch to People in the World, this is the Best Opportunity. All great Leader, he has change so maney people Life in world. I am proud of my self bcz I am doing Amway Business.I am from Aurangabad (Maharashtra)Business in Aurangabad

  6. Dear Leader,
    People are joining with Amway for money, but,if you want to create history in world then Amway is the Best Platform for every one and if you would like to fulfill you Emotional Dream and Heartily touch to People in the World, this is the Best Opportunity. Peter and Eva Mueller is a great Leader, he has change so maney people Life in world. I am proud of my self bcz I am doing Amway Business. I am from Orissa but build the Business in Delhi

    Narendra Kumar Dash
    New Delhi,

  7. Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz. It was a great life time moment to have met you on 27th MARCH 2011 in the AMWAY SUCCESS SEMINAR at Gurgaon,India. Your personal analysis of the business was worth understanding which shows how to go far and strong.Madame Eva’s evaluation of being in the AMWAY business since 9th Dec 1972 makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for pouring your heart transparently. Looking forward to build big and meet you soon. Rekha Bansal. 01125291186. Delhi. India

  8. Than Q for coming with UR family to Chennai India on 26.03.2011.
    We are much exited while seeing U & UR family.
    We are very much realised our dream while listening your success story.

  9. we just attended the mega function in Chennai, India.. AMAZING!!!!! I don’t have words to express….. We are very lucky to see this couple….

    Viji Nagaraj

  10. First of all many thanks to Almighty….. that we could come to Pune and attend your function. The fire I cannot forget my life time.The hope, spirit, energy, enthusiasm, emotions, excitement & to move on….. still in our heart.With lots of love….. Litty & Jospeh from Ambernath, Mumbai

  11. I could realise God had a master plan, i have never expected of such a great event & so i along with my group weren’t excited to attend. But after the seminar we weren’t in our control what an exciting & inspiring situation. Really hats off!!! Great.
    My heartliest salute to Dr. Peter, Eva & there daughter for helping me to take a Strong Decision.
    Thank God for the great association i had on 24th’March.

    1. Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz. It was a great moment to meet you in Gurgaon,India on 27th March at AMWAY SUCCESS SEMINAR and the precious personal analysis of the business that you shared with us.Dr.Peter the vision of how generations to generations this can prosper was self explanatory when your lovely daughter was introduced as FOUNDER DIAMOND.Madame Eva’s life journey of being somehow in AMWAY business since 9th Dec 1972 made perfect sense to me.We were spell bound to know from her the in-depth details of what you lost and achieved through this unique AMWAY BUSINESS.Looking forward to build a big business with a hope to meet you again.
      Rekha Bansal ,Delhi-India

  12. Dear Mr. Peter & Mrs. Eva,
    It’s already 1 day passed away .But still we can realise the excitement,courage & the hope you both have given to us & so many people those who were at Cuttack 24th Mar 2011 .
    We & our group are salute both you ……..
    CHANDAN DAS,Bhubaneswar,Orissa

  13. Dear,Mr.PETER & Mrs.EVA

    Just 24 hrs.gone still I’m spell bound.
    both of your speaches touch many thousand’s
    heart at CUTTAK,INDIA.—————


  14. I’m from vietnam, i’m don’t known my upline directer. but i very like tobecome one person same you, i belive myself. i will invite you come to vietnam when i to level diamonth.
    I hope you will to see.
    Nguyen van cuong 2339502 Amway viet nam.

  15. The “Top Four” Organization includes the four biggest organizations in the Amway Business. Leaded by Dr. Peter & Eva Müller- Meerkats, this Top Four Group also includes, Mr. Kaoru Nakajima, from Japan, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard & Esther Kim, from Korea, and Mrs. Holly Chan and Mr. Barry Chi, from China.

  16. What an honor meeting both of you. Thank you for all the teaching and the inspiration you gave us these days in Marbella. I will see you in Michigan soon!!!! Gracias, gracias y gracias!!! You made me love my name even more because it is like yours 🙂
    Tons of Love,
    Eva Masters

  17. Gracias e Eva y al Dr. Peter, dar esperanza a los seres es el mejor regalo que alguien como uds, nos han dado he podido compartir con sus convenciones en Uda, y Asia también en Colombia, mil gracias, los amamos.

  18. I have been to many convencions in amway…. I will tell u that their speech has been by far the best I have heard…. They make it so real and with the fruit on the tree… RESULTS…. Thanks for all Eva * Peter…

  19. Im a daughter of an ambway global member and i find it inspiring to hear that theres is a possibilty to reach your life term goals and i wish you good luck for the rest of your AMWAY LIFE!!! SINCERELY a future member!!


  21. greate info
    the muller meerkats keep it simple
    and to the point basics,
    allway keep sponsoring new personals
    share and sell yor products
    duplication showing the plan
    any where in your group.

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