Dr Phil! Lawyers! Money! Naked Girls! Nutrilite!?!?

 Ok, so I lied about the naked girls. But frankly, this news just out is plain weird. A court case involving Phillip McGraw (aka Dr Phil), CSA Nutraceuticals and some product called ShapeUp! has been settled for $6 million in Nutrilite Daily multivitamins and $4.5 million in cash.

The court did not reach any decision regarding the case. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, a settlement fluid recovery fund will be established consisting of $6. million of Nutrilite® Daily Multivitamin/Multimineral, 6-month supply, and $4.5 million in cash, out of which all costs and attorneys fees will be paid. All of the contents of the Fund will be distributed. McGraw will have no personal obligation to contribute to the Fund.The agreement provides benefits to people who can establish, by affidavit or proof of purchase, that they bought Shape Up! supplements before July 1, 26. The agreement will also provide benefits to certain charitable organizations. These charities are to be selected by the parties and approved by the court.

Dr. Phil at Quixtar Live!
Anyone have any idea what this is about? Only thing I can imagine is that this company, endorsed by Dr Phil, was promoting some products, which apparently were crap, and they got sued. As a settlement to make everyone happy, the cash pays for all the lawyers, and the Nutrilite must go to all the customers to replace the crap products?

A lot of questions need to be answered!
Who gets the PV?
We know Dr Phil has spoken at Quixtar seminars (photo from Quixtar Live! 23 at right), is he an IBO now?

Has Dr. Phil just become an instant Quixtar Ruby?

If these folk like the Nutrilite, and it's not from Dr Phil., who do they buy off after 6 months? Can it be me?Money mouth

And importantly ….. did anyone think to put them on ditto? 

UPDATE: Here's the original lawsuit. And from The Los Angeles Times

Under terms of the settlement announced Monday, class members can receive a cash
refund of $12.5 for every box of Shape Up they bought, up to four boxes,
plaintiffs' lawyer Henry Rossbacher of Los Angeles said. Or they can elect to
receive two bottles of Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin/Multimineral supplements for
each box of Shape Up, up to eight bottles.

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