eSpring wins “Product of the Year” award in Poland

Amway Poland received eSpring Product of the Year awardAmway Poland receives “Product of the Year” for eSpring

In February 26, Amway Poland received Product of the Year Award for the eSpring Water Purification System from the World Foundation of Health, Heart and Mind.

The awards ceremony in the prestigious Royal Castle in Warsaw was sponsored by the Ministers of Health, Education Culture and featured the baroque music of Professor Elzbieta Stefanska.

The award was presented by Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Health, Magorzata Stryjska, and by the former Speaker of the Senate, Professor Longin Pastusiak.

Amway Poland had the opportunity to exhibit eSpring in the Royal Castle, and IBO leaders joined an audience of scientists, representatives of business, artists, diplomats, journalists and others for the gala celebration.

The award was acknowledged in the Amagram, on the Amway Poland website, and in a press release to the media.

The World Foundation of Health, Heart and Mind is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to assist poor and handicapped persons by supporting organizations such as Caritas Poland, the Polish Humanitarian Action, the MONAR Association, and the Polish Red Cross. The funds that are raised support hospitals, schools, and orphanages by providing medical equipment, medicines, clothing, food, computers, and sanitizing cleaners.

The Foundation has given awards to well known individuals and institutions for their charitable contributions in areas such as Sports, Culture, Science, and Journalism. The Product of the Year award recognized eSpring for its high quality and valuable contribution to individual health.

(article sourced from the eSpring homepage)

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