Every Kick Counts – All 10 Million of them!

A week ago, as noted by Sven on Amway Talk, Amway Europe websites announced a new “viral” campaign centered around Team Nutrilite star Ronaldinho would be launched today, December 1, 2008.

As of 2200PM GMT the www.everykickcounts.com website has not yet been updated, however I’ve been doing some digging in this campaign definitely looks interesting. You know all those chain mail spam emails you get, claiming that if you forward the email to your friends, Microsoft or some other company will donate money to some great charity or another? And how they’re pretty much all hoaxes?

Amway is about to change all that.

As you might know, every time Ronaldinho kicks a goal, Amway donates $10,000 to the Amway One by One campaign for Children. Well, now the rest of us, and I mean everyone, has the opportunity to join in the fun. Apparently what’s going to happen is you can register on the Every Kick Counts website, and every time you send an email to a friend or message it to them via Facebook or Orkut, Amway will count that as a “kick” and donate to the campaign. Your friends of course can then “kick” the ball on to their friends and so on and so on, and you can track your “kicks” as they go around the world! From some text I believe will be on the new site-

Can you help us reach 10 million kicks? It’s easy. Just send one to your friends. They’ll get an email from you and Ronaldinho, encouraging them to kick it on. Because for every kick, NUTRILITE™ will make a donation to the AMWAY ONE BY ONE™ campaign. Then come back and check to see where in the world your kick has gone. Or start another one. Because Every Kick Counts.

What a great viral campaign! Truly showing the power of “word of mouth” networking, getting the Nutrilite and Amway brands out there, and continuing the great work Amway is doing for children in conjunction with UNICEF and other great charities around the world.

5 thoughts on “Every Kick Counts – All 10 Million of them!”

  1. Boruch-
    I think very few people percieve Amway Global having a bad rep. Especially since we did 7 billion world wide in sales last year. The only group that still has that perception in my opinion are people who quit the business at some point in there life, usually the over 50 crowd.

    From a business owner that is growing the business big time right now I can tell you the 20-30 year old group see’s this as the way out of a cubicle for the next 40-50 years. Also they see that Nutrilite is #1 worldwide and in North America we are #1 online for Health and Beauty.

    It’s time to rethink the perception in the marketplace, we are a growing industry who hasn’t seen anywhere near the top of the mountain as far as Worldwide sales.

    Your comment is ridiculous.

  2. The only thing one may be concerned with is that many will perceive it as a hoax anyway, especially due to the fact that amway/quixtar has a bad rep (rightfully so or not).

    1. Amway/Quixtar has a great rep with me and millions of others, whose lives continue to be enriched, by the encouraging and empowering message that has always been demonstrated, through honest and productve action, which increasingly dispels the effects of destructive, mis-informed hearsay.

      “Let’s do something, anything, that will truly make a positively impacting difference, in children’s lives”

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