FACT: eSpring – the only home water system certified to remove more than 140 contaminants

 The eSpring ™ Water Purifier is the first (and at time of writing, only) in-home, point-of-use water system certified by NSF International to meet all three of these major water quality standards: ANSI/NSF Standards 42 , 53 and 55 .

eSpring is exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

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One thought on “FACT: eSpring – the only home water system certified to remove more than 140 contaminants”

  1. We are Amway business owners and we are growing! We use E-Spring and we have a dog that we dont alow drinking else but clean E-Spring water. I cant tell more: But This is a produkt that EVERY HOUSHOLD have a response of buility to take and having home, so easy to install!

    To every-one to give their Familys and Childen clean whater – EVERY DAY!

    Change the Refill – filter one time a year, for a small cost:
    It is life long healthy water in every living soul!

    Trie it to your dog or cat =)
    = We did that, and our dog don´t get else than E-spring water!
    = She is healhty and vitalily!
    = The clean water effects: Not only cuse she has a good healht and element – healthy food and cuse she is a healthy wellness dog: Her inner body´sells and inner body – gets healthy clean virus- free drinking fluid every day.
    = The sicknes is reduced for not having any viruses in her body fluids.

    Think what this produkt will give your children and your self and your family and friends.

    Yes! = E-Spring is FANTASTIC !!

    This is one amazing produkt that I never did think before Amway in my life.
    – Before Amway, I did not know about the whater in sweden, i just drank it and expected it to be clean.
    = Then I learned about the whater (this was just when I started in Amway)-That the water I drank, was not so clean that I grew up with believing it was. – And at the same time I learned about this product.

    = My life and my familys lifes has changed – For ever.

    Is is truly a little payment to give for a lifelong produkt to get lifelong healt of clean fluids in our bodys!!

    = Did you all know that human are created to live upp to: 150 ?

    With this produkt it will help you all live longer and healthyer:

    Carina Tapaninen, Sweden

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