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  1. Obviously everyone on here has a mobile phone or a device of some sort to be able to go on here. Did you all know the parts used in mobile phones etc come from china or Asia there are bi products to make parts for these devices that are tested on animals. It’s impossible to be completely cruelty free unless you all decide to throw away your phones start walking everywhere so NO fuel etc. Amway is working with China to stomp out animal testing. Unless we all stop using convenience in our lives we are all guilty in some way.

  2. Peta also said that Amway never gave them any proof that they don’t test on animals, or that they don’t pay someone to do it. And from the moment they decided to enter the chinese market, they immediately assumed they DO test on animals (or let others do). If like some comments say, Amways wanted to work with the chinese authorities to change policies, they would say “look, we really want to sell our products in China, but we won’t do it until this policy changes”. But they rather sell their souls for chinese money. This is called hypocrisy. It’s the same as me saying “I don’t beat animals to death, but I do sell them to people that do it”.

    1. So Soraia, if Amway said “look, we really want to sell our products in China, but we won’t do it until this policy changes” what do you think the response of the Chinese government would be?

  3. Wow, some interesting debating. What I would like to know is how I find out which Amway products are absolutely cruelty free. As a new IBO I understand that some people care more than others about animal cruelty and I only want to give information that is 100% correct.
    If someone doesn’t care about animal cruelty then it isn’t a bother however is someone, like myself, holds cruelty free in high regard I want to be able to offer products that aren’t going against their ethics.
    Am I able to obtain a product list of cruelty free products?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Its simple, you can email or call Amway and they will answer you! They are very open. My understanding is that if you are in the North American or European market none of those products require regulatory animal testing,therefore have not been tested on animals. They are also leaders in working for regulatory change globally (so that animal testing is not required). But to answer your question, literally just email or phone them!

    2. what you have to do is buy the product straight from the sight and they will be non animal testing free!!!

  4. Hi I am an IBO from india ! I would really like to know why PETA is not removing the company’s name from the not cruelty free list and Y is amway not pursuing this? Please do reply

    1. It would seem to me that whoever is currently running PETA believes companies should boycott the Chinese market entirely rather than with engage with the Chinese government to get them to change their practices. Laws are changing for the better (cosmetic products made in china now no longer require animal testing) and in my opinion it’s had more to do with companies like Amway than PETA. PETA has absurdly claimed it was their “exposé” in 2013 that began the change, but it’s been in progress for many years.

      So, the reality remains that companies that want to operate in China have to abide by Chinese laws or leave the market. As a vegetarian family, we personally prefer companies engage and drive change rather than just blindly boycott – the same with countries for that matter, Cuba being a classic example of how boycotts of that type don’t work.

      1. Firstly I dont agree that we have to give up our principles to make an agreement. If Amway would be a real Cruelty free company they didn’t start selling/or stopped selling in China when that law was introduced, but there is a big money.
        Secondly if they trade their souls for money in China then do it, but don’t lie in my face repeatedly that they don’t do anmal tests. I was about to become an Amway trader and even the leaders lied into my face. I’m glad that made a little reserch on the net.
        Thirdly, people think that Amway is doing animal test only in China. No. They promised in 1989 to Peta to stop animal testing, a promise that they never kept because Amway is among the few companies that haven’t given any documents to Peta about their animal test policy so far. Why? Why do they keep it a secret? Because they do test. Otherwise they had shared their policy.

        1. Amway has explicitly stated their policy on Animal testing many times. PETA has clearly changed their policy with regard China, not to mention trying to take credit for the Chinese improving their laws when it was in fact companies like Amway that have lead to the improvement.

          I live in the real world and prefer real world results that improve the lives of animals rather than head-in-the-sand protests. You’re free of course to do what you feel is right.

          1. Hey my last comments got deleted?What happened? Any who my last comment was is there a petition to make to Nutrilite about making the vitamins more Vegan and GMO friendly.

            I’ve recently found out as a recent IBO that many of the Nutrilite products are not Vegan or Vegetarian but instead have pork, beef, lamb etc within its contents.

            Please respond to this comment.

      2. Hey I’m an IBO and I have recently been getting more into marketing my products on social media etc and I thought marketing to the Vegan community would be great.

        I figured showcasing my vitamins and supplements would be great; however I have just learned after looking at the products list ingredients on the Nutrilite website, many products have pork, beef and other animal by-products.

        I have only been in the business a short while (5 months) so I was under the impression that much of it was Vegan safe. My family is Vegan/Vegetarian.

        I even found out that the Double X technically is not Vegan or Vegetarian according to Nutrilite.

        Is there a petition we can sign to have them eventual go more Vegan with the vitamins. I love the fact that they are organic grown and GMO free (at least I hope they are) but I would also like the ability to try all my products without having to purchase vegetarian vitamins from another company Thanks!

    2. they signed PETA’s statement of assurance that they use no NONREQUIRED tests on animals.

      I don’t see how this suddenly becomes the same as no animal testing.

      Who decides which tests are necessary and which are not?

    3. “no nonrequired animal tests” It’s because they do test on animals, which is what this means (ie, some countries, like China, require they test on animals, so for those markets, they do).

      1. I believe in China the chinese government labs do the test, but the companies have to pay for them. In the end, no different for the animals, but I suppose it’s “better” from an employee perspective.

        1. Me too! I am not really selling Amway at the moment and personally using Inika products that are 💯 % vegan – at least I’m informed they are. I would love to be selling the vitamins, cosmetics and skin care but until it’s all vegan I’m not going to. I need to be strong on this issue. Amway is out-dated. They need to get with the times and become vegan.
          China as a nation are very cruel to animals, we shouldn’t be selling out to them.

  5. I am an Amway Indian ABO.
    I was surfing the internet to find out if Amway was bunny free.
    I came across this peta page “Buyer Beware! Companies Misleading Consumers on Animal Testing”. http://www.peta.org/blog/buyer-beware-animal-testing/
    Amway was listed in the companies—which should not be considered cruelty-free until they make a clear statement on animal testing.


    Hope to receive a reply soon.
    Kind regards

    1. No, they’re just clueless. Personally I’ve lost a lot of faith in them over the past 5-10 years. As per this article Amway already gave them a statement, long ago, they even reported on it on their own website. All they’re doing here is saying “if a company doesn’t answer us, we’re going to declare that they test on animals”. That’s not a fair position to take on anything.

      1. I have written to Amway three times and each time their reply states that “they are against animal testing” and only test where it is required by law, which means the answer is YES they test on animals. If they were so against it they would back out of markets that require testing on animals. China has a horrible track record regarding the treatment of animals, do you realize the eat dog, and throw live dogs into boiling water to cook, and torture them. I shop Cruelty Free which includes things made in China!!!!

        1. Just to be clear Amway does not test on animals. In China they are required to submit products for testing by the Chinese government. They conduct these tests. The question arises as whether it’s better to boycott the Chinese market because of this, or alternatively build relationships with the Chinese government and work with them to remove the requirements and replace them with non-animal testing.

          Amway decided to take the second approach, and as you’re probably aware that approach has started to show fruit, with the Chinese government announcing they are beginning to phase out animal testing.

          Personally I’m in favour of the second approach – longer term it leads to far better outcomes for the animals than simply boycotting the Chinese market would. I’d note by the way it’s very common in the West to throw live crustaceans in boiling water to cook them and then eat them.

          ps my family is vegetarian, primarily for ethical reasons, so I understand your concerns.

          1. If this is true then why does Amway not answer the question? I have replied to their ” standard” response and they still never say that they provide samples to the government of China to test, they just continue their round about, evasive answers. Makes me suspicious.

          2. It’s just the standard answer they’ve given for years. In the past it’s applied to other countries as well with other regulations. Most animal rights activists don’t differentiate between a company doing the tests on behalf of the government or the government doing the tests on behalf of the company anyway. The animals certainly don’t differentiate.

          3. @ibofightback
            Untrue: “In China they are required to submit products for testing by the Chinese government. They conduct these tests.”

            This seems to be the misunderstanding (or deliberate misrepresentation) amongst many people; SAs and managers in Sephora, Ulta are trained to misinform concerned customers this way. The Chinese Government does *not* test products themselves, they require companies that sell their products in China to only sell products that are tested on animals. Companies that sell in China –the ones that used to pride themselves on being cruelty-free when commercially convenient– have themselves accepted that THEY test their products, as opposed to the bizarre rumor that’s been going around that products are handed over to the Chinese Government to be tested.

            Companies that truly cruelty-free pulled out of China when the requirement to be cruel was mandated. And it’s not because of hypocritical companies that started to test on animals to profit from Chinese sales that worked with the Chinese Government, it was animal rights organisations that did and continue to discuss to end speciesist testing.

            The only thing that I agree with you is that condemning China specifically for being cruel to animals is hypocritical; the rest of the world treats non-humans just as horrifically. Also, it’s cognitively dissonance at play when we rightly regard dogs being abused to be cruel but yet ignore the horrendous state-sanctioned cruelty and disrespect of other animals. Please make the connection.

          4. I’m not sure where I read that the testing is by Chinese government labs, it may as you say simply someone repeating something they read somewhere else. Do you have an official source for what actually happens?

        2. I’m not in the amway business but their story is completely different from other brands that sell in China. Amway is a business and a way of living and it is in China as well. they can’t just not sell their products in China. However they are trying to get the Chinese to change their law. I hope it happens soon because I love their makeup

  6. The statement that Amway will only test if required by Government; are they testing by order currently? If so, what on?

    1. The article was dated last year. I reads that no testing policies may change this June. Do you know if it is going to happen?

      1. Last year was only a couple of months ago 🙂 This article has a few more details and it seems pretty certain. It will take time after that for companies to get necessary approvals of course. Amway already has most of their products approved under the EU laws so should be straightforward, but I expect it will still take time.

        1. thanks, something positive to start happening and also to look forward to…even 1 animal is better than nothing, at least it’s a start 🙂

  7. “…and never will.”

    The source link on PETA’s site is broken? Did they remove it because something has changed? Has their “Never Will?” stance changed with China’s pressure?

    I am glad to read that Amway is taking active steps to change policy in China – but hoping that Amway decides that if they can’t change China, doing business with China isn’t worth changing Amway values.

  8. Hello! First, I’d like to tell you that your blog is incredibly informational (WITHOUT being very biased) and helpful to me as an Amway IBO.

    I’m wondering: is this still true? Does Amway still not test on animals? I’ve been looking around the net and they are not listed on PETA on either the list that DOES test on animals nor on the list that DOES NOT test on animals. I’ve also heard that China has a policy that producers from outside their country wanting to sell their products in their country must undergo animal testing.

    I didn’t have a chance to dig too deeply but the gist of what I got from reading a few articles was that many companies once considered free of animal testing caved in order to expand their market to China.

    A co-worker’s friend had tipped her off to Amway not being animal friendly which was contrary to what I already knew which was what prompted me to go do some snooping around.

    Also, I’d like to point out that a lot of Amway products aren’t just non-vegan but aren’t even vegetarian-friendly. Something can be vegetarian but non-vegan if it has animal byproducts but no animals were directly harmed (e.g. bee’s wax, lanolin from sheep’s wool etc. . . something like fish oils would involve killing the fish making the product non-vegetarian. Just wanted to clear that up in case a future reader doesn’t know the difference between the two)

    1. Amway’s response when asked about this on their blog back in 2006 was –

      We oppose animal testing and our products are not tested on animals unless required by government regulations. We actively lead initiatives to create alternatives to required animal tests.

      It’s my understanding that China is one of the countries that still requires the use of skin- and eye-irritation tests on animals for certain products, but Amway is one of the companies working with the Chinese government to get these tests replaced with alternatives.

      Regarding vegetarian products (our family is vegetarian), while many Amway uses animal products, in the US they’ve also been at the forefront, offering products such as a vegetarian Omega-3. Alas it’s not on the market in Europe where I am 🙁

    2. Lanolin and sheeps wool altogether is collected in a very torturous and sometimes painful and even fatal way. its not as simple as the sheep getting a happy haircut and then going out to play. you also have to consider the transporting of these poor animals and being thrown around the backs of trucks and suffering broken limbs. There is so much more than meets the eye unfortunately.

    3. The Chinese Government require companies that sell their products in China to only sell products that are tested on animals. Companies that sell in China –the ones that used to pride themselves on being cruelty-free when commercially convenient– have themselves accepted that THEY test their products, as opposed to the bizarre rumor that’s been going around that products are handed over to the Chinese Government to be individually tested.

    4. Thanks this is also what I have been concerned about – I really wish they would change entirely – it is the way for the future.

      1. I would love it if Amway actively tried to get their products “Leaping Bunny” approved. Does anyone have info on why they don’t have the label if they are in-fact not animal testing?

        1. It would be because of this “Leaping Bunny” requirement –

          Why can’t certified companies sell in China?
          Chinese law requires all finished cosmetic (including personal care) products sold into China to be tested on animals first. Thus it is clear that companies which export personal care products to sell on the Chinese market are unable to operate without testing on animals (even though it may be done through agents without their knowledge). We have, therefore, made it an explicit condition of certification that members do not export ‘cosmetic’ products to sell on the Chinese market, unless they can show that they have been given exemption to not test on animals. Unfortunately some companies, including Caudalie, L’Occitane, Mary Kay and Yves Rocher have been unable to do this and, as a result, have had their certification suspended. We hope that as soon as China changes its regulations, so that no animal testing is required, a wider range of companies will conform to the standard.

          Amway has stated their position is to continue working with the Chinese government to develop non-animal testing. That of course requires developing a strong relationship, which isn’t going to happen by boycotting the market.

  9. hello, i am a new IBO and i was wondering…so amway products are not tested on animals..now is there any way i can find out about the cosmetics to see if there are any in the artistry line that do no CONTAIN any animal base ingredient i.e. vegan?

  10. Good Evening I would like to know if the ingrediant ‘Parobin’is used in any of the Amway Products? I am a South African IBO and would like to extend this info to our teams accordingly! I would also like to thank you for a great website that you have put together regarding the use of their products on animals.

  11. To Whom May It Concern,

    Hello. I like some of Amway products but I really hope Amway sell no bristle brushes. On Japanese official website, it shows brushes were made with fur of squirrels, weasels etc. Are they planning to produce brushes without fur anytime soon?

  12. Does anyone know about the optical brighteners Amway use? Distryl Biphenyl derivative. Where is it obtained and is it natural as it does not sound it?

    1. All Amway products are not vegan, if that’s what you’re asking. For the simplest example the Omega-3 supplements use fish oil. Checking the ingredients list for Satinique on amwayglobal.com it includes cholesterol, which I believe for shampoos is usually derived from lanolin from sheep’s wool. Ingredients can vary from market to market so best to ask your local Amway affiliate.

  13. To whom it may concern.
    I am an Australian IBO.
    I have a question which will include basically all our products, but specifically Satinique, Artistry, Nutriway, XS, home care products.
    Do we have any animal testing ? I have read the “Fact” posting.
    If we don’t have any testing anymore, then when was it stopped. I believe strong animal rights followers have a cut off around the 1970’s which is considered acceptable.
    Hope to receive a reply soon.
    Kind regards

      1. can anybody guide as to whether amway artistry products or shampoo or SA8 or LOC are animal content free ?

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