FACT: Quixtar named one of Information Week’s top innovative users of technology in 2006

Quixtar Inc., the leading online health and beauty retailer, was
ranked 147th on the 26 InformationWeek 5 list of the most
innovative users of business technology. Amongst companies in the Consumer Goods category, Quixtar ranked 4th.

"We’re thrilled to be recognized by Information Week for the innovative
ways we use technology to serve IBOs," says Heather Anderson, Quixtar’s
Chief Information Officer. "For Quixtar, IT isn’t just about keeping
our e-commerce site operational, it’s about supporting the needs of
hundreds of thousands of IBOs who rely on us to provide the
infrastructure for their businesses. We are constantly looking for new
ways to help them build their businesses, and we’ll continue to
leverage new technologies to help them achieve their goals."

For the past 18 years, InformationWeek has identified and honored the
nation's most innovative users of information technology with its
annual listing. The list is unique among corporate rankings because it
spotlights the power of innovation in information technology, rather
than simply identifying the biggest IT spenders.

"The InformationWeek 5 honors today’s leading companies who set the
benchmark for business technology strategies and projects," said
InformationWeek publishing director, Fritz Nelson. "The companies on
our list are some of the most innovative users of technology."

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