FACT: Research & Development

While googling around I  found a doc with some info on Quixtar's, or
Alticor's, Research & Development programs. Folks, this is one
serious company
. Have a look at this –

Alticor R&D/QA Division Facts

  • 43, sq ft (4, sq meters)

  • More than 5 dedicated scientists and
    technicians around the world

    • 1 advanced degrees, with  32 Ph.D.'s

    • Approximately 4,5 years of total R&D/QA experience

    • More than 5 full time staff in
      international affiliates including strong technical staff in Korea, China
      and Japan

  • 65 R&D/QA  labs worldwide

    • 38 labs in Ada, Michigan

    • 15 in California

    • 12 abroad, including Europe, Japan, China,
      Korea and India

    Scientists and Engineers have diverse
    educational and experiences, many with advanced degrees

    • Chemistry, BioChemistry, Microbiology, Molecular
      Biology, Food Science, Food Technology, Nutritional Sciences, Horticultural
      & Plant Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical
      Engineering, Package Engineering, Material Science, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical
      Sciences & Clinical Research, Business Administration

  • Dedicated to developing new and
    improved products, which meet customer needs and expectations in the global
    market place.

  •  Product Development

    • Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, Water
      & Air, Nutrition, Cookware

  • Our dedication to this mission is
    evidenced by

  • More than 6 Domestic and International patents

  • More than 4 Patents pending

  • More than 2 Published papers and conference

  • More than 75 University Associations

  • More than 85 Trade Associations

  • More than 24 Technical Consultants

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