factsaboutquixtar.com launched!!!

Last year Quixtar launched a special DVD – Facts About Quixtar which was apparently well received by IBOs. As an Amway IBO internationally I've not seen the DVD but have been very keen to.

Well, now I, and anyone else who is interested, can – factsaboutquixtar.com has been launched today. I haven't been through it yet, I'll give some further commentary in the next couple of days. In the meantime – Get The Facts, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth 🙂

In conjunction with the new Opportunity Zone where anyone can discuss issues and interact with senior Quixtar executives – well, it's obvious the corp. is serious about helping IBOs deal with internet myths and half-truths.

I do however note one thing about the site. Read this post and you'll see what I mean. Well done Quixtar!

Now we just need some sites dedicated site to us Amway folk 🙂 

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