Farewell to an Amway pioneer. Bernice Hansen, 101 yrs.

The grand old lady of Amway, Crown Bernice Hansen, has passed away, aged 101. From her obituary in the Grand Rapids Press

Born on August 1, 1911 to Wheeler and Sadie Stevens-Hancock, Bernice learned to love people, horses and “kitties” at a very early age while living on the family farm in Coopersville. Known for always having a smile on her face and words of encourage for everyone she met, Bernice was a pioneer and a visionary. She blazed the trail for many as one of the original Amway Independent Business Owners, was one of the founders of the American Way Association, and played a key role in shaping the Amway business for millions of IBOs and distributors to follow. But Bernice was also a wife and mother, a grandmother and friend, a mentor and a philanthropist. She loved to travel the globe and found a special place in her heart for Ireland. Her courage, passion and undaunted energy were an inspiration to all.

Bernice was featured last year in a story in Amway’s Achieve magazine. I encourage you to read it – An Amway Pioneer – Bernice Hansen

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