Forbes Magazine promotes Amway’s anti-aging products! has just posted their most recent listing of the world’s billionaires, and Amway Founder Rich DeVos is listed at #176 with an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. What’s truly incredible though is the amazing youthful looks of the 84 year old Rich DeVos. Now, I know that Amway’s Artistry brand includes some superb anti-aging products, and combined with Nutrilite they’re unparalled – but I never realised they were this good!

For those missing the point, that’s Dick DeVos (Richard DeVos Jnr), son of Amway founder Richard DeVos. Forbes made the same mistake last year, before later correcting it. Still, at least this year they didn’t call us peddlers of a  “pyramid selling scheme”.

15 thoughts on “Forbes Magazine promotes Amway’s anti-aging products!”

  1. I’m thnking that because you have copy (words) after the photo, rather than placing the photo at the very end, readers are missing the point–which is that:

    Forbes makes AGAIN an inexcusable, sophomoric, ridiculous, sloppy, embarrassing mistake as they post a photo of the wrong person, even with the major clue of the guy’s age.

  2. So how does Mr. DeVos “looking young” translate to the title “Forbes Magazine PROMOTES Amway’s anti-aging products!”? Next, you could “Forbes Magazine promotes red and stripe ties!”.

    You will make any sort of connection for positive publicity, hum?

    1. Daniel, if you’re going to come here with little more than abuse you might want to look up the word Irony and re-read the articles you are commenting on first. Otherwise you might just look stupid.

  3. Another thing that Forbes has said in the past is: “The DeVos family got their wealth from Amway whose sales reps peddle soap door-to-door.” That kind of caustic journalism really irritates me. One time when they printed that, I took the five or so copies of Forbes magazine off the top shelf at the newsstand and laid them backwards and sideways on the bottom shelf behind all the crossword puzzle magazines. Just trying to protect the reputation in my little teensy-weensy corner of the world.

  4. This is DeVos Jr, but the artistry is the best! Well “one of the top five prestige brands” in the world. Second to none, I say!

  5. WOW that’s amazing. I know my grandfather of 82 doesn’t look ANYWHERE close to this. I would have guessed this picture 55 years old maybe 60.

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