Good news for Amway India

In some good news for Amway India and other direct selling companies, it’s been reported that –

“An inter-ministerial committee is expected to come out with regulatory guidelines for direct selling companies by the end of this month”

Amway India and other companies in the market have been suffering from a lack of clear guidelines and the actions of some misguided anti-mlm zealots, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. Amway has been working hard to get clear laws in place. Hopefully things improve!

4 thoughts on “Good news for Amway India”

  1. I believe we will see some changes from Feb 1st from Amway itself which makes it even more productive to be in the business and actively build it. Nothing to do with regulations though.

  2. Yes that’s always good not to talk negative even before something comes up. However, I am a little conservative person, and have seen enough of such policy matters, if not for MLM. Therefore, I would hate to comment saying it is likely to be great for both distributors and the company. And unfortunately in India, politicians are not expected to meet deadlines or take decision in a short span of time.

    1. I have faith that regulators are not idiots and (unlike some people who spread falsehoods about how it operates) actually understand the business model and the benefits it brings to India.

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