Got Any Old Amagrams? (Bi-lingual Post)

Thanks primarily to the effort of SP75 and Captain Amway, we have now collected a list of hundreds of North American Diamonds and above on AmwayWiki.

However, that is not enough! There are many more success stories that we have yet to trace.

In the coming months, we aim to keep a record of all the Diamonds and above from around the world – and you can help! You can either edit the AmwayWiki directly, or email the PDF versions of all past, present and future issues of Amagram (including its sister publications such as Achieve, Because and Arriba) to us.

Even if you intend to add to AmwayWiki yourself, you are still encouraged to send the magazines to us. We are building a huge library and surely needs all the help we can get, and your contribution is very much appreciated!

ටࣩ谢SP75与安ࡕ队长(Captain Amway)Ŏቮ力ਡ持,৓à现在õ经在安ࡕആ科(Amway Wiki)ଵ෸载Ô数ആç美国༣Ź࢕上Ŏཪ导ࡪӍ


৓à৿下来Ŏ൶标是ශ将Ĝߏň所有Ŏ安ࡕ༣Ź级࢕上ࡪ物෸঍在安ࡕആ科Ӎ您可࢕५忙吗?您可࢕ࡢ自约稿安ࡕആ科৏将您所有Ŏ安ࡕ月Ô(Amagram, Achieve, BecauseArriba)#ບ给৓àӍ请෸得࢕PDF文ࢦ格式੘存档案!



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