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Ty Tribble over on MLM blog reported last week that he'd noticed a number of  google searches regarding Quixtar Double Diamond John Crowe breaking from Founders' Crown Ambassador Bill Britt's Britt WorldWide (BWW) . Now, Ty is a former IBO now involved with running a competitor to Quixtar, so his posts regarding Quixtar need to be taken with a small grain of salt – however, I'd noticed the same thing here on Get the Facts – The Truth About Amway and Quixtar. A spike in searches about John Crowe and Britt, some even with terms like "break". People start searching for things for a reason, and it seems in this case there is indeed a reason.

I recently received some anonymous tips confirming that the Crowe team has indeed broken away from Britt WorldWide and no longer appears on the BWW website. Crowe downline, son-in-law and daughter and Founders Diamonds David & Kristin Dussault have apparently already plugged much of their organization into Larry Winters' Leadership Team Development system (LTD), as have some elements of the Gala and WWG organizations. LTD broke away from BWW last year.

Frontline Crowe Executive Diamond's Jack and Magee Spencer have moved along with the Crowes, though some other Crowe Diamonds apaprently remain with BWW. As you can imagine this is causing some turmoil. Both the new Crowe Organization and LTD are apparently pursuing Quixtar Accreditation. Other BWW IBOs have told me their upline enquiries as to whether BWW will pursue accreditation have gone unanswered.

Do you have any more information? Let me know!

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  1. this is really disturbing. I am a platinum producer from the crowe team from India. any Idea where that puts the crowe team in India? I m still receiving tools from BWW and following everything that BWW says…..

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