Hello??? Amway?!?!? Is anybody home?

As time goes on Amway Business Owner’s in the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of communication from Amway Headquarters. The BERR vs Amway case finished hearings on December 6th, 27. Two weeks ago, I posted about how I’d received a number of emails from Amway UK ABOs asking what was going on.

Well, it’s now nearly 8 weeks and ABOs have heard exactly nothing out of Amway regarding the status of the case. Readers of this website have been at least fortunate enough to learn that UK courts recessed over Christmas, so no result could even have been expected until after January 14.

As posted by DEMO in the forums, Amway UK did give an update revealing that over 1, Amway UK ABOs had renewed with the transitional contracts. This is a great vote of confidence by ABOs, but still, no word from Amway UK about the case. Are they even aware how anxious Amway ABOs are about this? Even letting them know about the court recess would undoubtedly have calmed the minds of many people. Yet, nothing.

Speculation does of course abound, including one theory that Amway and BERR have been directed to sit down and sort out a settlement. Another poster on the Amway Media Blog suggests the judge advised he wanted 3 weeks to review the case, with an answer expected around January 2th.

Past experience tells me Amway’s response to this would be along the lines of “speculation is not helpful”. Well, guess what Amway, this case doesn’t just affect you. It directly affects more than 1, Amway UK business owners and indirectly millions more around the world. A complete failure to communicate in any organization is a recipe for declining confidence. In a business which depends so much on attitude, it can be deadly.

We not only have a right to speculate about the future of our business, we should be expected to. Even a “we’ve heard nothing as yet” would be of great assistance to Amway ABO’s. Please, Amway – communicate.

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UPDATE: Friday, 25th – Alticor media blog has a new post with updates on various issues. With regards the UK, they’re apparently just waiting like the rest of us.

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