9 thoughts on “How does Amway work? It’s simple ….”

  1. You capitalist pigs should be ashamed of yourselves for even allowing this system to come to work. People who actually produce this product get screwed over by unfair international trade prices, and pigs in 1st world countries simply need to tell their friends about it to make more money than the 3rd world countries that are slaves to producing it. Have a good hard look at yourselves and think…… have I earned the money that i am stealing off people less fortunate than me? Or, am I just like the rest of them?

    1. Paul, as mentioned in the reply to you on the other post, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The majority of Amway’s products marketed globally are produced in the US. While they’re undoubtedly undergoing some economic challenges at the moment, I don’t think it’s quite fair to put them in the category of the exploited 3rd world quite yet, do you?

      Take your own advice and take a good hard look at yourself and think, Paul.

    2. Um, the products are produced in the USA and the wages paid at the factory are very good. What Amway manufactures and sells employs people like you and me.

    3. Paul,
      You have no ideas what you are taking about. Amway is one of the most honest companies in the world. Started by 2 hard working WW2 veterans.This company was designed to help others and it does.I think you need to read your history books and see what the other world systems did for people. I am talking about Communism. It’s now called the Greens.I think you probably are a very nice person at heart. It’s just you need new information to feed on.

    4. i have just joined amway and im an MBA so probably im aware when an MLM becomes a ponzi scheme, or a pyramid scheme, and it is not a pyramid scheme since there is an opportunity to Downline to even earn more than Upline, its not a ponzi because profit is made from sale of quality prod.,

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