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I've gotten quite a few emails lately from people thanking me for this site and asking how they can help. There's a few ways –

  • Help get the word out, tell your team.
  • Write an article. Anything you'd like addressed? Write your own article! There's heaps of "myths" still to be busted. Email it in or if you want to contribute regularly, I'll set you up with an account.
  • Recommend a topic. Maybe I or someone else can address it.
  • Translate. We've already got translations into norwegian and swedish with chinese on the way and dutch and indonesian volunteers too! But we need more – many hands make light work!
  • Information/gossip. Send in info on your market/group and any gossip. New recognitions, local news, sales data, etc etc. The more information we have, the more popular the website will be, the more people will link to it, the higher it gets up the search rankings. Good news is best!
  • Link Link Link! I addressed this last week. The more sites that link to this one, the more it helps search engine ranking. Read this for some hints on how this works
  • Donate. I've put up a link to accept donations on the left. Any funds received will primarily be used to buy search engine marketing. If you donate, feel free to ask for a particular "search term" to be targeted. If you're in Singapore for example, you might want me to target your donation dollars to "Amway Singapore".

Thank you to all who have written in with support and encouragement. We're getting literally thousands of unique visitors a month, indeed only yesterday we came close to having 4 visits from 3 unique visitors in one day.

Make 27 your best year yet!

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