Independent financial expert tells Why You Should Join Amway

This has been big news in Amway circle’s for some days, and I first highlighted it over on AmwayTalk on Tuesday as well as on my Twitter channel. The news? Well known author and financial expert Robert Pagliarini, blogging on CBS MoneyWatch, wrote an article titled Why You Should Join Amway. In the post, Robert reveals that 15 years ago, while working as a counseller, he joined Amway. He was only “in” for a year, but he credits that time with significantly changing the way he thought about business and life – and that change contributed dramatically to the success he is today.

I believe Robert’s experience actually reflects that of a silent majority of people who have had an experience with Amway. They may not have made much money, but it was nevertheless a positive, life-enhancing experience. Amway opened their eyes to a world of possibilities and the idea that they could pursue their dreams. Amway isn’t for everywhere, and even for those it is for, the timing isn’t always right. As Robert explains though, Amway allows a low cost, low risk way of learning what it’s like to own your own business and points you in the right direction for getting a real-world business and financial education.

Unfortunately of course, the comments have attracted the attention of “Tex”, a well known inhabitant of any forum to do with Amway on the internet (and plenty that don’t). He’s been banned from virtually all of them thanks to obsessive, obnoxious, and sometimes downright offensive behaviour – and that behaviour is, alas, in full swing on the CBS MoneyWatch blog. I’ve had a lot of dealings with Tex and it’s my belief he’s suffering from a quite serious personality disorder and needs help. I recommend to people that they don’t attempt to engage him in debate – it’s a waste of your time and may even exacerbate his condition. He used to irritate the heck out of me, now I just feel sad for him.

So, if you haven’t already done so, check out Robert Pagliarini on CBS MoneyWatch: Why You Should Join Amway – and ignore Tex.

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  1. Thanks for giving us that information, Jeffrey. That is helpful. I’m glad that you’re still with us, and didn’t get too discouraged after your blog experience and Tex’s comments, and stuff.

  2. As more and more IBOs are opting out of their upline’s systems but staying in the business and building, the company has responded by having some employees that work almost exclusively with “independents.” We now have our own website that we can access to speak with each other and the company about things that affect us indies. The company is also coming through with much training at The learning Center, plus training webinars. It is getting to where people will be less dependent on the systems all the time. I have found working with the company and other independents to be a very pleasant experience, especially since it doesn’t drain me dry financially.

    1. Very cool Jeffrey. Maybe things are changing. Maybe they are changing from the bottom up! (even better)

      Good luck.

      1. The challenge is that IBOs, who may not be thrilled with their LOA, don’t even know that they have a choice…
        They were introduced to the Amway Business via their LOA. So to them, that *is* the Amway Business.

        1. I’m not quite sure how that “problem” gets solved, as LOS/LOA “shopping” isn’t exactly ideal either. Even if everyone was trained by the corp that’s not something you’d want to encourage and has caused problems in other MLMs.

        2. IMO Amway needed two things.

          1- They needed a bright light to be shown on many of the LOAs to highlight the shady way they operated. I think the internet has accomplished that.

          2- Rank and file ibos need to be empowered so they can truly be “independent.” Maybe Amway is working towards that end as well.

    2. New to this and have decided to focus on selling product instead of going upline route. What is the web site for independents?

  3. I’ve dipped into the comments on Pagliarini’s blog a few times–too many comments to read completely. It looks like it’s all tools/systems. There’s crazy Tex dominating for most of it. Then there’s a couple of the independent/non-LOA affiliated IBOs (Granite Man and The Big Apple) defending their anti-LOA stance. I’ve had some frustrations with my up-line/LOA in the past. I’m not a fan of Bob McEwen’s anti-Climate Change/political conservatism, but I only endure him about once a year. Otherwise I think the speakers my LOA brings in are excellent. (Actually, McEwen does a fantastic talk on relationships and the different ways that people learn.) I just felt like bringing this up because most of the hottest debates on the Internet have to do with tools/systems. I like my LOA, but I don’t really want to get into the tools/systems debate. I left a quick comment on Pagliarini’s blog in support of my LOA. That’s all I can do.

  4. ZigZagZoom,

    “Very disheartening” for who? Some people try to read too much into an article instead of just basking in the positive publicity from a mainstream news site. So what if he doesn’t use any Amway products? Are we supposed to mope around, acting “very disheartened”? Heck, I still have some cans of “Wrikle Remover” spray, SA8 stain remover, and a bottle of Pursue from 2001! Robert may be still going through a huge box of SA8 from 1996.

  5. I don’t mind why he didn’t build the business. What is important to me or I would like to ask him is if he is still using any of our products? Does he think it is value for Money?
    If he doesn’t use any among the product range we have I think it is will be very disheartening.

  6. If it’s about a great experience, why then is it presented as a business you can make money at?

    Sadly, few do, and in my opinion, THOSE are the silent majority, the ones who didn’t make money, and felt misled.

    This is a nice article and all, but I personally don’t feel it’s indicative of the reality of the situation. Not yet. Maybe when Amway is done transforming and is actually a viable business opportunity, more people will draft similar articles.

    For now, and to me, it’s simply an anecdotal filler story.

    I do concur that Tex has an affliction of some sort. His blog looks like the ramblings of a mad man. Did he get kicked out of Amway?

    Interesting article though! Thanks for sharing.

    1. “If it’s about a great experience, why then is it presented as a business you can make money at?”

      It IS a business, first; and a great experience second. I think the “challenge” is that the environment (my experience in my LOA, the only POV from which I can speak) that is created is really a positive and encouraging and uplifting and exciting and empowering one. And such an environment is sadly foreign to many people. So it’s very attractive. And there are a handful who do take advantage of our human desire to belong. I don’t think it’s the majority by any means, though.

      The “challenge”, a lot of the times, just like with any self-improvement type of thing, is that you have the majority of people not really implementing the lessons they are learning. In this case, implementing in order to build a profitable Amway Business.

      Why? Because it’s a heck of a lot easier for many to be in self-improvement mode. It’s a lot easier to listen to CDs, go to meetings, read books, listen to voicemails, and play at Amway, than it is to put oneself out there and actually involve oneself in other people’s lives.

      I go back and forth about whether it’s good or bad that people “use” Amway solely for personal growth. As someone who has sponsored such people, it really can take up a lot of my time. But, what am I gonna do? Be ticked off that I’ve helped them be a better person, even if it means that I haven’t made any money “off” of them? 🙂

      It is what it is. Oh well. Whadda gonna do? {{shrugs}}

  7. It was a good article but he would carry more credibility with me if he had at least stayed in, and even more credibility if he had gone on and built it.

    1. Why? The point of his article isn’t to say he’s an expert at Amway, or even that you should join Amway and build an Amway business. His point is that by joining Amway you may, like he did, get an education and experience that will greatly enhance your life – it’s not just about “Amway money” per se.

    2. I think the credibility lies in the fact that even though Richard didn’t use the Amway Business to make an income, and would fall it to the category of someone who “quit” (believed by some to be a negative) he still, as a former Amway distributor, falls in to the positive (pro) Amway category.

      There is credibility in that–The fact that there are people, particularly with Richard’s credentials, who have no vested interest in an entity (Amway), yet they are not only positive about it, but are also willing to publicly pronounce their postition.

    3. Jeffrey, the article is just as useful and probably has more credibility than one written by an Amway distributor/ibo.

      It could look very self-serving otherwise. “He’s just trying to sponsor people… He’s just saying that because he is in Amway…” etc.

      All in all, it is a good piece.

    4. Jeff’s right. It would carry more credibility if he were successful in the business. While I too learned something from the time I was in the business, you can say that about any failed venture, can’t you? As humans we’re designed that way.

      And ibofightback, why should someone join the business if NOT for, as you say, “Amway money?” Isn’t that the point? Logically, if the point isn’t the PV money then what were we selling in those home meetings?

      1. Well pixilla, in my home meetings I “sell” both the plan (ie money) and the products. Amway and many “systems” are promoting this type of approach even more emphasis on the products in “Grand Openings” for new IBOs. That aside, Amway surveys (as published in Amway Japan’s annual report) indicate that many people (87% if I recall correctly) join primarily to get the products at distributor price. Sure many of them may want to make money too, but saving money rather than making money is the prime attraction. Other direct sales companies report similar figures.

        IMO it’s been a great loss to Amway, and IBOs, that so many have promoted the business and forgotten about the world class products it’s based on.

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