It’s all about integrity, values, and trust

Jim Payne, managing director of QuixtarAs you may be aware, Jim Payne has started blogging. Jim is an executive vice-president of Alticor, parent company to Amway and Quixtar , and managing director of Quixtar itself. The blog is called Ada-tudes , a clever mixture of the home town of Alticor, Ada, Michigan, and the word attitude.

There's been four post so far, all of great quality, the most recent titled Transparency and Responsibility. I recommend you go read it. What I'd like to highlight today though isn't Jim Payne's post, it's a truly excellent post by "Chuck" in the comments. It has lessons for all IBOs. I'm reproducing it in full here, I hope Chuck doesn't mind!

A recent magazine article in "Success" (March/April 27) was an interview with Roger Staubach.  Some of the thoughts by this highly regarded (and incredibly successful!) businessman and athlete might throw some light on this issue of transparency and responsibility.

"Success in sales starts with believing that what you promise will be delivered."

"My most important role (as Chairman and CEO of The Staubach Company) is making sure our priorities as a company are in check.  We want to win business, but we want to do it right."

"We have people who call our company to get to me and they are not always truthful.  What good is it going to do you to get through, when you start the conversation by being dishonest?"

As on the gridiron, Staubach insists upon teamwork within his company.  At most real estate firms, brokers act as independent contractors, often competing against one another.  That doesn't make sense to Staubach.  He sees to it that all brokers share information, assignments, and fees, always putting the needs of the customer first.  "We will be rewarded if we keep that message of trust internally," he (Staubach) says.  "After all, if we can't trust each other, how can we ask our clients to trust us?"

Staubach friend, Bennett Glazer, speaking about Staubach and his company:  "It's all about integrity, values, and trust.  If you have those three attributes, and make sure your key people do too, there are no limits to what can be achieved.  Roger is about all of those ethics — and he practices what he preaches.  Sometimes he gets penalized for it, but over the long run, it pays off."

Later in the same magazine Michael Shevack shared another insight, "Bottom-line obsession comes from turning the pursuit of money into a God and forgetting the real master your business serves:  the customer."

In Quixtar we have two customers:  the IBO and the retail customer.  When we deal with both of them transparently and responsibly, then and only then, will we deserve any measure of real success and profitability.


Read or listen to any of the books or speeches of Rich De Vos and Jay Van Andel, founders of the Amway Corporation , and you'll come across the same themes. These themes are also emphasised by many IBO leaders. It's all about trust and integrity. Unfortunately, not all IBOs operate with these principles in mind, which inevitably leads to damage to our brand image . We all need to listen to the Staubach's, DeVos's, and Van Andels of this world. Not only does that help our business, and us, don't you agree it makes the world a better place?

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