Judge rules against TEAM, in favour of Quixtar

In a big win for Quixtar, a Michigan Court today ruled for Quixtar and against TEAM in all 3 cases before it. From the Quixtar press release

In ruling on three motions related to the terminations, Judge Paul Sullivan of Kent County Circuit Court took the following actions:

  • Issued a preliminary injunction preventing Woodward and his company, Team, from using Quixtar business data to recruit Quixtar IBOs as Team builds a competing business;
  • Issued a second injunction ordering Woodward and other terminated distributors to return confidential documents and data they had taken from their former trade association, which has suspended them; and
  • Denied an injunction request from others who sought to prevent Quixtar from enforcing its rules of conduct.

You can read the decision here. I think the lesson for IBOs out of this so far is – you’re in a business, expect to be treated as business owners are treated. Which means know what the contracts you sign say, and if you agree to abide by them, and then later decide not to, don’t be surprised to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.
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