Judgement Day?

We've already had one false alarm with regards to the outcome of DTI (BERR) vs Amway UK, but it appears today is the day Amway Business Owner's with Amway UK and elsewhere have been waiting for with nervousness. CMFITZG in the forums posted the following from Her Majesty's Court Service

Wednesday, 14 May 28
At 1 o'clock
GLC 8/7 Amway v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
GLC 81/7 Same v Sam

Two and half months ago, Amway UK said the following

As soon as the ruling is announced in court, and we've informed our staff, we will telephone all UK Leaders (Business Consultants) to inform you of the result. The call will be brief, and will be followed up by a more in-depth email to you and a subsequent email to all registered ABOs later that day. We will try our very best to ensure that you hear the outcome first from Amway.

As I don't fall into any of the categories to be notified of the result, I'd appreciate an email from anyone as soon they hear the outcome – ibofightback@ttaa.biz and I'll post an update as soon as possible afterwards.

UPDATE 1: No news of a result yet. A reader tells me they enquired with Amway UK about the Court Listing today and the staff said they were unaware of it – so it may be another false alarm?

UPDATE 2: Judgement apparently has been handed down and Amway's legal team is in the process of analysing it. No word yet as to it's nature.

UPDATE 3: UK Dismisses claims against Amway

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