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Amway UK is in the process of defining the skills and knowledge which our Business Owners need to be successful in their business. The goal is to ensure that the training and tools that Amway make available to its Business owners meet their learning needs.

We know that one of the best sources of information about ABO learning needs is the ABOs themselves. As part of the process of defining learning needs, in the next few weeks we will be making some telephone calls, these calls will be select at random, to invite you to be interviewed which will take place in April either by telephone or in person.

UK Court Judgment- we are still awaiting the outcome.

As you know, the court hearing ended early December. As of today, we are still awaiting the outcome from the courts. We had hoped that this would be received before the Easter bank holiday, but have been advised that a decision will not be given before the courts break for two weeks over Easter.

We appreciate that the waiting is difficult but the timing for the announcement of the judgment will be decided by the court, not by Amway. We are informed that it is quite common for courts to take many months to prepare Judgments. It may feel like there is a communication vacuum on the subject from Amway UK but we are trying in our written communication to you and our face to face meetings, to keep you updated with as much information as we can. The fact is that right now, the situation remains the same as it was when I wrote to you on the 23rd January 8, and ‘no news’ is not easy to communicate.

The staff here at Milton Keynes and our colleagues around the world are all waiting for the news. We all have a business to run and to grow, but we have no influence over the timing of when the judgement will be delivered by the judge and out of respect for the court, we do not intend to speculate nor comment on possible outcome of the case.

As soon as we can, we will let you know the outcome. As I wrote in January, once we have informed the staff at our Amway UK office, we will immediately inform our UK Leadership. We have a robust communications programme in place to get the information to you as quickly as we can, either by post or email straight after the judgment is announced, and we will pull out all the stops to ensure that you hear the news from Amway UK first.

This update is being sent to our top ABO leaders only, but feel free to use your own judgement about communicating it to ABOs in your group who have asked for information or reassurance about the timing of the court result.

BC Coaching Programme….Now that the first round of the BC Coaching programme is over, We would like to thank you for the positive feedback received. It seems you appreciated Tim’s informative and easy-going training style and found, overall, that the content satisfied your personal and professional needs.

Your valuable feedback will be used to compile a full de-brief to ensure the success of the subsequent modules.

Retail With Confidence Workshops – From the 5th February to the 1th March saw fifteen Retail With Confidence Workshops held around the UK and Ireland. Many hundreds of ABOs enjoyed learning and sharing ideas to increase their retailing confidence and others took confidence from knowing that some tried and tested theories are still so relevant.

We are already hearing how individuals have been able to increase their business volume by putting points into practice – if you too, are proud of your achievements in increasing your sales and customer base in the last month, why not let us know so we can share your success with others.

Remember …….. if you ‘Display it, Show it and Explain it’ , so many people will be interested in your products.

With the days getting longer and the weather slowly warming up, spring is in the air and its time to freshen up your home and surroundings… Spring clean your home with the following offers as featured in our January-April Seasonal Promotions flyer:

* FREE L.O.C. Plus™ Bathroom Cleaner and L.O.C. Plus Kitchen Cleaner when you buy the L.O.C. Plus Wipes & Canisters (order no. 11427)

* 2% off when you buy both AMWAY™ Car Wash (order no. 878) and AMWAY SILICONE GLAZE™ (order no. 8967)*

* Please note that there is a pricing error in the January-April Seasonal Promotions flyer and the UK Retail price for the Car Care promotion should be £1.7. Retail prices for Jersey/Guernsey and Republic of Ireland are correct.

* FREE AMWAY™ Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo when you buy the AMWAY Carpet Shampoo Applicator (order no. 1715)

Yours sincerely,

Tom Denham
General Manager & Director Amway UK/RoI Limited

Amway (UK) Ltd and UNICEF UK: Partnering to Help Children Live Better Lives.
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The UK Direct Selling Association’s (DSA) Codes of Conduct have been accredited by the Office of Fair Trading’s (OFT) Consumer Code Approval Scheme. As a member company of the UK Direct Selling Association, Amway UK and our IBOs abide by these codes. To find out about the scheme and what it means to Direct Seller member companies, please see:

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