Letter from Jim Payne about Quixtar/Amway changes

Brand new day

Quixtar committed to helping IBOs grow through transformation of North American business

We are ready to transform the Quixtar business, and we need your help.

Starting today, we are putting more ideas, more innovation, and more money into our North American business than ever before.

We are doing it to make your businesses bigger than ever before, and to make the business more attractive to prospects and consumers than ever before.

This transformation will make the business more dynamic, competitive, and financially rewarding than it has ever been.

Starting September 1 – and going forward from now on – you will see from us:

1.    The infusion of more than $6 million in new bonuses and incentives ensures that we will continue to offer the best compensation in the industry.

2.    A rush of better and more competitive products to generate consumer demand.

3.    The introduction of revolutionary new products that tap into consumer trends.

4.    The increased ability to coordinate with international markets.

5.    Unprecedented investments in marketing, promotion, and media advertising.

6.    An additional investment in excess of $2 million in support of the North American business.

We are going to work together to do more to support our business owners than ever before. Everything you and your teams have learned from Quixtar since 1999 will now be joined with the immense success and name awareness of Amway around the world. The combination will be incredibly powerful for those people who are looking to build a business of their own.

Amway is already a $5 billion company in other markets. When the transformation process is complete, we will launch the new Amway in North America and (as many of you have heard) transition to the Amway name.

The convergence of Amway with Quixtar's $1 billion business will give us real momentum. And during the interim, we will continue to enhance and support the current business model.

At the same time, the new Amway will be gathering force over the horizon. When we launch that name into the North American market, we will have created the best business opportunity any of us have ever seen.

We will stay in direct and regular contact with you through every step of the transformation. We will give you the information you need to persuade and excite your teams. And we will seek your advice and input every step of the way.

We are looking forward to transforming this business – together.

 Please stay tuned to the Opportunity Zone blogs (www.opportunityzone.com) for further details and updates, and please contact us with questions or concerns.

Jim Payne

Executive Vice President and Managing Director Quixtar Inc.

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