MonaVie vs Amway Redux

Back in 2007/2008 Amway in North America (then known as Quixtar) was involved in a deal of controversy after terminating several Diamonds associated with the organisation TEAM, led primarily by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. Eventually TEAM and many associated Diamonds joined another MLM company, MonaVie. There were then various legal battles between all parties over this, involving disputes of anti-Amway bloggers, stealing of corporate secrets, contract violations etc etc etc.

At the time these Diamonds were moving many in their groups to MonaVie, there were a lot of comments on this blog and elsewhere by people claiming that Amway was abandoning their distributors, changing polices, and would be opening stores, allowing their products to be sold in other retail outlets, and generally competing unfairly with the field. All of this was rubbish. What Amway has been doing around the world (though, ironically enough, not in the US) is opening up business centers to support the distributors. Some of these also act as retail outlets, but ultimately the PV and profit goes back to IBOs as usual. In my opinion these have been great innovations.

One place where Amway has been aggressively doing this is in India, with the opening of a large number of pickup locations where distributors can place orders and pickup products. It fits in well with the nature of India and seem to be working well. This week though, Times of India reports on a number of Diamonds who have stated they are leaving Amway, claiming rewards aren’t good enough and the company is focusing on showrooms and products instead of (believe it or not!) just recruiting people.  Comments left on that site, and also this site, have further claimed that Amway India was going to be selling products through retail outlets and were abandoning distributors.

It all sounds awfully familiar, and low and behold … some Amway Indian Diamonds , lead by Sajeev Nair, are now loudly promoting their  move to MonaVie India, just like TEAM did in North America.

This isn’t all that is familiar however. Back before the TEAM affiliated IBOs all left Amway (and there were reportedly hundreds of thousands), Amway was the subject of many complaints on the internet, people complaining of deceptive practices, hype, excessive pressure to spend money on “tools” etc etc. Since 2008 the emergence of new Amway critics on the internet has pretty much dried up. There’s a handful of diehard blogs (many run by the same person), but not really anything “new”. On the other hand, commentary from former distributors and others criticising MonaVie and MonaVie leaderslike Woodward for deceptive tactics has proliferated, with even a once anti-Amway blog like Amthrax now pretty much dedicated to anti-MonaVie commentary. Given Amway grew in sales last year by almost as much as MonaVie did total ($800M vs $854M) this can’t be attributed to MonaVie being more successful and attracting more attention. It appears that many of the tactics that helped contribute to these people getting kicked out of Amway were simply transferred to MonaVie, and the criticism has followed.

So how does this all connect to Amway India? Well, several times over the past months, a few visitors from India have left comments on The Truth About Amway regarding an Amway group called “Team One”, operating heavily in the Indian state of Kerala. The comments have complained about deceptive practices, excessive pressure to spend money on “tools” etc etc. All the same types of complaints we used to read about Amway North America, and which have diminished considerably since the TEAM dispute. I looked into Team One, and funnily enough it’s run by Sajeev Nair, the very same Double Diamond who says he’s now moving to MonaVie.

So, just like 2008 in North America, we have a large group of distributors, apparently the source of a number complaints, deciding to leave Amway for MonaVie and spreading a number of falsehoods about Amway as they go.

Amway North America suffered for a year or two from the TEAM exodus, but is now going from strength to strength (double digit growth in the past year) and is generating virtually no complaints about bad practices. Sajeev Nair – it may hurt for a bit, but I suspect Amway India won’t miss you. All the best with MonaVie.

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      1. As per my knowledge, Kerala as of now has not passed any legislation, but they have set some guidelines for Direct Selling Companies. These Guidelines will remain in force till they pass the legislation.

  1. Mona.Vie will overcome amway in turnover in another 10 to 12 years.. take it for me !

    1. ROFLMAO! Amway *grows* every year by more than Monavie’s total turnover, and has I think done so during every year MV has been in business. Given that fact I’d love to hear your explanation of how MV will overtake Amway. 🙂

    2. With regard to the recent information about Sajeev Nair I really have to admit that Monavie is changing lives. 🙂
      Would you like to get arrested for the first time in your life? Join Monavie… 😀

  2. I totally got fed up wid all these comments.
    I have simple thinking dat Amway is a Giant and nthng will happen if sanjeev, ravi, suddhatm have left amway n joined monavie.
    Monavie is not evn member of WFDSA or IDSA then who we belive on it!

  3. sir i would like to ask only one question why they collect from us a very huge amount for training fee. is it neccessary?

    1. Hi,
      If you’re talking about Amway, they rarely charge large amounts for training fees. If you’re talking about 3rd party companies that offer support and training then it’s a question for them, and you, if you think you get value. When I’ve done price comparisons the Amway-focused training companies tend to be price competitors with similar offerings within the sales & marketing & motivation arena.

  4. hi very googg. sale s.p. bharil aur sajeev nair ki buddhi to satioya gai h.bharil sala khus to mra hi aur bechare us andhe kamal & shashi deengra ko aur le mra. ese kamino ko to nanga krke ghumana chahie sadko par. are khud to soch leta ki IN BHAVO KA FAL KYA HOGA.

  5. Hi IBOFB,
    I posted a writeup yesterday but the comments have not been posted, can you clarify the delay in posting the comments

  6. Breaking and shocking news for everyone is that Sachin Adhikari CEO BWW India has been named CEO Monavie global training system.(According to Sanjeev Nair’s facebook page) This confirms the news I received in Sept. from a high level leader that Sachin had prospected SP Bharil and Ravi Jain regarding Monavie 8-9 months earlier.Have not confirmed whether he prospected Sanjeev Nair but there is a connection Im sure that will come out soon. BWW Executive council were alerted of these actions and have quietly covered everything up.And Amway India is not happy to say the least or Amway,Doug Devos is meeting all the Diamonds for 2 days in India in the first part of Feb.
    Kanti and Kumar are all quiet about this as everyone knows Sachin was there point guy for all the money they were funnelling out of India.Most people are probabbly not aware that BWW India is registered in the Bahamas, and according to Sachin he said its not tax evasion its tax planning.
    Executive council is taking no legal action at this time, very obvious because Sachin holds all the secrets about the money paid to Kanti and Kumar and other leaders on the Executive Council.
    As of now Sachin’s 2 relatives Amit Tipnis and Pranesh Kulkarni are in charge of BWW India,yes I know its amazing more on this later.
    There is alot more info I will share at a later time regarding BWW India, and Sachin Adhikari, as many leaders know Sachin was very close with Kanti and Kumar staying at there homes every year,(As Kanti and Kumar would say,Sachin is our right hand man. and planning how they could multiply BWW India’s revenue, they are absolutely pathetic!!!
    This is another reason that Amway needs to regulate the systems even more, the Executive council has no incentive to build amway networks, there incentive is to increase system money, thats where the real money is.
    I look forward to reading the other comments of leaders who have also caught onto there misleading ways.

    1. Without addressing your more “personal” comments, wouldn’t successfully building Amway networks be the best way to “increase system money” as it increases the customer base for the “system” products?

  7. Breaking News! One more —— joins Monavie.

    Amway India’s Biggest Support System Britt World Wide India (BWW, India) was lead by one man “Sachin Adhikari”. Sachin was with BWW India right from its inception and he was said to be the so called God of BWW India by, BWW India’s OWNERS “Kanti Gala & Kumar Shivramakrishnan”. He was even promoted as CEO Global for BWW.

    Kanti & Kumar are said to have more faith on Sachin as compared to having more faith on their own Indian Diamonds in BWW. And now Sachin has broken that faith big time. This is how he did?

    Sachin Adhikari, in his ambition to make a bigger career and more money, used to make plans for BWW India. In his ambition to make big, he made some of the biggest blunders in BWW, India.

    Many of my crossline friends Emeralds and Diamonds in BWW had informed about these blunders to Britt Executive Team and Amway many times via different media’s, but in vain no one took them seriously.

    I am in process of collecting some more information and facts about the various blunders done by Sachin Adhikari in BWW like SAM Machine Scam, Fund Fraudulent Scam because of which Sachin was thrown out of BWW, CSR Scam and much more.

    Will update this forum one by one regarding all the scams and much more done by Sachin Adhikari.

    1. Looks like you are some Frustrated IBO in Amway who has lost his pin and not able to requalify… Passing on incorrect information on website is the easiest thing… Instead focus on building your business right buddy…!!!

  8. Amway, the Gods own business……….. Its not only for (our old double diamond) Sajeev nair, Vimal Kumar, and other Diamonds…….. The amway business is only for those people those who have a good patiency…….. Sajeev is gone out this business because.., you may (keerala ABOs) know about the Hotel which he taken over by just giving 1 LAKH,the property originally buyed for 01 CRORE by Sajeev. He also bought so many plots, Bunglows in Keerala. Now his EMI per month is more than 14 LAKHS. But Amway was likely to Make him as a DISOBEDIANt distributor, but b4 that he just left the Amway. Now they are running behind the Amway distributors for becoming an “MEMBER” of his new busineess “juice busineess namely Monavie” this is a cheating business. SO DONT LEAVE AMWAY” BE IN AMWAY. BECAUSE WE ARE DOING AMWAY NOT FOR SAJEEV AND BINDU, BUT FOR OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS……..

  9. There is a big problem with the binary system. If your one leg has a big depth built by your upline (he actually doesn’t have any other choice)you as individual can start on one leg and you will not be able to make difference money from the bigger leg. The young leg will not give you enough money. With network marketing is based on no of customers. If you have 5 small legs you will still make more money than one small and one big leg. THAT IS THE ONE BIG REASON, BINARY SYSTEM COMPANIES HAVE NOT LASTED EVEN 15 YEARS.

  10. Reading all the comments above one can see very clearly that companies like MV specialize in poaching and winning over the higher pin achievers of successful companies like Amway by offering them monetary attraction.Any company that adopts this model to establish their business anywhere is destined to fail because this is not a business model really but a kind of piracy.The people, who have left Amway after reaching a fairly high level of success, never really focused on the products of the company, with MLM leaders i have often noted that they are very poorly informed about the products they are dealing in, this is a huge anomaly especially when you are in a products based business.One of the major reasons why MLM companies are not taken seriously by majority of the people including the media is because of this penchant on the part of the promoters of this business to highlight the individual benefits like financial freedom, time freedom,etc.instead of promoting it as an opportunity to be in business.Its nice Amway has started focusing on products and making it visible.Just consider why people hesitate to join Amway or any reputed MLM company but may not hesitate to take up the distributorship of a reputed automobile company if its offered with the same kind of ease as Amway distributorship is offered and you will discover because a reputed automobile brand is so visible as a product and accepted as one.So Amway is following the right path by making their products visible and any distributor of Amway product should have no hesitation to say that they are the sellers of those products.

  11. Dear Friends, This is really very sad and stunning that People (Not fit for Leaders definition now) with all Ethical education of an Ethical business lost their wisdom and hammered themselves at their own. Hard to accept but true, they have taken unbelievable moves on this holy ground.

  12. Look at the company Monavie,
    1 In the US almost 0000 growth for the last 2 years,
    2 Many top earners have left to be bought in by other companies.
    3 Almost every time a so called leader comes to Monavie it is in
    the same manor THEY GET PAID.
    4 If a company has to Buy teams in than the company and its products cant
    stand on there own.
    5 Google Monavie income discloser and see if regular hard working people can make any money with MV. you will see that the numbers are not in the peoples best interest at all.
    6 If people would treat their business as a business they would do the work of researching
    where their leaders want to take them and make their own choices.

  13. still i have nt received the truth.thouw its astonished that some people who were like ‘cold mean cocacola’.than mean Sanjiv or SP mean Amway left amway;questions are tobe asked first;what gives me strenth is that we know the forein diamonds who have nt left yet.

  14. The Respected Donkey
    A village potter used to make pots and planters. He would go to a near by town to sell his wares. He had a donkey on whose back he would load the pots etc.

    Diwali was fast approaching, so the potter decided to make some statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, to sell in town. He made some beautiful statues and painted them in bright colours. He then loaded them on to the back of his donkey and set off towards the city.
    On the way, he crossed many people. They would invariably fold their hands and bow to the statues of Ganesha and Lakshmi. By the time they reached the city, many people had bowed their heads before the deities.
    They reached the exhibition ground where the artisans could exhibit their things. Soon the potter was able to sell his statues for a good sum. He was pleased indeed!
    The potter took his donkey by the muzzle and set off on the road leading back to the village. Every time they would cross anyone, the donkey would stop and preen himself prettily as if he were a model. But what was the matter! No one seemed to as much as glance at him! Why were people not bowing their heads before him anymore? Desperate to catch their attention, the donkey started to bray louder & louder…
    He-haw, he-haw…… He went on. The passers-by started pelting stones at him in annoyance. The potter was bewildered too.
    The poor donkey had thought that everyone was bowing to him, little realizing that their reverence was directed to the idols of God tied to his back and not to him!
    Many of us make this mistake. A person occupying a seat of power, often finds people saluting him. If he thinks that the salutations are in his honour, he is living in a fool’s paradise, like the donkey in the story!
    The respect is given to the chair and not to the person occupying it. As soon as he steps down from the position, the people around him vanish.
    Frogs croak only when it rains, as soon as the rain stops, they vanish

    1. RETSUN
      What a apt story thanks very much for showing true worth of these so called Donkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  15. Hey this one’s called the sign’s of great leader, “Doing Right Things at the Right Time”.

    Now Mr. Sajeev Nair is awarded by the the India Today Publications for the “Kerala Business Wizards” Award.
    See the below link on Sanjeev Nair’s facebook.

    Right move at the right time to make sure that his followers and his move to join monavie becomes right. Again used his contacts. I know I know, now his followers will say, that we are finding negative in each move and achievement of Sajeev.

    For this kindly see the below link where Sajeev’s Tathaastu is being formally launched by Shri Shashi Tharoor, Hon Member of Parliament on Oct 22nd at Hotel Residency Tower, Trivandrum.

    I can see the link now in getting promotion towards getting the award.

    Can anyone else get into more details of this one.

  16. One day another Networking company may come to India.that time these leaders may move to that firm. so don’t believe in leaders.believe in company and its products.

  17. oh my GOD, sajeev nair, SP Bharil joined Monavie after being paid more than 20 crores, poor followers do not know how they are being used by these cheaters. God help them!!!!

  18. Dear Friends
    enough is enough. Lets not waste our time reading these rumours spread by these mean people. I think Sajeev and Bharil like people will realise what have they left next year . May God give them good sense to understand what they have done. People are lined up to throw shoes at these guys.

  19. Sajeev Nair or spbharill is not amway. amway ia bigger then the diamonds.
    when a dog walk under the cart he thought that the cart is moving on his head
    but the reality is other thing
    amway knows how to do the business.

  20. he deleted me also. He has blocked everyone from posting on his wall….that itself shows his attitude. Hes a coward. Lets not waste our time on his page.

  21. Guess What! Sajeev Nair removed me from his frieds list on face book, so that i can not comment on his wall. And also he deleted all the comments i had put on his wall.

  22. Many are black out by some lazy guys who doesn’t want to take effort to build another profitable business, so holing others also to be there and suffer the remaining period with what left out with Amway

    1. Yeah and Mr. Sajeev, the Great Leader of the Era, Mr. Positive, spreading rumours that amway is about to open show rooms and other things. Great.

      And what one needs to build Monavie is to buy products worth 8000/- compulsory every month to remain active in the business.

      How can someone trust a company who is not part of WFDSA or IDSA.

      Just name a company, which operates in binary system and running for more than 25 years or may be 15 years and still growing.

  23. Chronology
    1- Sajeev Nair caught red handed by Amway for serious BSM violations. He has allegedly made crores of rupees through the operation of his system ‘TeamOne’. He was always vigilant about it and those leaders who dared questioned him was thrown out of the team
    2- Amway puts strict rgulations on Sajeev’s activities. His primary source of Income was blocked. He started searching for alternatives and thats when Monavie came up. Rumors suggest that he has been offered a huge sum of money to move his entire group along.
    3-Sajeev nair masterminds an operation and shrewdly shuts down the working of Amway in Kerala. (Details will be revealed later)
    4-He starts spreading negativity about Amway and its workings in the market. The company that fed him for 13 years suddenly became not so financially viable. He goes to his facebook wall and posts utter nonsense. People realize the truth and tear apart his fb wall.
    5- He edits Wikipedia’s page about Amway and posts crap.
    6- With no options left he starts blocking all the people who speak against him..

  24. MonaVie CEO and founder Dallin Larsen was previously a senior executive with an MLM company that sold a similar juice product prior to being shut down by the FDA for illegal business practices. According to Newsweek correspondent Dokupil, Larsen, who was “a 20-year-veteran of the multi-level marketing industry”, “left a senior post at another juice company in 2002, a year before the FDA destroyed the company’s ‘bogus products’ that were being falsely promoted to treat ‘cancer, arthritis and attention deficit disorder’.” The company in question, Dynamic Essentials, distributed an MLM juice product known as Royal Tongan Limu juice.[7][8] According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Dynamic Essentials, from 2001 to 2003, had illegally advertised that Royal Tongan Limu ””was clinically proven to cure, prevent, or treat a range of diseases and disorders such as allergies, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.”[9]

    1. Nutritional value of Monavie Juices disputed:
      Physician Andrew Weil and nutritionist Jonny Bowden claim that the nutritional and health benefits of MonaVie juice are not proven and that the product is exorbitantly priced relative to more cost-effective conventional polyphenol-rich foods, such as blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranates.[2][3] According to Men’s Journal, a nutritional analysis conducted by ChromaDex, an independent contract testing laboratory, showed that MonaVie Active juice “tested extremely low in anthocyanins and phenolics” and that “even apple juice (which also tested poorly) has more phenolics”.[4] The report also noted that “MonaVie’s vitamin C level was 5 times lower than that of Welch’s Grape Juice,” a product priced at a fraction of the cost of MonaVie for the same serving volume.

      1. In December 2010 a class action lawsuit was filed against Monavie in the Circuit Court of Miller County, Arkansas. The suit alleges that Monavie and its distributors, through the use of false and misleading advertising implying potential health benefits of the products, had engaged in civil conspiracy, fraud, negligence, unjust enrichment, and violation of the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. On October 4, 2011, Monavie was issued a protective order by Arkansas Circuit Court judge Joe E. Miller, barring destruction or alteration of all advertising and documents (including e-mails, websites, and blog entries) relevant to the case. The court further mandated that the document preservation order be distributed by Monavie to each of its employees and distributors.

        1. On May 5, 2008, the MonaVie company, its board of directors, and several of its senior distributors were sued by Imagenetix, Inc. for $2.75 billion over trademark infringement arising from false claims that Monavie Active juice contained the ingredient Celadrin.[43][45] The case was settled out of court and the lawsuit was dropped on May 20, 2008

          On July 11, 2007, Monarch Health Sciences, the company that launched MonaVie, filed a lawsuit with the federal district court in Utah against rival açaí juice manufacturer Amazon Thunder,[39] alleging that owner/founder Todd Reum had made “harmful, false, and defamatory statements” about MonaVie which “purportedly injured Monarch’s reputation”.[40] The suit sought $75,000 in damages. On November 15, 2007, the Utah district court ruled to dismiss the case against Reum.

          1. Thanks for the info. 🙂 Have one question for you: do you happen to have indian Amagrams in pdf? I know that from 2001 (at least) they have been publishing it in pdf, so I would like to have them.

          2. Thanks for the info. 🙂 Have one question for you: do you happen to have indian Amagrams in pdf? I know that since 2001 (at least) they have been publishing it in pdf, so I would like to have them.

      2. I have always said that there are only 2 ways for a company to offer 50% payout in bonuses without reducing its profits. They are:

        1) raising the price of a product or
        2) significantly lower the manufacturing costs which usually meas lower quality of the product
        (or the combination of the two)

        Either way, the result is an overpriced product.

        BTW: Amway can do that with LOC too. They could simply raise the wholesale price of LOC by approx. 34% and use these money for bonuses. Providing that the manufacturing costs remain the same, Amway could then provide Mr. Nair 50% payout in bonuses too. The question is: would the product be salable to retail consumers?

        This is the case with Monavie: an overpriced product of a poor quality and the only customers it has are its distributors who (in the binary systems) HAVE TO buy each month certain amount of products in order to qualify for the bonuses.

        With this kind of “logic” Amway could offer us even 90% payout in bonuses. The bonuses now make approx. 33% of the BV, i.e. 67 cents of each dollar spent goes to the Company. Providing that the Company’s profit remains the same, if I want 90% payout in bonuses, then I have to raise the price 6.7 times. The product will cost $6.7 at wholesale instead of $1, the Company will retain its 67 cents and there are $6.03 available to distributors.

        Maybe this would convince Mr. Nair to stay in Amway? 🙂
        Remember Directly Speaking Tapes, Mr. Nair? “There just is no way to continue to pay people more money for doing the same amount of work.” Good luck with BSC (Black Sheep Concentrate). 🙂 If you want more, you can go Crown Ambassador. Or you can go Double CA. It’s up to you. You don’t have to rip off people in your organization and try to convince them that they will achieve their dreams by buying an overpriced water (oops, sorry… I mean juice). Good luck with BSC (Black Sheep Concentrate). 🙂

        P.S.: I know many MV people believe, that MV achieved its 50% payout in bonuses by reducing its profits. For these people I have only one recommendation: open your eyes and wake up.

        1. Great way to explain the over payment of the fraud companies. Thanks. And I donot have the Amagrams in pdf format.

        2. I can believe it, i can do it, I can prove it, india’s first crown Ambassador(5-5-2020). my Dream, my Aim, my my Goal, my life, my way, my Amway………… God’s bless…….

  25. of-course individuals cant fight against these companies…but if they had some credibility or if they were genuine they would have had some standing in court.. but then here they have looted people with their SYSTEM..distributors and Amway have ample proof against their SYSTEM fraud..and don’t think all police officials are corrupt there are genuine people and i guess they are watching him…

  26. his way of operation is totally criminal…im sure if someone goes legally against him or TEAMONE, he will be in deep trouble…

    1. Guess What! Just got the news. Amway is planning legal suits to be filed against Sajeev Nair & SP Bharill. These people are completely gone. Its difficult to stand against multibillion dollar corporations, because these corporations have good amount of reserve funds that they can spend millions to fight the suit.

  27. Hi. I am a Founder Emerald from India and very closely associated with Sajeev Nair via my upline Diamond LOS. Let me tell you something about Sajeev Nair. This guy is a genious, for he has several businesses that he has set up other than Amway, And all these Business have come from the Amway Income. Check the website This guy owns hotels, Resorts and does online webinars.

    Now lets understand Mr. Sajeev Nair a bit more.

    1) He was thrown out of BWW India, because of violations of many rules. When in BWW, he started setting his own system without informing BWW and made a fortune by over pricing the seminar tickets from his own downline team. When his downline team complained to BWW, that’s when he was thrown out. AT this same time several of his downline Emeralds approached BWW & Amway to shift their group to Kumar Shivramakrishanan’s downline in India.

    2)He started forcing his downlines to get enrolled into one of his products from his own Motivational Company. The price of the training programme was Rs.4500/- per person. This was again complained by some of his downline leaders to Amway India. And Amway India started objecting this, because this was in direct violation of the Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics. “You cannot sell any product, service or business activity other than amway in your LOS or crossline LOS”. When Sajeev started getting warnings about this from Amway (Even his GIP was stopped last year).

    3) Rumour is going on in Kerala among distributors, that Sajeev with his political connections forced the Kerala Police to intervene with Amway operations and practically stopped the Amway workings.

    From the above points, You can judge that Sajeev is filled with lots of EGO & Greed and he can go to any extent to fulfill his revenge. Plus he wants to control things, which he is getting in Monavie India. It is believed from the information through Emeralds and Diamonds, who are in Sajeev’s downline that Monavie India paid 20-30 crore to Sajeev Nair and 15-20 crore to S.P.Bharill for shifting their downline team to Monavie.

    Amway India has close to 150 Diamonds & up AND only 2-3 Diamonds are moving to Monavie.

    Well in my opinion, every individual has right to choose his own life. If they have selected Monavie, all the best to them.

    1. “Well in my opinion, every individual has right to choose his own life. If they have selected Monavie, all the best to them.”

      You closed with this above said good statement, but how badly you misguide the people. Its very clear for all those who know you in personal that YOU always stood this stand, since 2003. As you become FEMD, you ensured your stable income with out any contribution to our team, even not a single plan, on all these occasions we were on street ensuing your ” Royalty” income, but Sajiv sir were mentoring the whole team. You never shown a single plan, for any such organisation. now you are out with all the revenge to Sajiv sir because now you have to come out in hot sun on the street to show plan and build team for your income, all that rent and income you earn is all because of the team built under you by none other than Mr. Sajiv, we know….. donot try to make more fools……….. even this said statement is you drafted with others help, if it was other occassion you would have gone to the same Sajiv for making such a letter or comment…………. wish you all the best in good old age…………… RELAX and enjoy others bread…….

      1. @face the truth:
        For your information. Sajeev has not even done any STP nor worked in my organisation right from the time I have joined the Business. I and my team have never plugged with any of Sajeev’s training. My Emeraldship is completely my effort and none of my upline has any role into it. As a matter of fact with strong Founder Emeraldship and Ruby Volume on the side, you will see me coming up as brand new diamond very soon.

        Infact, Sajeev and leaders like you (if you are platinum and above) had always made money over the SOCD & BOM & Function tickets. This is what i call enjoying other people’s bread. When we become Platinum in Amway, in Platinum Manual, it is written very straight that providing support and motivation to your downline team is our responsibility. But then why leaders start making money over the motivation given to the downline.

        You know what, it was this system income which i rejected (initially whatever i earned from system, i donated to poor people), I went on to sponsor more people n my width and went for double ruby volume on the side other than qualified 3 legs. And all my downline leaders are duplicating me by making money only from amway and not from any system.

        I can tell you, i am in touch with many great leaders in amway (founder crown ambassadors, higher than a double diamond). These people have their own education system, but there are no tool breaks or function breaks. And that is why they have bigger structure and bigger pins then any Indian in Amway worldwide. The Diamonds and above who get in to the habit of earning system income, stop going wide and stop improving their structure and that is why you will see less people reach higher levels.

        Anyways, I have nothing agaist anybody, but i tell the truth and will always keep on saying the truth. No matter what. See ya.

        1. And now you guys are moving to monavie, only reason to start your own system to again rip off by selling function tickets and tools at a higher rate. All the best.

    2. Amway is evergrowing business in this world.Mr.Sajeev nair is not Amway… amway has its own ethics,,,,i am an amway distributor..had marvellous network,,,,and volume/// …. but i failed to take the fruits from…it but i love amway…. like to live.. with amway. me accepted sajeev nair as genious…who can create great success to somany people,,,,,but… it was all wrong… can a mentor father can deceite his children…..leave it …. kathu kuthiyavan poyal kadukkanittavan varum….he is not amway

  28. firstly thanks to ibofightback for the ‘amway vs monavie redux’ post..iv been constantly fighting against unethical business practices of mr.sajeev nair in this blog and nobody including ibofightback had genuine reply for that..well the truth is out now… now i guess people will do some good amway business.. and i totally agree to the above post..hope we dont have another sajeev in amway,for the long term interest of amway and its fair distributors.

    sure amway will grow better without TEAMONE.. TEAMONE is nothing but ONE person making money from his TEAM..

  29. Amway is evergrowing business in this world.Mr.Sajeev nair is not Amway..he is just a distributor..somany peoples are come to Amway and leav to Amway(just like Sajeev nair).i strongly believ amway is 100% ethical business in this world..and this company creating miracls in India without Sajeev nair.(mikavarum kakshatilullath povem cheithu,uttaratilullath kittiyathum illa ennu parayna avasta..enjoy it and feel it)

  30. I wonder whether it’s their decision to leave Amway or whether they felt Amway would kick them out, so they “decided” to leave. It’s interesting how Amway black sheeps are concentrating in Monavie. 🙂 Apparently, Monavie is a company which doesn’t care about its reputation. Their choice.
    Just one last comment: Change the deceptive practices or get out of the business, no matter what pin you are. Amway will grow – with or without you. In this case, I believe it will grow faster without Team One.

    1. hey you,dnt criticise these legen

      ds boss…u must be nowhre front of them why the hell u comment on others,
      indtead u take care of ur financial status.

      1. True, it’s wise to “take care of our own financial business, rather than examining the flaws of others” (paraphrase of adhikaansh’s comment). However, IBOFightBack is a journalist, and readers are going to offer their opinions about the events discussed in the blog posts. That’s the way the world works.

      2. “Change the deceptive practices or get out of the business, no matter what pin you are. Amway will grow – with or without you.”

        Do you have a problem with this statement? I do not. Speaking of legends, ask Holly Chen & Barry Chi, Foo Howe Kean, Kaoru Nakajima or Rich DeVos if they have a problem with this statement too. And don’t forget to let us know their answer. 🙂

      3. hey sanjeev you lalche bugger
        amway will grow more without you and ur associates like baharil
        any way who have given you bread when you were starving now u are defamousing them…
        i feel pity on you
        God will not forgive you
        itna ghamand ho gaya tere ko …mughe daya aati hai..
        chal ,,,ja…

    2. hey guys surely this is good for both Amway and Monavie. Monavie has got ready leadrs and distributors. for Amway its a good test and time when they can change and adopt to gen next. for both community its game of being focussed and prove themselves. Hence get back to what you aspire and dream to do rather than counting on others. Cheers !!

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