More accredited organisations and IBOs

Amway Global has now named more accredited organisations and IBOs. The newly accredited organisations are Brad & Vera Doyle’s I-Team USA, Global Business Alliance (GBA) and International Connection (IC). I’m not sure who is with the latter two organisations. I heard last year that IC had merged into Network TwentyOne, it may be that some leaders elected to remain as their own independent organisation. Can anyone help with information?

Amway Global also named a number of individual IBOs as being accredited. The list so far –

Jeff Paullin, Terry & Donna Gallian, Andrea Clark, Janette & Milo Wilcox, Alyn & Geraldine Sovak, Wade and April Cowart, Diane Fahrenkrug, Brett and Rebecca Barlow, KBBT, Inc., Jorge & Nessa Gutierrez, BIJA of Sarasota, Alan & Lori Mitchell, Norma Buttrick Teerman & John Teerman, John & Pam Marta, Holpp Enterprises, Inc., Eastburn & Associates, Inc., Don & Janice Berman, Ray and Judy Clem, Maureen Minaudo, Robert & Eva Chavez

Congratulations to all! The accreditation process I believe will lead to a more professional reputation for Amway.

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