MYTH: The products are overpriced

On a few sites around the 'net you'll find "price comparisons" that pretend to show that Amway products are over-priced. Are they? If price is all you are interested in, then a price comparison may indeed show Amway products as being more expensive than some competitor products. But price and value are not the same thing. 


Here's what Amway has to say about value on their website – 

Value for Money

New customers are occasionally
surprised at the prices of AMWAY™ products. Some people expect products
offered by direct sale to be low-priced, inferior copies of the goods
they can buy in stores. Amway has never built its business on that
concept. From its beginnings in the late 195s, Amway's focus has been
on quality products that deliver exceptional performance at competitive

This commitment to quality is reflected in the intensive
research and development that goes into AMWAY products. What other
company can boast:

  • A development and manufacturing facility more than a mile (1.6km) long.
  • Organic farms in two hemispheres.
  • Research partnerships with leading international universities.
  • Facilities to replicate the water quality in countries around the world.
  • A list of patents related to products for everything from water treatment to hair repair.

this huge investment in product development, AMWAY products, in
general, are price-competitive and good value for the money. Research
shows that some products are less expensive than their counterparts,
others are more expensive, and most are competitively priced.

  • Products that are more expensive usually have greater features and benefits over competitive products.
  • Many
    products, such as L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner, are highly
    concentrated, meaning a single purchase lasts longer. On a cost-per-use
    basis, these products are priced very competitively.
  • Product is delivered directly to the consumer and backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

This is pretty much what I have found when I've compared Amway products with other products in the same range. They often cost more upfront, but their per-use cost is usually way way cheaper. When I take in to account other issues that are important to me, like environmental friendliness and no animal testing, then Amway products represent even better value for money for me.

Now, only you can make the decision for yourself whether the quality and price of Amway products represents value for you. I recommend you sit down, look at the usage instructions of Amway products, and then go to your local store and get the pricing of similar products, and then compare. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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26 thoughts on “MYTH: The products are overpriced”

  1. Seems like fellow IBOs have literally covered all the ground here. I am an IBO from the US (Seattle), and while people talk trash about Amway Products, I literally live about two hours from Trout Lake, WA. This is where one of our Certified Organic farms are. Please tell me what company uses FALCONS to HUNT RODENTS from eating plants in the farms. What company has restricted airspace over the farms to make many of the products people are enjoying all over the world. This literally isn’t even a comparison…it really is unfair to compare Amway to many of it’s competitors because they are in a class of its own. In terms of profit and revenue, we are billions of dollars ahead of our competition, many of which are publicly traded companies (Amway is Private, therefore no IPOs, and other business formalities with publically traded companies). There are plenty more things I can mention, but alot has already been covered here.

  2. My son was duped into joining too & want to help him out but can’t afford to pay the inflated prices. Look up XS Energize (60 tablets): Amway $45 then search Amazon $35, so why such a difference in price? Wouldn’t be surprised to see Amway either drop the product offering or reduce their price since there is no way to argue this away like they do with most of the other products they offer…

    1. As an person building an Amway Business, here is the thing…Amazon will sell anything. However, just like with Apple products, if you purchase from somewhere that Amway doesn’t approve, you void any warranties and protections the company provides against any malfunctioning of the products.

  3. Amway is the best company in the world. Amway products are cheaper enough if compared to the products of similar quality. In fact no product in the world is better than Amway products quality wise.

  4. Zeki 10.1 tablet Defective on opening. $300.00 tablet that I can buy for $130.00 at Kmart. Won’t load Droid OS OUT OF THE BOX. Upon research looks like I’m not the only 1 dealing with a junk tablet. Calling Customer service to get right 1 time. The sad part is my kid got talked into selling Amway at College. We’re trying to help, as family and friends are the first targets.
    Everything I’d be interested in, in the Ribbon category. Roughly twice as much through Amway as it is from any retail store. OR the Quality is very suspect. I point to the fully charged tablet fresh out of the box, that won’t go passed the ZEKI splash screen.

    1. Ribbon is unique to North America. Some of the catalogues are Amway products, others are from partners. Zeki tablets are not an Amway product and from googling around haven’t reviewed very well. I’ve found Amway’s “catalogue” and partner products can be pretty hit and miss, value-wise. The business (ie money) is in Amway products, not this stuff.

  5. Now there must be some competency there… they still have to find the stupid to pay the triple price for anything… they proclaim they put money in research… hmmmm… the toothpaste is the same for the last 15 years when I first saw it and maybe 45 more years before that… In this time Colgate made quite a few changes… Amway sells a dream in which only the people born in 80s can believe dreaming they’ll be rich one day… Let’s face it… maybe one life after this one… You wanna get rich? Get a new way not the worn out way… you need a way of your own, you need a vision, you need to start something new and futuristic to get rich… The people to get rich out of AMWAY activities are already rich… Get it? All the newcomers are just the ones contributing to a handful of rich people’s well-being…. dreaming they are going to wear the same shoes one day… Now what can I say? Sweet dreams or wake up people.. dream big, work hard to make it true, have a goal, make a plan, work it out,… get your own dream come true…

    1. a,
      (1) The toothpaste has actually changed formulation several times in that period. Having said that, it’s not a brand Amway has focused on a lot, maybe they should?
      (2) How come when I take the trouble to actual proper price comparisons Amway rarely even comes out more expensive, let alone triple the price? In my experience people claiming “triple price” compare completely different products. That makes no sense to me. Can you provide some examples?
      (3) Check out some of the “Achieve” magazine recognitions in North America. Plenty of people of all ages succeeding with Amway.

  6. $38 for 60 ml of natural hand cream I can get for $14/80 ml and arguably just as good.
    $1400 for a water filter that proudly boasts it lets through the fluoride??? I can get a RO unit with alkalizer for $495.
    $1,100 for pots and pans! I mean seriously, what a joke.
    $7 for a tin of butter which tastes no way near as good as the $1.40 Home brand block from Woolies.
    $7 for a protein bar. Yes they’re yummy but honestly $42/week or over $160/mth for protein bars?
    Supplements are like $216/mth!! I’ve had them and can’t tell any difference between them and other quality yet cheaper (like half price cheaper) brands. Besides superfood smoothies and fresh juices are superior anyway. One of my hard core Amway team leaders had a nasty cold for over a week while on their supplementation program; how good can it be?

    Just to name a few. Clearly Amway relies on it’s gullible 3.5 million members to keep it ticking over. I seriously doubt that sales figures have much to do with retail sales to end customers. Think about it, how many Amway products do you see in peoples homes? I only ever come across them when in touch with Amway distributors.
    $ are in AUD as at Aug, 2014.

    And I’m an Amway distributer! Well not for much longer. What a scam.

    1. (1) “arguably” just as good. So it’s just your opinion. What about all the hand creams more expensive that Amway’s?
      (2) RO filters demineralize water – that’s a bad thing. Alkalized water is a scam.
      (3) A$1100 for a quality 11pc cookware set isn’t unusual. Here’s a 7pc set on special for $2186. Here’s a 6pc set for $800 .My mother bought Amway’s Queen Cookware over 30 years ago and is still using it. I have to replace my IKEA frypan once a year. Before I joined Amway in Australia I bought another brand of waterless cookware (which is hard to find in Oz), it cost me more than Amway’s products. Do you know why iCook has the price it does? Do you understand it’s features and benefits? Or do you shop purely on price? If the cheapest products is what you’re after, Amway is not for you.
      (4) Amway doesn’t make butter, but checking the website there’s a third party butter for $7, there’s 2x454g Golden Churn Butter tins for $13.76 which is I guess what you’re talking about. That’s $1.52/100g. It’s available elsewhere for $2.75/100g and bakers rave about it. Woolworth’s Australia sells butter for as much as $2.32/100g so apparently there’s a market for better butter. Or they’re just scammers.
      (5) Protein bars range enormously in price and quality. I’m guessing you’re talking about the Positrim bars, but Amway Australia also offers protein bars for $4.99/each. Postrim bars at full retail price work out at $11.66/100g. I note that Woolworth’s sells a range of protein bars for $12.68/100g. If you want protein bars regularly, I recommend you sign up for member pricing and you’ll et them for $9.35/100g. With rebates you’re easily cheaper than the popular Aussie Bodies range from Woolies.
      (6) What supplements are you talking about? Nutriway Daily for example, at full retail, is $13.79/mth, not $216. And you can’t tell the difference? Did you do some spectral chromatography? Have you read The Nutrilite Story or taken any of Amway’s training courses or webinars to understand the difference?

      If you think Amway is scam, then clearly you think Woolworths is too.

      1. Hahahahaha!!!!
        These posts would be funny if not so sad. Not going to waste any more time on Amway nonsense. For anyone considering joining Amway I say “buyer beware”.

        Oohh spectral chromatography, must be true then!

        Amway is just another religion to fleece the gullible wanting to find some kind of financial nirvana by peddling over priced items. Even my sponsor told me “its not about the products, its about building the network.” Well as far as I’m concerned that’s a Pyramid Scheme. Why would any sane person want to drag their friends and family into that? And yes I attended “training meetings” aka brainwashing meetings for the Amway faithful. More like a church than a place of serious business.

        If its for you then great, go forth and fleece your neighbour, but watch out cos karma can be a real bitch. So in the future you get ripped off you’ll know why. Whatever you do to others will eventually find its way back to you, for good or bad.

        Sorry I have way more integrity than that.

        1. Calling yourself a “TruthSeaker” has proven to be untrue. What questions have you asked that seek the truth? You are only into ranting and raving. Furthermore, you did not confirm or deny my questions, below. Therefore it should be assumed my answers for you are correct.

          Not all LOS operate as you suggest yours does. There is no “one size fits all”. To paint all Amway IBOs as guible with your one-color paint brush is lazy and misleading. Once again, shame on you.

          You may consider Amway product to be overpriced, I don’t. If you would only do your homework you would eventually come to the same conclusion. Knowledge is power. You lack knowledge. Therefore, what you write has no real power.

          Quality is never expensive. When you buy the cheapest thing on the market, you get what you pay for. For example, I once bought a pair of walking shoes for $60 and they lasted me for over two years. (They wore out but didn’t fall apart.) I replaced them with a $25 pair that lasted me six months before they fell apart. To say the least, I was not satisfied. I went back to buying the high quality one. You do the math. Quality is really NOT expensive!

          If one is ever unsatisfied with any Amway product it can be returned for a full refund. Years ago I called Amway about a product I wanted replaced. They sent me the replacement and I put the defective product in the box and returned it – free of any charges. Now that is a classy company. They have my loyalty!

          I can agree with you about karma. What goes around comes around. Love one another. Treat others as you want to be treated. Amway was built on the philosophy of “people helping people to help themselves.” Love people and use money; not the other way around. Amway is an excellent vehicle to use to earn the money to reach ones goals.

          1. Thank you “a______” for your sarcasm. I take total responsibility for all that I think, say, and do. How about you? I speak from 45 years of experience with Amway. How about you? I believe you get out of life what you are willing to put into it. How about you? Do you have any goals that you are truly committed to? Are you so bored with life that you are looking for something or someone to criticize? Why not “get a life” and do something meaningful? I have meaningful work to do. How about you?

          2. Your example of purchasing quality to justify Amway’s exorbitant prices is highlighted by your purchase of…an amazing Amway product… nope… your purchase of shoes!?!

            Say no more. Amway is a ripoff. It’s that simple. They prey on the lure of making money just like the double-diamonds they parade up on the stage. They all sounded like religious zombies to me, completely hypnotized by the Amway hype. Yes I got sucked in, but then I saw the light. Let this post be a warning to anyone smart enough to do a Google search on Amyway before they sign up and waste their time and alienate their friends and family.

            Keep drinking the kool-aid brother, but stop trying to fool people by peddling your ripoff wares.

        2. So, after writing, “Not going to waste any more time on Amway nonsense.”, you come back here one year later. You ended that post talking about integrity. Yet, you seem to be breaking your word by coming back here. What gives, “truthseeker”? Are you going to split hairs between “Amway” and “The Truth About Amway” and be an “excusegiver”?

          In your first post you indicated you weren’t going to be an Amway distributor much longer. Did you keep your word on that one and quit?

          Those that expect to get something for nothing, expecting to get rich quick always quit when they don’t get their way. That is their karma at work. What goes around comes around. Selfish gets what selfish gives; nothing.

          What is it about, “quality is never expensive” that you don’t understand? I’ve had my Amway Queen Cookware ever since it first came out. There is nothing finer on the market. Not a single piece has had to be replace. Now, that is quality!

          Many sighted people are “blind” and hearing people can’t. Why? Because they don’t want to see and hear the truth. The Truth About Amway is for those who want to know the truth about Amway. Thank you for giving us a chance to respond to your criticism and set the record straight.

    2. 1) How many Amway products have you bought and used? (Just what were in the kit.)
      2) Have you learned the features and benefits of the various Amway products? (No.)
      3) Do you have any customers? (No.)
      4) Have you sponsored anybody? (No.)
      5) Have you discussed your concerns with anybody in your upline? (No.)
      6) Are you teachable, are you willing to learn? (No.)
      7) Why did you become an Amway IBO? (Thought I could make money effortlessly.)
      8) How many other things have you quit in your life. (Quite a few.)
      9) Do you really seek the truth? (No, not really.)

      Have I answered all the questions correctly for you? (These are typical answers of IBOs that cry instead of try.)

      Hope you can find something that is worthy of your effort to be successful at.

      1. “TruthSeaker” never should have been sponsored. Shame on his sponsor. Shame on their line of sponsorship (LOS). Apparently this LOS does not employ an interview process. If they were teaching and practicing this, people like “TruthSeaker” would be weeded out.

        Holly Chin says, “You’ve got to know the inside of people, rather than the outside of people.” She goes on to say, “You’ve got to know their heart.” To do that takes time. One must be patient.

        Bernice Hansen recommended, “Sell people on the products first, the best IBOs come from being happy customers.”

        Wanbo Shim and Joyce Han “…have always believed the key to success in any endeavor, especially the Amway business, is knowledge.”

        Their upline, Leonard Kim, says, “Do your homework. Learn the Independent Business Ownership Plan and learn the products before you share either with anyone.”

        The interview process will help you discover those that are looking for more and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. You are looking for people that are honest and reliable. If they are smart, they are looking for the same traits in a sponsor. Trust and respect are crucial to building a successful business.

        The above Crown Ambassadors took their time and built relationships with those they thought they might want to sponsor. They understood that haste makes waste.

        The beauty of the interview process is that it always produces a win-win situation. If they qualify – you both win. If they don’t qualify – nothing is lost except some time. They don’t go away mad. They don’t later quit because they feel they have been deceived.

        Amway is a people helping people to help them selves business.

    1. Wikipedia gives quite a lot of options for what GMF means, I’m taking a punt you mean Genetically Modified Foods. Looking around I found that the NutriCert program for amway’s suppliers requires them not be using genetically modified organisms – This was confirmed on a corporate blog post last month – Organic Matter.

      I also found this interesting interview with Dr Sam Rehnborg, son of the founder of Nutrilite, where he briefly discusses GMO – Dr Sam Rehnborg – looking back to the future.

  7. Hi,

    There is no need for any dispute. In fact as one of the friend has recited above that there is a money back guarantee & the test methodology & full time researchers recommendations. Brothers/Sisters You may be blessed person to use these products, otherwise no compulsion please go ahead with alternates in which you may face adulteration issues & chemical compounding.

    Wish you All a very Healthy Happy, Prosperous New Year 2011.
    God bless you,

  8. This website is a scam itself. You can tell the difference between independent blogging and Amway propaganda. If they are charging $36 for a normal sized bottle of vitamin C pills (you can get Centrum at the store for $6) it’s obvious that there is quite a markup. Amway is simply a tax for the incompetent.

    1. I have searched throughout Amway’s websites, in all countries that use the dollar as currency, and nowhere can I find them “charging $36 for a normal sized bottle of vitamin C pills”. Indeed I can’t even find them selling regular vitamin C pills similar to centrum. The closest thing I can find is a US product, Kid’s chewable’s natural Vitamin C, made from concentrated Acerola cherries. That’s a world of difference from ascorbic acid made in a chinese factory out of sugar cane and sulfuric acid, as per centrum’s ascorbic acid tablets. It is you who are spreading false propaganda. I’ll assume you were just being incompetent rather than deliberate. You may want to do more research before doing it again.

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