MYTH: There are only 55 qualified Quixtar Diamonds and above

I regularly see Quixtar critics doing convulated calculations based on little but assumptions and guestimates trying to calculate how many qualified Diamonds and above there are in Quixtar in North America. Back in 25 Lawdawg, the self-styled expert of the mlm lawblawg claimed there were only about 55 (site now gone). This has bounced around the internet echo chamber ever since, and even this week on the webraw forums the critics have again convinced themselves of much the same conclusion. Well, I invite you to click the following image and scroll around (requires QuickTime ) –

(no longer available)

It’s a panoramic photo, available on , from one of Diamond meetings at the all expenses paid Diamond Club 2006 seminar at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. Does that look like 55 IBOships to you? I quote from the article on –

More than 270 IBOs descended on the Grand Hyatt to kick off Diamond Club. They received their amenities, registered for activities, then went into meetings or headed outside to enjoy the sun and water.

Many IBOs crowded into a ballroom to watch the Super Bowl. Others returned later to watch a repeat of the game. The evening was capped off with an outdoor luau, where these high pins greeted each other, rekindled friendships, and celebrated their achievements and successes.

So, even if every single Diamondship and above was a couple, and we know they are not (Tim Foley for example), this means there was at least 135 separate IBOships in attendance at 2006 Diamond Club. What’s more, there is no compulsion to attend. If you qualified Diamond in 1986 and still qualify for Diamond Club, you’ve probably been to Hawaii more times than you can count! Maybe your retired and just decided not to go? What’s more –

Twenty-five new pins were honored, led by Tim Foley, a new Founders Crown Ambassador from Tavares, Florida, and Seung Ho and Hyunja Kim, new Founders Double Diamonds from Glen Head, New York. Also recognized were seven new Executive Diamonds, two new Founders Diamonds, and 14 new Diamonds.

source (may require logon)

So there’s the facts, there is at least 135 qualifying Diamonds and above. The critics show their ignorance yet again.

UPDATE: Anna Bryce on the Quixtar Opportunity Zone has confirmed that at North American Diamond Club 2007 there were over 300 diamonds representing approx 160 IBOships.

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7 thoughts on “MYTH: There are only 55 qualified Quixtar Diamonds and above”

    1. What on earth are you blathering on about? Assuming zero overlap, which isn’t even close to true, 5000 diamonds could be done with 30,000 platinums each with 200 IBOs/members/customers averaging 50 points/mth. That’s 6,000,000 – less than 0.09% of the world’s population. Then when you consider virtually every Diamond is one of those platinums, and platinums can be under platinums etc etc etc.

      So … what in the world are you talking about?

  1. This is a great site, thank you for this! I have thought of doing something like this myself, however I becomes super engrossed in things I am passionate about, and thought my energy should be spent on building this business and helping others whether it is through this business or not.

    1. You’ve already got a great blog going 🙂 What would be helpful for the reputation of Amway on the internet is to keep doing what you’re doing, and linking to other positive sites wherever appropriate. Two sites in particularly I think would be of great value to get further up the search engine listings are Amway Watch and Amway Wiki. So if you happen to mention a name of a Diamond or an organisation or something like “Diamond”, link to the Amway Wiki page that has more info. With Amway Watch, keep an eye on the news there (subscribe via RSS or via my twitter) and if something excites you, talk about it on your blog! Same for this site, TTAA – if you find something you feel like talking about, talk about and link to the article. Indeed, same with any other IBO blogs and sites! If you see something interesting, talk about it and link back to the IBO site. The #1 issue for getting ranked highly in search results (apart from actually being about what they’re searching for), is how many other folk are linking to your site and talking about you.

  2. Exactly? No idea! One difficulty is that there’s two different numbers – the total that have ever qualified Diamond, and the total that currently qualify Diamond. You can qualify Diamond one year, then not the next, then qualify again the following year. Or you might qualify Diamond, and then quit and do something else like move to another MLM. You also then have issues like the very large Chinese market, which uses a slightly different model and terminology.

    A leaflet distributed by Amway Scandinavia a couple of years ago said there were “over 4000” Diamonds and above. I’ve also seen reports that “5000” Diamonds were expected next year at the Amway Global 50th Anniversary celebrations in Ada.

    On Amway Wiki I think we’ve managed to identify several thousand Diamonds by name.

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