Neither The Truth About Amway, nor AmwayWiki nor Speaking of Amway are pro-Amway – Scott Larsen

Well known anti-Amway zealot Scott Larsen has finally posted his comments on the BERR vs Amway UK Judgement. What’s interesting is that he says –

I find it curious that despite the “positive” judgment, I cannot find a full copy of it on  the Amway Blog and other pro-Amway sites..

Apparently neither AmwayWiki , where the judgement was posted last Friday, nor this site, the Truth About Amway, where there have been at least 18 pages of commentary (note: on old forums, since removed) since the judgement was handed down, including links to the AmwayWiki copy, nor Chuck’s Speaking of Amway blog, where he also highlighted the AmwayWiki post, are considered “pro-Amway”.

While I do attempt to keep a reasonable balance on this site, I am a little concerned I apparently don’t rate as even a little pro-Amway …. 😀

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