Network 21: Best Practices #2 – Earnings Claims

Recently I posted a letter from Founders’ Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan about the Quixtar Accreditation process that his organization, Network TwentyOne, is undergoing in North America. Dornan followed this up with a series of Best Practices letters. The first one covered diversity. The next in the series, below, is on Earnings Claims

Jim Dornan, Network 21Hi Folks,

This is Jim Dornan with a message about the reason we’re all in business. Let’s cut to the chase – the bottom line is that we’re all here to make money.

Now, I know that’s probably not the only reason you’re building your business. For instance, many folks choose this business because building it involves helping other people – reaching out to others and connecting with them. And it’s a business you can do together – with your spouse or other family members or friends.

These are all reasons why people choose a business powered by Quixtar, in addition to wanting to make some money. And then, different folks have different reasons for making money with their business. To pay for the kids’ summer camp, or to earn enough for you or your spouse to quit a job, or to just have some extra spending money every month. But the bottom line is that, well, the bottom line is very important.

So, what do you say to prospects when you’re talking about the bottom line? There is such great income potential in this business that it’s easy to get overly excited when you’re explaining it to someone. However, even implying that you personally earn more than you actually do is unacceptable. And telling someone, for example, that they can earn $25, a year, within a year, working just a few hours a week is also unacceptable.

Truth and accuracy are absolutely essential whenever we talk to others about the income potential of this business. Prospects are protected by law from false earnings claims, and our Rules of Conduct also ensure that the law is followed and that prospects are not oversold. When talking about earnings with prospects, you can talk about your own earnings or use authorized earnings representations.

We all know the time and effort required to build a successful and profitable business. That’s why a successful business is an achievement to be very proud of – it’s not something that can be done in a flash with a minimum of work. A successful business is a challenge and a true achievement, and it should always be represented as such. To portray it as something that doesn’t require much effort does a disservice to prospective IBOs, not to mention to those who have built strong businesses.

And don’t forget that you can always share with prospects the annual numbers for the overall business such as sales and what IBOs earned in bonuses and incentives.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all you do.

Jim Dornan

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