Network 21 – Best Practices #3: Professional Development Materials

This is the third letter from Founders Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan outlining "Best Practices" to Network TwentyOne IBOs in the United States as that organization undergoes the process of obtaining Quixtar Accreditation. One thing to keep in mind when reading these letters is that they are not something that should be considered specific to Network 21. While, in my experience, N21 has always encouraged these "Best Practices", these letters also outline how Amway and Quixtar believe the business should be run. So if you, or someone you encounter, are operating their Amway and Quixtar businesses in a manner inconsistent with these "Best Practices", then you can be assured you are doing so without the blessing of the corporation! The long-term success of the Amway/Quixtar business is founded upon reputation, and that reputation relies on IBOs doing the right thing.

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Jim DornanHi Everyone,

This is Jim Dornan with a message about professional development resources – the books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, websites, and functions that many of you use to help build your businesses.

There’s no doubt that these resources have an important role to play in our business. After all, a Quixtar-powered business is available to anybody, and there are many IBOs whose background is not business-oriented. So, professional development resources, along with the mentoring and personal involvement you provide as leaders, are invaluable to the growth and success of Independent Business Owners.

When it comes to professional development resources, though, it’s important to remember the rules. Purchasing these materials or function tickets is absolutely optional and must be positioned as such. No one can be required to buy books or tapes or to attend functions as a condition of being an IBO. This is made clear to every person who registers as an IBO, and Quixtar advises IBOs of the importance of watching their expenses on such resources in relation to the rest of their business activities.

In fact, there are a number of consumer protections concerning professional development resources:

1. All materials shown to prospects must be content-authorized by the Corporation.
2. Buyers of professional development materials are entitled to a 18-day buy-back if not satisfied.
3. Buyers of tickets to functions and meetings have a 3-day satisfaction guarantee on the meeting-ticket purchase price.

It also must be made perfectly clear that these resources certainly do not guarantee success. What worked for one person may or may not work for someone else. And no matter how much someone reads and studies, they’ll never build a successful business if they don’t put in the effort and the hours.

Thank you for the effort and the time that you put into building your business and in building it the right way. And thanks for listening.

Jim Dornan

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